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Presentation of Museumville at Hack4Europe


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Team Bogus Journey was formed at the beginning of the event. Designers and developers got together to create a sort of game called MuseumVILLE. It’s a game where you can be the curator of your own museum with items from the Europeana database.

The won two prizes. Biggest social impact/inclusion and also the special developers prize as voted by the participants in Hack4Europe Sweden.

The code can be found at

The team members are: Emil Stenström, Jens Tinfors, Jonas Beckman (Kami Development), Niklas Lindström and Tomas Seo (Phorecast).
Twitter-handles: @emilstenstrom @jensa @jonasbeckman @niklasl @seoism

Published in: Design, Education, Technology
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Presentation of Museumville at Hack4Europe

  1. 1. by Bogusjourney @emilstenstrom @jensa @jonasbeckman @niklasl @seoismMon, 2011-06-27, w
  2. 2. First we tried to solve the wrong problem How to give all this culture to ordinary users?Mon, 2011-06-27, w
  3. 3. Then we found a better question What if we turn work into play?Mon, 2011-06-27, w
  4. 4. ★ Build your own museum ★ Hunt for treasures ★ Show others ★ Keep things in orderMon, 2011-06-27, w
  5. 5. Mon, 2011-06-27, w
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  14. 14. by Bogusjourney @emilstenstrom @jensa @jonasbeckman @niklasl @seoismMon, 2011-06-27, w