Personal Branding and Self Marketing in the age of Internet


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Previously you paper-based CV or Resume was your only Personal Identity media that you used for Personal Branding and Self Promotion. But, with internet, you can provide more interactive contents. The strategy of self promotion and personal branding also changed with the advancement of social media and QR codes. This presentation gives you some idea on how to promote you as a product over internet.

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Personal Branding and Self Marketing in the age of Internet

  1. 1. Personal Brandingin the Age of Internet Presenter: Asif Anwar
  2. 2. Few TermsBrand = The image, the emotional image, the perceived image, identity, entity by others of a person, character, product , service, organization or abstract entitySocial Media = Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter where you can interact with others in a networkSocial Network = The group both casual and professional people you can interact with onlineBlog = Short for “Web Log”, just an online diary that can express any idea that you want to talk about.Authority = The situation where you become the most reliable source for information and deemed the most
  3. 3. Facts of Self Marketing and Personal Branding• The most valuable brand in this world is Apple? No, YOU!• Self Marketing is just like any other product or service marketing, but the product is YOU!• Personal Branding is equally strong as corporate branding• Good will is an asset for a company, likewise good reputation is also an asset for YOUrself!• Internet allows any brand to express their ideas, share their views and philosophies, including YOU!• If companies and brand can grow their reputation through website, so can YOU!
  4. 4. Online Self Marketing and Personal BrandingOn the internet, you can• Express ideas and showcase skills & experience• Share all the above with everyone• Interact with others and maintain 2 way communication• Establish yourself as authority• Measure impression, traffic, and influence
  5. 5. Get Started withOnline Personal Branding
  6. 6. What You Need for a Good Job Application• A compelling CV/Resume• Link to your publications, resources, articles• A website where you can post more information about you, your skill, experience, your achievements, etc.• A professional blog to express your professional views• Social media profiles where you can network with like minded professionals and friends
  7. 7. Analyzing Your Personal Brand• Can you own your actual name? (Asif Anwar)• Is your name very common? (~20 of them by the same name)• Can you add anything to your name? (Asif Anwar SEOExpert)• Is there any nick name you use? (Pathik)• What about a descriptor /pseudonym? (marketguru)• Consider and choose a your brand (SEOExpert)• Create a new term or phrase (SEOple – SEO People)• Is geography a consideration? (SEOExpertBD)
  8. 8. Finalizing Your Personal Brand• Pick a brand name• Google your brand name (Zero Google result is ideal)• Assess your current reputation• Check User Name availability with• Create Social Media account for your personal branding• Create Good Contents and enrich your social media profile• Get URL Vanity URLs for your profiles (e.g. instead of get
  9. 9. Considerations for Online Presence• The link emphasizes your personal brand• The link is short and easy to type• The page is public and easily shareable• The page does not require password or is not invitation only• The page is search engine friendly• You can measure and view traffic• Has the ability to showcase as much contents as you want• You can update contents easily• Has the ability to showcase rich contents• Has networking feature (Friends, Fans, Follower, Subscribers)
  10. 10. Popular Sites for Personal BrandingFor Resume: LinkedIn, BDJobs, VisualCVFor Document and CV Upload: Scribd, Google Docs, DocStocFor Images: Flickr, Picassa, Facebook Page, PhotoBucketFor Video: YouTube, Facebook Page, Vimeo, DailyMotionFor Presentations: SlideShare, Google Docs, AuthorStreamFor Blogging: Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook NoteFor Personal Website:, Google Sites, Yola, WeblyFor Shortening URL:, TinyURL, Goo.glFor Audio files & Podcasting: YouListen, MyPodcast, iTunes Podcast, PodBean, PodOMatic.
  11. 11. Few Tips on Resume Site and Offsite Resume• Pictures are worth thousands of words, use them. Animation, flash, infographics are good way to attract those that leave your site or blog in 5 seconds• To make your site search engine friendly, make as much pages as you can on your various skills or try to place links to your blog in one place• For skills, make a video tutorial of what you know and embed them in your site.• Additionally, you can also put the video thumbnail on your CV with QR Code (Generate from• Use custom Bitly links (e.g. when you refer any link in your Resume
  12. 12. Thanks!