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The Future of Link Building: 5 Principles for Safe, High-Impact Links


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The link building landscape is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. How can you keep your SEO campaigns ahead of the curve, while avoiding penalties along the way?

To survive and thrive in the new world of SEO, our link building mindset needs a re-re-definition.

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The Future of Link Building: 5 Principles for Safe, High-Impact Links

  1. 1. The Future of Link Building:5 Principles for Safe, High-Impact Links Presented by Nate Dame Founder/President, SEOperks
  2. 2. Importance of Link Building • Still pretty important! Link Building
  3. 3. Trends
  4. 4. Trends• “Unnatural links” warning in Google Webmaster Tools.
  5. 5. Trends• Blog network de-indexing.
  6. 6. Trends • Panda update.
  7. 7. What do these trends mean?• The USER is king! – Google is trying to come full circle by creating algorithms that fully understand what people want and love online. – Google will get closer every year.
  8. 8. What do these trends mean?• Your website – Clean, trustworthy design. – Awesome, unique, STAND OUT content. – Low bounce rates, high conversion rates.• Your link building – Get real people to talk about you.
  9. 9. What do these trends mean?• The link building litmus test
  10. 10. Link Building: A Re-Re-Definition
  11. 11. Link Building: A Re-Re-Definition• Back to basics: A link is a reference.• Does your website and blog inspire: – Mentions on other blogs and websites? – Social shares? – Real-life conversations?
  12. 12. 5 Principles for Safe, High-Impact Links
  13. 13. #1: Write (lots of) Amazing Content• In-depth how-to guides.• Authoritative roundup of resources.• Lists!• Group interviews. – Great content naturally includes outbound links (more on that to come).
  14. 14. #1: Write (lots of) Amazing Content• Embrace controversy• Be detailed (long is OK)• Spend some $$! (you get what you pay for)• Set minimum requirements for quality – 10 Super Easy SEO Copywriting Tips for Improved Link Building ( – Are Your Titles Irresistibly Click Worthy & Viral?! (
  15. 15. #2: Identify your Link Prospects• Authoritative blogs and social influencers – In your niche/industry – Similar niches/industries – Other concerned niches• Aim big too!
  16. 16. #2: Identify your Link Prospects• Personal favorite – Search for “top KEYWORD blogs/resources”• Used advanced search query operators• Link Prospector:• Management:• Let your PROSPECTS influence your CONTENT STRATEGY.
  17. 17. #3 Love your Link Prospects• Never “cold call” for a link!• Tweet, Facebook, G+ their content• Thank them personally (email, phone call)
  18. 18. #4: Engage your Link Prospects• “Can I ask your expert opinion?”• “Can I quote you on a current event?”• “What topics do you feel the industry needs help with most?”• Group interviews• Round ups• Inclusion in other resources
  19. 19. #5: Ask your Link Prospects• Suggest they “share” – never ask for a “link”• Be specific – a page the link can go on, a new post, etc.• Love them when you ask, too!
  20. 20. Example Calendar• Awesome content calendar: Ongoing• Identify link prospects: 3-4 weeks• Love and Engage link prospects: 3-4 weeks• Ask link prospects: 1-4 weeks – Coordinate with scheduled content releases
  21. 21. Thank You! Nate Dame @seonate (312) 870-0056