Game Changing Link Building


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For the first time, Nate Dame will share his simple yet powerful approach to link building. Learn how to create an exciting, engaging strategy that will get the highest return from your link building.

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Game Changing Link Building

  1. 1. Game-Changing Link BuildingPresented by Nate DameCEO & Founder, SEOperks
  2. 2. So You Want to Be a Link Builder
  3. 3. Link Building Reality• Marketing• Sales• PR• Tech• Luck• Free beers(and lots of networking)
  4. 4. Today’s Goal• Design a link building campaign with 60-100% success rate.
  5. 5. How it Works• Know where to get links and who to talk to• Start with the right outreach• Bait them with highly customized appeal• Get the link
  6. 6. Persona DevelopmentWho are you going to reach?A Link Building Persona represents a cluster ofwebsites who share one or more characteristicsincluding topics of interest, businessvertical, targetaudience, products, services, mission, and/orgeographic location.
  7. 7. Persona Development• Examples – Car dealership – Home décor – Ecommerce selling vacuums – Tech startupBy topic, plus ancillary / complementary productand service providers.
  8. 8. Persona DevelopmentIs this persona worth my time?
  9. 9. Persona DevelopmentIs this persona worth my time? – Is it topically relevant? – Do they have a modern online presence? – Are they active online? – Do they have logical link opportunities? – Do the meet your other link building criteria?Initial searches for blogs: “top [TOPIC] blogs”Initial searches for businesses: “[BUSINESS TYPE], [CITY]”
  10. 10. Create The BaitChoose your (link bait) weapon
  11. 11. Create The Bait• Social shares• Group interview• Roundup feature• Individual feature
  12. 12. List Development
  13. 13. List Development• Manual prospecting• High volume prospecting – Link Prospector by Citation Labs• People searches – Followerwonk – LinkedIn Search – Listorious
  14. 14. List Development• Qualify! – Modern, active online presence – Logical link opportunity – Topically relevant – Domain authority within campaign goals• Contact information – Find the right person
  15. 15. Initial Outreach
  16. 16. Initial Outreach• First email – Be brief – Demonstrate value, no strings attached – One question / call to action – Do not: • Ask for a link • Include list of interview questions
  17. 17. Initial Outreach• Follow up correspondence – Collect feedback as needed – Secure a commitment to link!
  18. 18. Initial OutreachHi FNAME,I love the site! I especially appreciated your post on ABC because XYZ.Keep it up!I’m emailing because we’d like to feature you in an upcoming post You were nominated as one of the best blogs on TOPIC inCITY.What do you think? Interested? Let me know.Best,YourName
  19. 19. Initial OutreachHi FNAME,Quick update on the X post you are featured in - its scheduled to go live Monday! Theteam here loves how it turned out - thanks again for being a part of this.We plan on doing similar resources in the future. Our big goal with these campaigns isto grow blog by offering real resourceful local community content.Can you blog about your involvement when the post goes live? [OR link to the post onyour press page OR mention it on]Let me know - thanks!!Best,NAME
  20. 20. Initial OutreachSubject Lines – Enjoying your site – Would love to interview you – Feedback on your site – Your site rocks! – Including you in a roundup – 10,000 and counting... – So you want to strangle your college roommate... – Take the children out of the middle... – When anger rears its ugly head...
  21. 21. Get the Link!• Create and launch content• Follow up on link commitments
  22. 22. Get the Link!More link opportunities• Didn’t work out? Try other asks: – Guest post – Broken link fix – Inclusion in resource listing – Improvement / addition to recent piece of content• Don’t let any relationship to untapped!
  23. 23. Tips & Tricks• Identify specific link request• Give them serious press• Keep in mind your website’s current reach• “No” not necessarily “leave me alone”, might be opportunity• Phone calls still work!
  24. 24. Q&A
  25. 25. Questions? Thanks to Matt Koulas from Grasshopper for moderating! Get $50 free at Dame @seonateCEO & Founder, 870-0056