2012 01 imj summit ahmedabad what are they thinking?


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Indian Search Marketers and Western Clients: Improving project outcomes through improved communications on both sides

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  • We’re the world’s most popular provider of search marketing software, covering everything from technical SEO issues to social media monitoring, We serve SMBs to Fortune 100 enterprises with actionable information, community support, tools and monitoring platform to make search marketing faster, easier, and more effective. We don’t do any consulting.
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  • Courtesy of http://eoporto.tumblr.com/post/715534071/via-starehard-things-that-are-the-same-but
  • Courtesy of: http://www.wright.edu/~scott.williams/LeaderLetter/communicating.htm
  • The most often reported frustration is that Indian English is spoken too quickly. Slow down to be understood. Enunciate REALLY clearly.
  • Courtesy of http://divorcediscourse.com/2012/01/11/happened-2011/ People are the most precious resource of a company. US/UK customers are unaccustomed to spending hours covering a single issue. Be super organized, have an agenda and stick to it.
  • Winston Churchill said, “If you know your subject well enough, you can say it just a few words.”
  • Courtesy of http://www.advertiser.ie/galway/article/46558/city-council-meetings-sniping-grandstanding-and-long-winded-bores No one wants to hear all about your company or why they should outsource. That should be on your website.
  • Speaking of websites, these guys are already way ahead of these guys in the
  • Courtesy of http://amatterofdegree.typepad.com/a_matter_of_degree/2010/05/how-sharepoint-2010-can-support-nonlinear-business-processes.html The larger the org chart, the longer the sales process will take. This does NOT mean you should be changing your pitch every time you meet with the same company, but different people. It DOES mean you should CONSIDER who you’re talking to.
  • … but you should do the heavy lifting - provide the first template; the client will edit Image courtesy of: http://home-school-coach.com/successful-family-culture-and-5-rules-of-engagement/
  • Gant charts and simple color coded charts can help to get info into your client faster and more efficiently. Do WHATEVER it takes to get regular and emergency status updates to the client.
  • Never leave bad news to the last moment. It will ensure you never work for the client again
  • Just as you must not keep your client in the dark, never work in the dark. Ask deeper questions about the big picture. http://www.billionaireinaction.com/index.php/2010/07/06/can-you-see-the-big-picture/
  • Whenever possible, report via video skype, GotoMeetings, etc. The more the client sees your face, sees diagrams, examples, etc. the faster the cross flow of information will go and the better the project outcome. Photo credits: http://www.conti.ca/data-video-conferencing/ and http://www.askdeb.com/careers/conference/
  • Everyone wants success in the project. Accommodating for paradigms, auditory language differences, tempo, and information input preferences will improve your outcomes. But the key is understanding the big picture. Never build something without knowing, understanding, and FEELING the end goal of the campaign or project. Once you have the big picture, you will build it to accomplish the goal, not build it according to specs that will never accomplish it.
  • 2012 01 imj summit ahmedabad what are they thinking?

    1. 1. What Are They Thinking!?! Understanding US/UK/EU Client Mentality Gillian Muessig | Founding President http://downloadurl
    2. 2. World’s most popular provider of search marketing software
    3. 3. I can afford this…
    4. 4. And I can afford this for Mum…
    5. 5. And this for my daughter…
    6. 6. But I don’t have this…
    7. 7. Or this…
    8. 8. Even though these folks do!
    9. 9. Taxi
    10. 10. Taxi
    11. 11. Water taxi
    12. 12. An Ahmedabad tech office
    13. 13. MozPlex
    14. 14. Tech windows
    15. 15. CEO’s office door
    16. 16. The same, but different
    17. 17. Acknowledge the Paradigms
    18. 18. Getting Down to Business
    19. 19. Language We appear to be speaking the same language, but we are definitely not communicating We appear to be speaking the same language, but we are definitely not communicating
    20. 20. Speak slowly!
    21. 21. Time is precious
    22. 22. These words move it along Are we all clear on this issue? Repeat conclusions or instructions Use fewer words
    23. 23. Focus on the project
    24. 24. Speaking of websites…
    25. 25. It takes time
    26. 26. Reporting Expectations
    27. 27. Know what to track
    28. 28. Know how to report <ul><li>Create the format and contents of the report with the client </li></ul>
    29. 29. Infographics, not for just linkbait <ul><li>List things under logical headlines </li></ul>
    30. 30. Know what to track <ul><li>Keep consistency in format and order </li></ul>
    31. 31. Truth builds trust <ul><li>Don’t beat around the bush If the numbers are low, say so If it isn’t done, say so If it’s going to be late, say so… early! </li></ul>
    32. 32. Get the picture … not just the specs
    33. 33. Never Work in the Dark
    34. 34. Video beats phone
    35. 35. Take this thought with you…
    36. 37. @SEOmom www.seomoz.org/blog [email_address] www.slideshare.net/