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SEO Strategies for a Constantly Evolving Google Algorithm


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When we look at the Google algorithm, we only think of updates that influence crawling and indexing. However, marketers must also bear in mind the increasing prevalence and variety of featured snippets in the SERPs. Here's how to use data to create SEO and content marketing strategies that make Google display your pages in snippets as well as get visitors to click through to your site.

Presented at SEMrush Chennai Meetup on 18th May 2018.

Published in: Marketing
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SEO Strategies for a Constantly Evolving Google Algorithm

  1. 1. SEO STRATEGIES for a constantly evolving Google algorithm P R E S E N T E D B Y R O H A N A Y Y A R # s e m r u s h i n d i a
  2. 2. We can’t really trust Google.
  3. 3. They tell half-truths.
  4. 4. “Answer the user’s query and we’ll rank your site higher in the results.”
  5. 5. (But you won’t get any traffic.)
  6. 6. “You give us data and we’ll give you credit.”
  7. 7. (But you won’t get any rankings.)
  8. 8. “Create in-depth content and we’ll increase your site’s visibility.”
  9. 9. (Or, maybe we’ll just steal your data anyway.)
  10. 10. “Use structured markup to help us enhance the user experience.”
  11. 11. (And we’ll eventually take your business.)
  12. 12. Here’s where it gets scary…
  13. 13. OK, Google! Is it safe to eat snakes?
  14. 14. According to Instructables, it's apparently fine to cook and eat poisonous snakes. Cooking is sufficient to inactivate any venomous residue.
  15. 15. Deal with it: Tools & Tactics
  16. 16. Switch to HTTPS. Really.
  17. 17. Site Audit HTTPS Implementation
  18. 18. Create a better option. (And get it to #2).
  19. 19. Keyword Magic
  20. 20. Know the battlefield. Know thy enemies.
  21. 21. Keyword Overview
  22. 22. Encourage more User Generated Content (UGC).
  23. 23. Topic Research Mind Map
  24. 24. Solve for your customer – before they google.
  25. 25. Content Analyzer Post Tracking
  26. 26. Get the answer box AND the click.
  27. 27. SEO Content Template
  28. 28. Use Google to beat Google.
  29. 29. Advertising Research Ad Copies
  30. 30. Use branding to influence suggested searches.
  31. 31. PPC Keyword Tool
  32. 32. Data is Fun! Want proof?
  33. 33. Thank you! ROHAN AYYAR Regional Marketing Manager, India @searchrook /rohanayyar /in/rohanayyar #semrushindia