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Keyword Research Introduction at GBG Seminar


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Asif Anwar's presentation on Introduction to Keyword Research -

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Keyword Research Introduction at GBG Seminar

  1. 1. Keyword Research Introduction Presented by: Asif Anwar
  2. 2.  Learning about SEO since the meta age, i.e. 2001  Started Professional SEO in 2003  Started Multilingual SEO in 2005  Started PPC in 2008ASIF ANWAR @SEOExpertBD /asifanwarpathik  Started Social Media Marketing in 2007
  3. 3.  Identify your products and service Identify your brand value Identify your competition Identify your target markets (B2C vs. B2B) Identify you potential products (Verticals) Get your keyword data from: ◦ Google Webmaster Tools ◦ Google Analytics or other Web Analytics Tools ◦ Google AdWords PPC Keywords ◦ You competitors’ keywords
  4. 4.  Product or Service Keywords (MP3 Player) Brand Keywords (Sony MP3 Player) Modifier Keywords (Portable MP3 Player) Entity Keywords (MP3 Player Shop) Geographic Keywords (MP3 Player Shop in Dhaka) Demographic Segmented Keywords (Pink MP3 Player for Women) Call to Action Keywords (Buy MP3 Player) Educational Keywords (How to buy MP3 Player) B2B Keywords (MP3 Player Wholesale)
  5. 5. Pre-words Core-words Post-words Modifier (Portable) • Major Product (Bag) • Entity (Shop) Brand (Gucci) • Major Service • Geographic (Dhaka) Geographic (Dhaka) • B2B Keywords • Demographic (Men’s) Demographic (Men’s) • Call to action (Buy) Call to action (Buy) Educational (How to) • Leather Bag • Ladies Leather Bag • Ladies Leather Bag Shop • Ladies Leather Bag Shop in Dhaka • Gucci Leather Bag Company in Dhaka • Buy Leather Bag in Dhaka
  6. 6. Use or Or use IBP 9.X’s Keyword Combination Generator Tool
  7. 7.  Popular Keywords have high competition (not always) Popular Keywords don’t sell or convert well Popular keywords are very good for reputation and branding Highly competitive keywords are hard to beat Highly competitive keywords are also those keywords that sells, assuming that the industry is mature enough Trying to beat global competition can take you years of efforts Finding the best match for your identity is a good option, even if it is a long keyphrase or belong to long tail keyword category B2B Keywords are the ones that businesses will use, not general public. So, they might be less popular than other similar keywords
  8. 8.  KRA on Search Engine Guide: degeyter/comprehensive-guide-to-keyword-research.php KRA on SEOMoz: BIMPA Group in Facebook: Microsoft Ad Intelligence for MS Excel (Video) business/adcenter-downloads/advertising-intelligence/overview This Slide: Advanced Keyword Research Slide:
  9. 9. Thank You for Your Time