5 Ways to Use Content Marketing for SEO


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Content marketing is a lot more than the new link building!

A compelling content strategy strengthens every aspect of your organic search marketing efforts, and vice versa.

Standout content gets shared (hello social mentions, links, and exposure!), but it also raises the value of your site in the eyes of both search engines and (more importantly) your site visitors. Of course that means even more social followers, more readers and - you guessed it - more shares, more SEO, and more leads.

Can somebody say snowball effect? And it doesn’t stop there. Great content should also nurture leads and help you make sales.

Think strategically about how content marketing can improve nearly every aspect of your business.

- Draw every possible benefit out of every piece of content.
- Design a compelling, integrated editorial calendar.
- Attract quality writers and keep them inspired.
- Earn natural, high-quality links with every piece of content.
- Consolidate all content efforts into a cohesive long- and short-tail SEO strategy.
- Utilize content marketing to generate leads, nurture leads, and make sales.

Content marketing + SEO go the distance. Together they attract leads and generate demand, find even more leads every day, nurtures leads, and produce lasting high search result rankings.

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5 Ways to Use Content Marketing for SEO

  1. 1. 5 Ways to UseContent Marketing for SEOPresented by Nate DameCEO & Founder, SEOperks
  2. 2. What is content marketing?Content marketing is a marketing technique ofcreating and distributing relevant and valuablecontent to attract, acquire, and engage aclearly defined and understood target audience– with the objective of driving profitablecustomer action.http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/what-is-content-marketing/
  3. 3. Why is content marketing growing?http://richardbrenneman.wordpress.com/2012/03/05/charts-of-the-day-the-rapid-decline-of-u-s-newspapers/
  4. 4. Why is content marketing awesome?One entertainmentdesigner was hiredby a new themepark with a $14billion budget –because of her blog.
  5. 5. Opportunities Abound• 1 million live viewers on Youtube• Biggest live web streaming event in history
  6. 6. Opportunities Abound• Millions ofviews within 24hours• Video led to $7million infunding
  7. 7. Opportunities AboundPlus 212,000 Twitterfollowers, 31,000 onGoogle+…
  8. 8. For SEO, content does it all!• Spiders crawl… content!• Long tail• Long term• What goes viral? Content!• Social shares• Free press / free marketing• Links!!• Branding: Buildtrust, confidence, and warm &fuzzy feelings• Nurture leads - turn every websitevisit into a top-of-funnel lead• Sales!
  9. 9. And more!• Attract leads• Nurture leads• Close deals
  10. 10. Old SchoolBrochureware websitePPCDisplay adsSEOBlogSocial media...
  11. 11. Blurring the Lines…Brand MessageBlog, Downloads, WebinarsSocial MediaSEOLive Events
  12. 12. Where do you want to put your $$?“Traditional” Tactics: Avg. Cost of Acquisition:Paid Search $95.00Contextual Ads $115.00Banner & Display Ads $150.00TV, Radio & Print Media $180.00Brand Advertising $Unknown“Inbound” Tactics: Avg. Cost of Acquisition:Organic Search $15.00Community / Forum Participation $20.00Social Media Marketing $35.00Blogs & RSS $60.00Video Content $70.00Source: SEOmoz
  13. 13. Our powers combined?
  14. 14. Step #1:Create an Exciting Story to Tell
  15. 15. Marketo:The Power of Marketing Automation
  16. 16. Rackspace:The Cloud is Awesome
  17. 17. Know Your Market, Create Your StoryWho? Our story?Platforms? Measurements?
  18. 18. Step #2:Generate Tons of Awesome IdeasThen get organized.
  19. 19. Brainstorming Questionnaire
  20. 20. Centralized Editorial Planning
  21. 21. Centralized Editorial Planning
  22. 22. Step #3:Leverage Every Piece of Content forLong-Tail SEO
  23. 23. Know Your Long Tail
  24. 24. Step #4:Earn Links (and Links and Links…)
  25. 25. How Content Marketing EarnsTons of Links• Early stage: Influencer engagement• Mid- to long-term: Subscribers/followers
  26. 26. Questions?Let’s talk!Nate Dame @seonateCEO & Founder, SEOperksnate@seoperks.com(312) 870-0056