Typo3 extension development


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We got specialization and core expertise is TYPO3 customization services and customizes TYPO3 Applications. We have enhanced our capabilities and TYPO3 customization skills among the trusted TYPO3 providers

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Typo3 extension development

  1. 1. TYPO3 extension development and how you can benefit with usBefore you delve into our ideas of Typo3 extension you might consider knowingwhat exactly typo3 is.Typo3 is an open source content management system, developed by KasperSkarhoj. More than 4500 pluggable extensions are available for typo3, most ofthese are written by third party developers and are available for free.We at SEO Outsourcing India specialize in Typo3 extension development andwith us you can expect the best content management for your website.Our team offers you quality services with low time durations and maximumaccuracy.SEO Outsourcing India and its approach for your benefit • Typo3 extension development can be expanded endlessly without losing backward capability. • Our extension API provides a powerful framework for easily adding and performing other alterations to your Typo3. • Our methods are powered by the Extension Manager inside the Typo3, with which you can share extensions online mostly at Typo3.org.Extension sources SEO Outsourcing India provides • tt_news • TER Update • Static Info Tables • Template Auto Parser • Front end user registration • Address list • Shop system • Extension kickstarter These extensions are few of the many we at SEO Outsourcing India provide for your website.
  2. 2. Extensions developed by SEO Outsourcing India • Blog Typo3 extension, all of your blog posts are maintained chronologically and continuously updates with reference to the date of addition or edition. • Google custom search Tpo3 extension, this helps your website database in the way that your client gets information fetched by Google featuring in your website. • Visited page tracking Typo3 extension, this keeps track of the last five visited pages, this makes your website more user friendly and easy to use. • Country tracking Typo3 extension, this helps you track the country of your clients. • Currency exchange rate Typo3 extension, this helps your clients to convert currency depending on the base rate provided. • News Typo3 extension, this is used for posting news. With this your website can offer more than just products, teasers can help your clients remain hooked to your website while a particular job in being carried on. • Typo3 data synchronization extension, this is used for Typo3 master (live) server and local (test) server system synchronization. Using this we can synchronize two Typo3 systems. This is the backend method.The Typo3 script known as the TypoScript is used to fetch data from the database,process it and generate web content.At SEO Outsourcing India we provide you with an energetic Typo3 extensiondevelopment team who specialize in the field of Typo3 customization andprovide you and your clients the most reliable data.Added advantages you get with SEO Outsourcing India • Your website gets its start and the proper maintenance it needs for extended clientele. • Our Typo3 extension development team works with maximum efficiency and for us your project is of utmost importance. • Our records of Typo3 extension development are excellent and with us you get maximum benefits at lowest cost.
  3. 3. For more information on TYPO3 extension development visit us at http://seo-topics.seooutsourcingindia.com/