Learn the Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Small Business Owners


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SEO training 101
In a step-by-step fashion, secrets of SEO for beginners is revealed in this presentation. It's easy when you know how to do SEO. Visit: http://www.jonrognerud.com

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Learn the Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Small Business Owners

  1. 1. SEO Training 101 “How To Make Search Engines Work For YOU” The Beginner’s Fast Track www.Twitter.com/jonrognerudVisit www.jonrognerud.com for a FREE GiftValued at Over $300.00
  2. 2. Assumption for this presentation: 1. You’re new to SEO (or close to it) 2. You have a website (or close to it) 3. You are a business owner or marketer open to learning about search engines 4. Your focus on this presentation for the next hour…(please turn emails, phones, kids, etc “off”) 
  3. 3. What you will learn1. What search engines are all about2. Top ranking factors and the SEO framework3. The big 4 myths of SEO4. Actionable tips to rocket your website up in search engines listings – FAST!5. PLUS – a Give Away bonus of my SEO book, shipped to you for FREE.
  4. 4. Do you think SEO willwork for your website?
  5. 5. This is you…• You’ve tried keywords research, and adding to pages, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect…• You’ve never really tried SEO, don’t know what it’s about, and think Social Media is better…• Done some work with search engine optimization, but cannot get enough traffic or traction to make it worthwhile…• You’re not a techno-geek, and think you have to become one to be successful, so you give up…
  6. 6. • Built an online marketing company from scratch• Working as a biz consultant to small & large businesses, i.e. Yahoo, Microsoft• Expert mentions and articles• Written several books, and 2 published in stores (SEO) (publisher – McGraw-Hill/Entrepreneur Press)• Originally from Norway – moved 2 LA 30 yrs ago• Trainer/Coach, Small Business Marketing Expert• Blog at www.jonrognerud.com
  7. 7. Fast Forward – Recent Timeline
  8. 8. How Search Engines Work
  9. 9. Search Engine Market
  10. 10. What is SEO, “organic”, “natural”?
  11. 11. Ranking Factors(Today)
  12. 12. 4 Big SEO Myths• Submit your website, and you are guaranteed a top spot in Google’s natural listings (and other search engines).• Use the right keywords and you’ll be ranked in top positions, and on the first page.• A high page rank (Google’s voting system of links/trust) will give you instant and top placement.• Get plenty of links, and you’ll get a top and first page position.
  13. 13. Your website found in HERE?• Some 1 trillion urls seen on the web (one thousand billion urls!)• Over 1 billion searches a day come to Google each day.• 1 million spam pages created each hour (people try to cheat – A LOT!)
  14. 14. SEO Insight: Search Friendly• Make your website crawl-able by making sure each page can be reached via a link• Manage your robots.txt – Create a ‘robots.txt’ file and place in root of site – Example:• Add a Sitemap• Standard HTML only (search engines read text) – not Ajax, Flash, ActiveX
  15. 15. Sitemap Outline - Example
  16. 16. SEO Insight: Tag Optimization (most important elements first)• Pages should have clear titles and description OUTPUT IN SEARCH RESULTS:
  17. 17. … In Numbers:
  18. 18. Check your title/descriptions in Google (example):
  19. 19. SEO Insight: Keywords on page• Keywords in Titles & Descriptions• Use text, not images of text, add keywords• Think about what users will type (synonyms)• How to describe something? – EXAMPLE: headsets, headphones, earphones…• Use sentences that includes all keywords, synonyms• Example next: Free, powerful keyword tool
  20. 20. SEO Insight: Keywords
  21. 21. SEO Insight: Keyword Ideas
  22. 22. SEO Insight: Links internally/externally + Tracking• Links matter - but no spam• Good way to get links: – compelling content, blogging, stories – Widgets, downloads – Ask: “is this something people would share”?• Social media to amplify (example:Twitter)• Get set up with Google Webmaster Tools• Get set up with Web Analytics (GA)
  23. 23. Google Webmasters Tool (and verify your site)
  24. 24. Google Analytics (add script to all pages)
  25. 25. An SEO Business Example• Natural search traffic with targeted visitors to email capture pages and forms• Example: SEO to landing page with registration form to build your email list and nurture process• Let’s take a look…
  26. 26. Search Result + Click = Targeted Visitor (example):• Keyword: “free keyword training”• Result shows like this (You’ve learned this by now, title & description tag, keywords):
  27. 27. SEO Click to Landing / Email Form Page
  29. 29. A Typical SEO Framework
  30. 30. Action Steps (to do now!)i. Check your website pages in Google i. Type your domainname.com into Google ii. Does it show up? Next,ii. Check the pages -- titles and descriptions i. Use the site:www.yourwebsite.com ii. Review all important pages for related keywordsiii. Manage robots file i. Create Robots.txt and place in /root of your siteiv. Run keywords tool to see what pages / content are missing phrases right now. Add them to those pagesv. Make sure you have Google Analytics installed
  31. 31. THANK YOU!• Get my weekly news, tips and a free $300 Gift: – www.jonrognerud.com• Download whitepapers, videos and more• GIVEAWAY TIME – ONE LUCKY WINNER! www.Twitter.com/jonrognerud
  32. 32. What’s holding you back from SEOsuccess? Join our next level SEO webinar…