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This presentation enables its viewers to get an overview of the company in a very short period of time by covering most of the important features of the company. It is a very short presentation but will give a proper idea about the company.

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  1. 1. Presentation onFLEISCHER SPORT in US
  2. 2. AboutFleischer sport is one of thebest ski rental shops in the USwith the single motto ofdelivering highest quality skishop experience.
  3. 3. Ski and snow board rentalsIt has f inest ski and snowboardrental equipment in town withthe distinctive qualities likegreat service, incrediblelocation and the f inest rentalequipment available.
  4. 4. Online ShopIt is also about to open itsown online shop which willhave all of its accessories.
  5. 5. ContactCall us : 970-870- 0900
  6. 6. ContactCall us : 970-870- 0900