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How to get free bitcoins


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How to get free bitcoins to your digital wallet

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How to get free bitcoins

  1. 1. How to get free bitcoins ?I recommend these two websites which will give you a lot ofbitcoins to your wallet. Bitcoin RandomizerBitcatch Randomizer is a referral system inspired by a famous Bitcoin Randomizer.Bitcatch Randomizer allows you to earn payments for each user your refer and receiverandom payouts when new members join the system.To start receive payments you must register and activate your account. Activation means thatyou are able to receive payments from your referrals and from random users. Inactive usersunable to receive payments nor from random users nor from referrals. To activate youraccount you must send 0.5 bitcoins to the address shown in your profile after registration.If your are signing up without referral code random user will be chosen among activatedmembers and assigned to your account as a first level sponsor.If your are signing up with referral code your account will be created with the owner of thiscode as a first level sponsor.Activation fee split between your sponsors in the following rates: • First level sponsor takes 20% of the fee • Second level sponsor takes 15% of the fee • Third level sponsor takes 10% of the fee • Remaining amount divided into two parts each 25%, these parts then sent to a random active user Join Now!
  2. 2. Bitcoin PyramidRegistration. 1. Anybody can become a member for free by providing his/her permanent withdrawal address and captcha. 1. Each member receives a referral link to attract newcomers. 2. Each member receives a permanent address to deposit funds. 2. If newcomer follows the referral link and gets registered within 30 days, then he/she becomes a referral of the link owner (and the link owner becomes a sponsor of newcomer). 3. If newcomer didnt register via referral link then he/she becomes a referral of a random member (see 2.3). 2. Money distribution. 1. Each member receives up to 50% of his/her referrals income (but not more than s/he deposited + 0.01 btc at a time) and pays about 50% of his/her income to his/her sponsor and possibly random member(s). 1. Members income = members deposits + referral payments + random payments. 2. Members expenditure = members withdrawals + withdrawal fees + sponsor payments + random payments. 3. Members balance = members income - members expenditure. 2. Withdrawals and all other outgoing payments are done automatically when members balance hits the threshold of 0.021 btc. Withdrawal fee is 0.001 btc per withdrawal. 3. Each members chances to receive random payments or to become a random sponsor of newcomer depend on sum of his/her deposits. Moreover each random payments size is limited by members deposits . Thus if member doesnt deposit anything, then he/she is unlikely to receive random payments or random referrals. 4. Each member any time may deposit any amount to his permanent deposit address to increase his/her chances of being selected for random payments and to increase the amount of money can be received at a time. 3. Rules are a subject to change. Join Now!