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SEOPressor – Best WordPress Plugin


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SEOPressor – Best WordPress Plugin

  1. 1. SEOPressor – Best WordPress PluginSEOPressor – A WordPress PluginAs mentioned in earlier post, SEOPressor Plugin, SEOPressor is a WordPress plugin.WordPress is essentially a blogging tool, allowing users to manage content dynamically.Another spectacular benefit of WordPress is its ability to accommodate plugin. With theincorporation of plugins, WordPress users can do many things without any programming andtechnical skills. Plugins enable non-techie or layman to use WordPress or blog without beingbog down by the nitty gritty things in building a website. The plugin feature of WordPress is oneaspect that explains why WordPress is so well like in the blogging world. To date, there aremore than 18,000 plugins available for WordPress users. Plugins are fantastic feature thatopens up a whole new world for newbies who have no idea about building websites. That is howvaluable plugins are. SEOPressor is one of those plugins that make building website accessibleand easy.SEOPressorSEOPressor – A SEO PluginAs discussed in previous paragraph plugins are valuable to WordPress blog or site. To thosewho are not web designer, programmer or whatever expertise related to website, pluginsbecome essential, necessary and mandatory in building a decent website. In other words, you 1/3
  2. 2. may not have any graphic design skill, you can still complete a nice looking website throughplugins as though you have the skill of using Photoshop. That is how powerful plugins are. Anovice become an instant expert through the power of plugins.SEOPressor is a SEO plugin. That is, it performs search engine optimization. Before we get intomore details about howSEOPressor actually optimizes your webpage for search engine, weneed to understand on the necessity of optimization for search engine.SEO – Is Search Engine Optimization necessary?When we talk about SEO or search engine optimization, we are talking about optimizing ourwebsite or webpage for search engine. Strictly speaking, we optimize a webpage, not a website.In other words, we make each page of our website conducive for a search engine to list thatparticular webpage for a particular search term. SEO for a webpage is necessary so that searchengine is able to list our webpage under a particular category for a particular search term, ortechnically known as keyword.Gone are the days when we simply write something on a webpage and it will get indexed andrank, no matter what. Those were the early days of the internet. As more and more websitesand webpages spring up over the years and decades, search engine gets much moresophisticated and complex. This is logical because a search engine today has a much tougherjob to ‘order’ the listing of webpages for any one search term due to the sheer huge number ofwebpages on the internet.Today, if you want your webpages to be viewed by people who do not know your website orweb address, your website must be searchable or indexed in search engine. More than that,your webpage must be indexed or ranked high enough in the search engine listing so thatpeople can find you through relevant search term. For all purposes, ranking becomesmeaningful only when your webpage ends up on the first page of the search engine listing.Anything beyond the first page is virtually useless and meaningless as more than 90% of thevisitors come from the first page. Most people don’t click beyond the first page of the listing.SEOPressor – How Does it Help You in SEO?SEOPressor is a SEO WordPress plugin. As such it helps you perform search engineoptimization. More specifically, SEOPressor performs on page optimization. In the technicalworld, SEO or search engine optimization is broadly categorized into onpage and off pageoptomization. SEOPressor focuses on on page optomization. In other words, it optimizesparameters of your webpage which are onsite or on the page itself. Another way of putting it is,SEOPressor makes your webpage so that it can be easily ‘read’ or ‘indexed’ by the searchengine robot.Search engine indexes your webpage by sending out robot, which is essentially a program, to‘crawl’ the webpage. When a search engine robot arrives at your webpage and finds that yournon-optimized webpages talks about 3 different topics with equal importance, how do you thinkthe robot should index you? When the robot goes to another website in the same category as 2/3
  3. 3. yours and finds that the other webpage discusses on one topic with focus and clarity, surely the search engine will rank the other webpage higher for the relevant search term. This is a very layman-way of explaining what on page optimization is all about. Without knowing all the details and nitty gritty items of what on page optimization covers, SEOPressor does the work behind the scene. What you need to know is very minimal and still you can optimize your webpage completely without knowing anything about on page technicalities. That is how powerful SEOPressor is. SEOPressor will tell you exactly what you need to do to your webpage in order to get your webpage optimized. ake a look at the image capture of SEOPressor plugin interface. You can see clearly that SEOPressor lists out clearly the parameters for on page optimization. I have used SEOPressor for a couple of years now. SEOPressor makes my life so much easier and frees up my time for off page optimization. Can I do on page optimization manually? Sure. But when you start posting more often or for more than one website, you will soon be hunting for something like SEOPressor. This is from my own experience. If you are serious about ranking your website, you will soon realize SEOPressor is an essential plugin for your WordPress blog or website. We will talk about the specific parameters handled by SEOPressor in upcoming posts. Meanwhile, check out the details on the official website of SEOPressor here. Filed under SEOPressor Find out more 3/3Powered by TCPDF (