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Corporate Social Media Marketing (SMM) Course Detailed Outline


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Bangladesh Internet Marketing Professionals' Association (BIMPA) is offering Social Media Marketing (SMM) course for Bangladeshi online marketers, corporate employees, consultant, businesses, and entrepreneurs. This presentation is about the detailed outline of the Corporate SMM course. Initially hosted by Creative IT.

The course covers:

Class-1: Introduction to Social Media
- Social Media Marketing Basics
- Social Media Marketing Glossary
- Setting up Social Media Profiles and Pages
- Social Media Marketing Insights
- Defining social media goals and building strategy
- Some SMM Case Studies

Class-2: Social Medial Marketing (SMM) Research
- Understanding EdgeRank
- Measuring Social Media KPIs
- Klout and Social Media Influence
- Facebook Insights & Consumer Research (Analyze and research on your existing audience)
- Social Media Consumer Behavior

Class-3: Content Idea Generation & Development
- Keyword Research for SMM
- Social Media Listening Strategy
- Content Repurposing

Class-4: Social Networking and Target Marketing
- Datamining for Target Market
- Social Media Community Building & Management
- Understanding Graph Search
- B2B Lead Generation in Social Media
- Finding Social Media Influencers
- Using Owned Contacts in Social Media

Class-5: Social Media Advertising
- Social Media Advertising Options
- Determine Social Media Advertising Strategies
- Introducing ad dashboards in Facebook and LinkedIn
- Tips and Tricks in Social Media Advertising
- Social Media Advertising Case Studies

Class 6 & 7: Online Branding with SMM
- Social CRM & Social PR
- Best practices in SMM
- Location Based Branding (Marketing in specific geographic area)
- Personal Branding in Social Media
- B2B Branding with LinkedIn
- Social Media Event Management
- Subliminal Branding in Social Media
- Video Marketing (Gain more views and subscriptions for your videos)

Class-8: Social Media Optimization (SMO)
- Open Graph & Facebook Optimization
- Social Media Optimization or SMO (Optimizing Website for Social Media)
- Integrating Others Channels for Social Media
- Content Marketing Fundamentals
- Viral Content Strategies
- Increase Social Media Engagements
- Increase Audience (Increase Likes, Fans, Followers, Subscribers)
- Social Media Task Scheduling & Automation
- Tools for Monitoring Social Media (Listen & monitor competitive performance)
- Online Reputation Management
- Measuring Performance & KPIs
- Social Media Marketing (SMM) Tools
- SMM Resources and Followup (Ways to get help and learn more about SMM)

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Corporate Social Media Marketing (SMM) Course Detailed Outline

  1. 1. Detailed Course Outline A Holistic Course by BIMPA Corporate Social Media Marketing (SMM) Course for Businesses and Entrepreneurs
  2. 2. Objective of this course • Create sound social media marketers in Bangladesh • Build SMM entrepreneurs, employees, consultants • Promote Growth of Ethical SMM trainers & institutes • Encourage companies to adopt Ethical SMM practices • Inject SMM standards in mainstream marketing agencies • Set standards for other training centers in Bangladesh • Encourage institutions to adopt ethical SMM course • Create preliminary resources for BIMPA • Create the base for video resources, which will be free • Generate some funds for BIMPA
  3. 3. What the course is about… • Ethical SMM and best practices in SMM • Grow owned media, likes, fans, and followers • Social media content idea research & generation • Social media advertising practices (local & western) • Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) • Marketing research-based Datamining • Marketing, industry, competition, behavior research • Social media traffic, actions, and behavior research • B2B and B2C market targeting and lead generation • Marrying SMM with other marketing methods
  4. 4. The course is NOT about… • Fake account creation and fake like generation • Generate spam, fast & unethical results • Engaging in illegal marketing practices • Social media hacking, cracking, and injecting • Heavy programming and coding • Narrow task-based training for freelancing (We’ll provide specific tasks for total marketing solution. You’ll also be able to work as consultant, employee, and serve clients)
  5. 5. About Homework • Each student will be assigned homework after each class for further learning & practicing • We request each student to do their homework at their own responsibility • Due to the span of the course, we might not find much time to evaluate each homework • However, based on class attendance, attention, and homework, at least 1 trainee from the course may be awarded.
  6. 6. Class-1 Introduction to Social Media
  7. 7. Social Media Basics • How can you use social media for marketing • Types of social media: – General social media: Facebook, Google Plus, etc. – Microblogging: Twitter, Tumblr, etc. – Image-based: Pinterest, Instgram, Flickr, etc. – Video-based: Youtube, Flickr, Vimeo, etc. • Organic social media marketing basics • Social media advertising basics • Social media research basics
  8. 8. Social Media Marketing Glossary (Terms and definitions to know before we start) Introducing some keywords before we start, like: • Social CRM • EdgeRank • Social PR • B2C, B2B, G2C, etc. • RSS Feed • QR Codes • Various SMM Tools, and more.
  9. 9. Setting up Profiles and Pages • Branding planning and brainstorming • Brand research & creation (Tool: • Creating Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Plus Page • Profile resources & parameters (e.g. image sizes) • Profile content generation guidelines and tips • Tips for ideal and successful page (Dos & Don’ts) • Preparing and optimizing page for advertisement
  10. 10. Marketing Insights • How marketing is done over social media? • How are companies leveraging social media? • What are the factors to consider for SMM? • Advertising insights • Look at some great infographics
  11. 11. Social Media Goals and Strategies (Defining social media goals and building strategy) • Analyze you product or service • Determine your marketing goals • Plan contents for marketing • Determine target market • Find your target market • Reach your target market • Engage target audience
  12. 12. Some SMM Case Studies (Examples of good and bad marketing) • Nokia C3 Campaign (Story of me and Al-Amin Kabir) • How fake likes ruin your marketing? • How Coco Cola does SMM? • Example of using emotion in SMM • Marketing with characters and persona • Ecommerce site case study • Affiliate Marketing case study
  13. 13. Class-2 SMM Research
  14. 14. Understanding EdgeRank (How does Facebook decide what to show you) • What is EdgeRank? • How to calculate EdgeRank? • How to comply with EdgeRank? • How to increase social media engagement with EdgeRank in mind? • How to research on EdgeRank?
  15. 15. Measuring KPIs (Measuring ROI, satisfaction, & awareness) • Measuring ROI • Measuring customer satisfaction • Measuring consumer awareness • Measuring social media engagement • Measuring social media authority • Measuring your brand value and reputation
  16. 16. Klout and Influence (Measuring influence and finding influencers) • What is Klout Score? • Measuring influence using Klout • Finding influencers in Klout • Engaging influencers • Using Klout for research • Find influencing target audience using Klout • Other methods of measuring influence
  17. 17. FB Insights & Consumer Research (Analyze and research on your existing audience) • Research FB Insights for fan demography • Research FB Insights for post engagements • Research FB Insights for increasing traffic • Research best time for posting • Research FB Insights for post idea
  18. 18. Online Consumer Behavior (Consumer Behavior and Findings) • How people login? • How people spend time? • How people interact? • How people engage? • Why people unlike? • How people recommend? • How people make buying decisions?
  19. 19. Class-3 Content Idea Generation & Development
  20. 20. Keyword Research for SMM (Consumer Behavior and Findings) • Using Google Keyword Planner for SMM • Long-tail Keyword Research for Topic Idea • Keyword-based Social Media Listening – Brand Keywords – Competitive Keywords – Product and Service Keywords – Lead generating keywords
  21. 21. Social Media Listening Strategy (What, Where, When, Who, and How to listen) • News Hunting • What to listen to? • Where are the conversations? • Who are the influencers? • What are they talking about? • What are the sentiments? • How to use Google Alerts for listening? • Personalized Channel Development.
  22. 22. Content Repurposing (Convert resources in other forms for social media) • Why content repurposing? • Various types of social media • Optimizing contents for various media • Leveraging other networks • How to get the same message across different social media.
  23. 23. Class-4 Social Networking and Target Marketing
  24. 24. Datamining for Target Market (Research and mine consumer/client data) • Targeting target market • Finding target market • Email datamining • Social media datamining • B2B Advertisement datamining
  25. 25. Community Building & Management (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter-based Group and Community Development and Management) • Community building basics • Community building tips and tricks • Facebook community building • LinkedIn community building • Twitter community building • Website-based community building
  26. 26. Understanding Graph Search (Using graph search for finding target audience) • Find target audience with graph search • Find competitors with graph search • Find demographics with graph search • Graph search ideas for marketing
  27. 27. B2B Lead Generation in Social Media • B2B Lead hunting • B2B datamining • Landing page optimization • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) • B2B advertising
  28. 28. Finding Social Media Influencers (Using various tools and strategies to find SM influencers) • Find influencers using various tools • Find Facebook influencers • Find Twitter influencers • Find LinkedIn influencers
  29. 29. Using Owned Contacts in Social Media (Use contact list for organic and advertisement) • Processing owned contacts for Social Media • Using owned contacts for Facebook • Using owned contacts for LinkedIn • Using owned contacts for Google Plus • Using owned contacts for Facebook • Using owned contacts for advertisement
  30. 30. Class-5 Social Media Advertising
  31. 31. Advertising Options (Various types of advertising) • Link traffic Ads • Page like Ads • Event Promotion Ads • Post boost ads • Site-specific ads • Remarketing ads • Reremarketing ads • Email-based ads
  32. 32. Determine Advertising Strategies (Which advertising option is best for you) • Determine your business goal • How would you reach your target audience? • B2B or B2C strategy? • ROI-centric or Branding strategy? • Merits and demerits of using own site • Blog engagement strategies with ads
  33. 33. Advertising Dashboards (Introducing ad dashboards in Facebook and LinkedIn) • Introducing Facebook Advertising Dashboard • Introducing LinkedIn Advertising Dashboard • Introducing various ad options • Preparations for social media ad campaigns • Setup social media ad campaigns • Monitoring ad campaigns • Reporting ad campaigns
  34. 34. Tips and Tricks in Advertising • LinkedIn advertising tips & tricks • Facebook advertising tips & tricks • Remarketing tips & tricks • B2B targeting tips & tricks • Using AdWords for social media traffic
  35. 35. Social Media Advertising Case Studies • Cause ad campaigns (e.g. Dove) • Backbiting ad campaigns (e.g. Coke & Pepsi) • Some popular ad campaigns (e.g. Old spice) • Some B2B targeting ad campaigns • Some remarketing ad campaigns
  36. 36. Class- 6 & 7 Online Branding with SMM
  37. 37. Social CRM & PR (Nurturing and Informing Audience at Micro+Macro Level) • What is Social CRM and Social PR? • Social CRM and Social PR Guideline • Best practices in Social CRM and Social PR • Social CRM and Social PR tools
  38. 38. Best practice in SMM (Best practice in social media marketing strategies) • Tips and tricks, • Ethics, • Laws, and • Policies • Profile, Page, or Group? • Best Practices for #Hashtags
  39. 39. Location Based Branding (Marketing in specific geographic area) • Research on local audience • Find target local market • Reach target local market • Engage local audience online • Offline activities for online growth
  40. 40. Personal Branding (Branding yourself as the product) • Getting started with online personal presence • Best social media for personal branding • Finding recommendations for job and business • What to post: Best practice of personal posting • Cool online marketing stuffs you can use in your CV or Resume
  41. 41. B2B Branding with LinkedIn (Day to day branding using LinkedIn as media) • B2B branding basics in LinkedIn (LI) • Best practice of using LI posts • Best practice in community building in LI • Best practice in LI group participation • Best practices in B2B communication
  42. 42. Social Media Event Management • Event management checklist • Organic event marketing • Some tips and tricks for event marketing • Ticket selling through Facebook events • Event advertising
  43. 43. Subliminal Branding (Using others and other media for own personal branding) • Using influencers for branding • Some good subliminal branding cases • Guest SMM posting • And more…
  44. 44. Video Marketing (Gain more views and subscriptions for your videos) • Keyword optimizing video • Elements for engagements in videos • How to engage target audience? • How to increase views? • How to increase subscriptions?
  45. 45. Class-8 Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  46. 46. Open Graph & Facebook Optimization () • Open graph meta tags • Facebook-specific meta tags • Optimizing meta tags • Automating meta tags in CMS • Open Graph best practice and case studies
  47. 47. Optimizing Website for Social Media (Making your website Social Media friendly) • What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)? • Optimizing sites for social engagements • Post and Image Sizes and Measurements and Optimizing Your News Feed • Best onsite practices in growing engagements • Best onsite practices in growing fans.
  48. 48. Integrating Others Channels (Using other channels to grow owned social media) • RSS Feeds and Social Media • Blog Integration • Mobile and Other Device Integration • QR Codes
  49. 49. Class-9 Social Media Engagement
  50. 50. Content Marketing Fundamentals (Ways to tell the story and get the audience engaged) • Content research and planning • Content design and development • Content optimization – For audience – For Social Media – For Search Engines • Content marketing channels • Content marketing tools
  51. 51. Viral Content Strategies (How to make contents spark) • How to make contents viral? • Elements that make content viral • Optimizing contents for making it viral • Emotions that make your content viral • Viral content case studies
  52. 52. Increase Engagements (Increase Likes, Comments, Shares) • Elements that increase engagements • Encouraging FB likes, comments, & shares • Increase Twitter Favorites and Retweets • Get more engagements in LinkedIn • Get more engagements in Google+
  53. 53. Increase Audience (Increase Likes, Fans, Followers, Subcribers) • Increasing Facebook Fans • Ways to increase Twitter followers • Ways to get more connections in LinkedIn • Ways to get more followers in Google+ • Other social media that can help you
  54. 54. Task Scheduling & Automation • Post schedule planning • Post scheduling tools • How to schedule posts at large scale? • Post automation tools • How to automate posts? • How to automate invites using iMacro? • Automation ethics, and more…
  55. 55. Class-10 Social Media Management
  56. 56. Tools for monitoring (Listen & monitor competitive performance) Discuss tool-based methods for: • Social media listening • Monitoring target audience • Monitoring brand conversations • Monitoring competitors • Monitoring product conversations e.g. Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Facebook, Google, etc.
  57. 57. Online Reputation Management (Social media reputation monitoring & management) • Various tools for measuring reputation • Tips and tricks for increasing reputation • Tips and tricks for defending bad reputation • Reputation and Social CRM & Social PR
  58. 58. Measuring Performance & KPIs (Listen & monitor internal performance) • Various tools for measuring performance (KPI) • Various social media analytics • Facebook Insights for internal KPI Reporting • Measuring LinkedIn Page Performance • Measuring Google Plus Performance • Using Google Analytics for Social Media
  59. 59. Social Media Marketing Tools Free Tools • Hootsuite, Tweetdeck • Hubspot • Topsy • Klout • Disqus • BuzzSumo • Tweepi • Various FB Tools Paid Tools • Wildfire • Hootsuite • Sprout Social • Sendible, Buffer • Seesmic App • Moz Social Tools
  60. 60. Resources and Followup (Ways to get help and learn more) • Good ebooks, blogs, and free resource online • Where to discuss and ask questions? • Where and how to learn? • How to stay updated? • How to move on from here?
  61. 61. Thanks Contact is for Enrollment Call: +880 (2) 9611726, Mobile: +880-1193094545, +880-01740747834, +880-1614134424 (Creative IT)