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Louis vuitton handbags are most desirable brand


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With the rapid development of luxury industry, more and more of the brand trying to head the ornate industry, like a slice of this action. Recently, a consultant named Louis Vuitton company as "the most desirable brand."

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Louis vuitton handbags are most desirable brand

  1. 1. Louis Vuitton Handbags are most desirable brand All by : Louis Vuitton HandbagsWith the rapid development of luxury industry, more and more of the brand trying to head theornate industry, like a slice of this action. Recently, a consultant named Louis Vuitton companyas "the most desirable brand."In the new study, the brand expert Millward Brown Optimor said Louis Vuitton worth at $24billion, is 23% higher than last year. It may be that there is no special image understanding, inother words, this means that Louis Vuitton now wealth value equal to Hermes love MaShi, Gucciand Chanel Chanel combined. The three brand, ranked the second, third and fourth.All by :
  2. 2. Louis Vuitton OutletIn addition, it is important to note that, Burberry top for the first time. Although is only the firstten ranking, but the brand research experts say: "Burberry wealth value compared with a 86%jump in the last year, this is due to Burberry active digital technology and combine the fashionin the world!Millward Brown said Louis Vuittons success is its efforts in the economic development anddeployment of new media smart digital results. For UK classical brand Burberry is also like this.In the past few seasons, Burberry successfully introduced by using network show, andemphasized the brand spirit of innovation, made more good effect. "All by :
  3. 3. Louis Vuitton SaleAngelina Jolie naked feet, wear our own clothes, carrying his own Louis Vuitton Alto, LouisVuitton bags appeared in a new "Core Values" advertising. Although did not make up, butAngelina looks still elegant demeanour, she sat in the infinite in Siem Reap province of the lakein Cambodia on a boat, elegant stared in the distance.Louis Vuitton, vice President of Pietro Beccari, "said Mr Rarely see Angelina Jolie all this side ofher, with four children come to the shooting, we record is true, this time in the concept ofpersonal journey relay is the performance of the brand hope."All by :
  4. 4. Louis Vuitton AntheiaThe AD would be held Wednesday on International Herald Tribune, and then will the news andthe various magazine appear. Beccari sir refused to disclose the advertising budget, but havetaken Louis Vuitton company with news that the price of $1 million invited Angelina shootingthe advertising.This advertisement will broadcast is expected to 18 months, and Bono, Sean Connery will waitfor Louis Vuitton shot of the "Core Values" broadcast advertising together. "Core Values" thisadvertising series began in 2007, Louis Vuitton hope that through the series of ads transmitsthe brand concept, and deeply rooted travel to show brand all series of travel handbags. MikhailGorbachev, Keith Richards, Catherine Deneuve and other stars who took part in the series areadvertising in the shooting.Louis Vuitton plan on Wednesday in brand web site launched a forecast, and Angelina Jolie willbroadcast the interview. In this interview, Angelina will tell to her trip to Cambodia change oflife. In Cambodia Angelina adopted her biggest son Maddox, have set up Maddox Jolie-Pittfund.All by :