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SEOPressor Plugin


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SEOPressor is a wordpress plugin that makes onpage SEO tasks easy and swift. Find out more about SEOPressor plugin here at

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SEOPressor Plugin

  1. 1. SEOPressor Plugin By
  2. 2. SEOPressor PluginSEOPressor – What is it?SEOPressor is a wordpress plugin foronpage SEO.That may sound rather technical if youare unfamiliar with optimizing a websitefor search engine ranking.For those of us who learn and do SEO orsearch engine optimization, weunderstand the importance of onpageoptimization or onpage SEO.
  3. 3. SEOPressor PluginBriefly, onpage SEO consists ofoptimizing various factors andconditions which are conducive forsearch engine robot or program toindex and rank your website up thesearch engine.In other words, we want to make itvery clear to the search engine robotwhat our webpage is all
  4. 4. SEOPressor PluginIf this is not done, the search enginerobot will have a hard time inknowing how and what to index ourwebpage.This is crucial because how ourwebpage is indexed will determinehow people will find our webpage.That is to say, what keywords aresearched such that people will findour webpage.
  5. 5. SEOPressor PluginWhat Does SEOPressor Do?As mentioned above, SEOPressor is aWordPress plugin.To use SEOPressor, we need to install itfrom within the WordPress admin area.Once the SEOPressor is installed, we caneasily perform onpage SEO. SEOPressor isnow being used on more than 15 millionwebsites.I believe that number testifies theeffectiveness of SEOPressor!
  6. 6. SEOPressor PluginPlease visit to find out more