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SEOPressor Lights Up Your Post Signage


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SEOPressor Lights Up Your Post Signage

  1. 1. SEOPressor Lights Up Your Post SignageSEOPressor Is A Light To Your PostSEOPressor is a plugin or tool that optimizes your post. But, what does the last sentencemean? In other words, what does SEOPressor really do to your post? I would like to addressthis in an easily understood manner. Hopefully, I do not need to resort to any technical jargonthat most lay person would not undestand.I like to use the analogy of a signage for any retail shop or business. You post titles andheadings are like signage to your store or shop and to your aisles or shelves in the store. All, ifnot most, stores have a store signage. The signage is crucial because it tells the outsiders whatyou are selling or what they can expect to find in the store. Can you imagine a store withoutsignage! You would probably suspect whether the store is legit or something hanky panky ishappening in the store. Let’s turn now to your post. Can you imagine the Google bot comes toyour post and reads the post title, it cannot determine what your post is all about because thereis no light pointing to the title or your post title is not optimized! SEOPressor is definitely anessential tool for you if you want to write content which are not only valuable to your reader butalso readable by the search engine bot!SEOPressor Shines A Spotlight To Your Post Headings That is a crude analogy I like to pictureSEOPressor in relation to a blog post or WordPress post. The SEOPressor actually lights upyour post in relation to the title and headings. It actually points the search engine robot to theimportant title and headings so that when the bot leaves your post, it will have all the crucial,important data to bring back to the search engine data center. Based on those data, your postwill be index accordingly.Imagine if your post title and headings are not noticeable to the Google bot, what do you thinkwill happen? What will happen is the robot will not be able to find or determine what your post or 1/3
  2. 2. content is all about. As a result, the robot will bring back data which are insufficient orirrelevant and which may not be the suitable for the ranking you desired.To overcome that, SEOPressor actually highlights the unoptimizaed title and headings, so thatyou could adjust the parameters for better chance of ranking high in the search engine. It’s likegiving you a night vision to see which parts of your post need finetuning or major tune-up inorder to be readable by the robot. If you think about it, the SEOPressor is quite incredible tohave a tool like that if you are doing a lot of posts regularly. The SEOPressor can really helpyou save so much time in managing your WordPress website and blogs.In my own personal experience, SEOPressor has been a tool which I rely on for my on pageoptimization. In that way, I can focus on the content, rather worrying about whether my post isoptimized. Can you imagine how difficult it is to write if you have to constantly worry about howoptimized your post is?SEOPressor Optimizes Your Post HeadingsSEOPressor H1, H2 and H3 ScoreMr Daniel Tan, the creator and developer of SEOPressor, said in his bestselling ‘Rank Mover’,‘The most important being H1 tag, followed by H2 and H3…These 3 tags are the pillar to yourOn-Page score…” Sorry, I cannot reveal anymore than that as it is a paid course and I bought itquite some time back. In fact, this course had given me a solid foundation in SEO. Thanks toDaniel.As we can learn from a SEO expert, the headings or the H1, H2 and H3 tags are the pillar for onpage optimization. Without the pillar, the post can crumbled before the search engine robot.SEOpressor will give you the signal if your H1, H2 and H3 tags are missing or not optimized.If you take a look at the picture above with the label ‘SEOPressor H1, H2 and H3 Score’, youcan see clearly that the SEOPressor indicates clearly whether your headings need any tuning.In this case, the three heading tags have been optimized as shown by a green tick in front of the 2/3
  3. 3. parameter. If the heading tags are not optimized, there will be a red-colored cross infront of the parameter. I hope you can see how important it is to optimize your heading tags after the above explanation. I also hope you find this post useful to your website. Feel free to leave a comment below. In upcoming posts, we will take a look at other parameters handled by SEOPressor. Filed under the category of SEOPressor. Find out more 3/3Powered by TCPDF (