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Corporate Social Media Marketing (SMM) Course Outline by BIMPA and Creative IT


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Creative IT Ltd & Bangladesh Internet Marketing Professional Association (BIMPA) and . is arranging a solution-oriented corporate Social Media Marketing (SMM) course designed specially businesses and entrepreneurs. This course is not task-based freelancer training. If you have your one business and Facebook Page, this course is for you.

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Corporate Social Media Marketing (SMM) Course Outline by BIMPA and Creative IT

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDM MARKETING TRAINING Momtaz Plaza (4th floor), House#7, Road#4, Dhanmondi, Dhaka P 2 +88 02 9611726, M 2 01740747834, 01193094545, 01614134424, 01797162949 E : info@creativeit—inst. com, W : www. creativeit-inst. com
  2. 2. Why Corporate SMM Training? Digital Marketing has proved to be one of the most effective, measureable, and cost efficient method of marketing at present age. All around the globe, many small and large companies are adopting digital marketing as their major means marketing communication and strategies. There are many forms, media, and methods of digital marketing. Among them, most popular forms of digital marketing are: Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), etc. Why Social Media Marketing (SMM) is better than SEO for Bangladesh? According to traffic reports by Alexa, beating Google and Youtube, Facebook tops all the sites as the most visited site from Bangladesh. Even though Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most effective methods of internet marketing in the world, Facebook marketing has proved to be more effective in Bangladesh. Since marketing is about getting the information to your target audience, it is always best to spread information where most of your audiences are. Therefore, Facebook Marketing is one of the most sought methods in Bangladesh. However, for many companies all over the world, social media marketing has proved to be more effective in consumer & B2B sales, marketing and advertising, and customer relationship management. Many small companies have grown their online visibility and reputation all over the world with the fraction of the cost, which SEO could do alone.
  3. 3. How this Corporate SMM Course will help You? This course is specifically designed not only to help you in gaining online visibility for your business, but also to provide various insights into understanding business growth, potentials, business research, as well as harnessing the need of the consumers all over the world, including Bangladesh. And obviously, this course will help you to gain more knowledge and hands on experience on social media marketing through best practices adopted all over the world. Here are the key features of this course: - Learn about various social media - Learn about growing your owned media in forms of likes, fans, and followers - Learn about ethical and best practices of SMM - Learn about the methods of social media content and idea generation - Learn about the methods ofonline branding and reputation management - Learn about social media advertising - Learn about customer relationship management in social media - Learn about researching, finding, and approaching your target market and networking - Learn about integrating social media with other digital marketing methods SMM Practices in Bangladesh Bangladesh has been struck with social media marketing fever for long time. However, in many cases, ethical social media marketing practice is almost not present in many companies. Bangladesh has been in the news for long time as one ofthe most prominent countries for fake accounts in Facebook and social media spamming. And many so-called social media marketing specialist in Bangladesh have been actively involved in unethical practices, which are not ideal method of social media marketing. This course will give you insights and adopting popular, ethical, and best practices to gain more traffic, engagement, sales, growth, as well as reputation for your company. How SMM can help Bangladeshi Businesses to Grow? Social Media has been a great place for promotion, marketing, and advertising for various global companies. In Bangladesh, there are companies whose target markets are both local and global consumers as well as businesses. For both local and global targets and for both individual consumers and businesses, social media is one ofthe greatest places to concentrate. Social media also can help you on researching and understanding the dynamics and key performance indicators for your business. Therefore, social media isjust not a media; it is also a tool for you to understand more about your business.
  4. 4. §IlI. II, I;I§I: . l I 111: ii - S1/Iii‘/ J: - 1 -l l‘j: IIIIH _ The Course's Target Audience This course is specifically designed for businesses and professionals who have good knowledge about Facebook and other social media. This course covers tactics, techniques, strategies, and insights on both global and local market in Bangladesh. This course is also suitable for companies who have both BZC and B2B consumers and/ or clients. Eligibility of the Course These are the criteria you should meet beforejoining this course: - You should have sound knowledge about using Facebook and other social media - You should have good learning skills (e. g. knowing how to use search engines, social media, resources, and tools for learning) - You should have good English communication skills - You should have good quantitative skills and analytical ability for research - You should have good understanding of marketing and your target markets - You should have good knowledge about your company and/ or business - Good educational background is not a major criterion, but you should have sound knowledge in using internet tools for business purposes.
  5. 5. RESOURCE PERSON Asif Anwar Digital Marketing Specialist 0 asifanwarpathik ® asifanwar 0 seoppcsmm
  6. 6. Asif Anwar is a one of the pioneering internet marketing professionals in Bangladesh. He is a Search, Social, & Internet Marketing specialist, who worked with various Fortune 500 as well as SMEs both in Bangladesh and abroad. He has been working on internet marketing since 2003 and actively learning about interne marketing trends from 2001. He is passionate about Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Multilingual Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Pay Per Click (PPC). Contribution A casual guest blogger for Search Engine journal, Social Media Today, and many other renowned global digital marketingjournals. He has been professionally blogging about digital marketing since 2005 and preaching online marketing to students since 2007. Mostly renowned as SEO Trainer and has conducted many SEO training sessions with BASIS. He is also the co—founder of Bangladesh Internet Marketing Professionals’ Association (BIMPA), which is the largest community for internet marketing professionals in Bangladesh. He is also one of the most influential and powerful Social Media Networkers and Marketers from Bangladesh with large number of fans and followers in Facebook, Linkedln, Google Plus, Twitter, and other social media sites. Clients He is a professional Search Engine Marketer for large brands, government, and high PR sites. Also consulting and helping small businesses in USA, UK, Russia, and Other European and Asian countries on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), and Social Media Marketing (SMM). He has actively served companies like: Prothom Alo, Bangladesh Government, Ekhanei. com (previously Cell Bazaar), many US Clients through Blueliner Marketing LLC for SEO and PPC, including Russia Today, CMS Forex, Lufthansa, St. Lucia Government, etc. Career Currently, an independent digital marketing consultant. He has worked as National Consultant (Web Optimization) for various "Digital Bangladesh" and e-Governance projects under Access to Information (A2I) Program of UNDP. He is also the Digital Marketing Strategist for iVive Labs. Previously, he has worked for Blueliner Marketing, one of the prominent US—based Digital Marketing Agencies. He is also the trend-setter of digital marketing for various clipping path and creative graphic design outsourcing companies in Bangladesh. He created the need for digital marketing in various such companies when he was working for Color Experts International. He is a BBA Graduate from Khulna University. Even being a business graduate, he had passion for internet, which was his major motivational factor for choosing internet marketing as profession. He is one of very few known faces in global digital marketing community that represent Bangladesh. During 2007 and 2008, he was one of the runners-up in SEM Contest hosted by Marketing Pilgrim among many other strong internet marketers around the world.
  8. 8. Creative IT Institute Creative IT Institute is serving clients since 2008 and is very well aware of the latest trends and technicalities involved in the SEO process. A professional web design and software development company in Bangladesh providing a range of affordable custom website design, inexpensive e—commerce web site design services to clients across the world. Creative IT Institute is a professional website design and software Development Company among the pioneers in the BANGLADESH transformed as specialized digital interactive organization to offer quality web services to medium and small sized businesses to compete in today's digital world with a good reputation, and open ski| l—set. Our dedicated team of professionals is always ready with new and unique ideas of promoting your business. We regularly deliver creative, effective web designs and solutions that show the qualities, needs, and vision ofour clients. We possess the experience and expertise to help web entrepreneurs reach their customers across the digital space. Our core objective is to help business owners in establishing their online presence without the overbearing challenges posed by technology and the success of our client's online and offline branding, communications and marketing strategy. We believe in minimizing the effort from the client and maximizing the value of services delivered. Ranging from website designing to its optimization, we take care of all. lfyou are planning to launch a website, we can help! Bangladesh Internet Marketing Professionals’ Association (BIMPA) BIMPA is one of the largest communities for Internet Marketers in Bangladesh. It was established as community for Internet Marketers in Bangladesh in 2011. It is a voluntary community dedicated to educating Bangladeshi professionals in internet marketing. The community comprise of the best digital marketers in Bangladesh and abroad, who are engaged in sound digital marketing cultures. It is also one of the digital marketing watchdogs in the country. The community has been voluntarily active in providing tools, resources, and support for corporate employees, web entrepreneurs, online professionals, and freelancers.
  10. 10. CLASS 1 : Introduction to Social Media >What this course is and is not about? >Various Social Media > Setting up social media profiles and pages > Marketing Insights on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube, Piterest, lnstagram > Defining your social media goals and building strategy > Social Media Marketing Glossary (keywords that you should know for further studies) > Case Studies > Resources and Homeworks. CLASS 2 : SMM Research > Understanding EdgeRank > Measuring a campaign's return on investment (ROI), customer satisfaction, and awareness > Klout Scores and Use of Klout for Social Media Research > Facebook Insights and Consumer Research > Consumer Behavior and Findings > Resources and Homeworks CLASS 3 : Content Idea Generation & Development > Keyword Research for SMM > Social Media Listening Strategy - News Hunting - Where are the conversations? - Who are the influencers? - What are they talking about? - What are the sentiments? - Personalized Channel Development. > Using insights to plan content and distribution > Story telling methods > Content Repurposing for social media CLASS 4 : Social Networking and Target Marketing > Datamining for Target Market >Socia| Media Community Building and Management > Understanding Graph Search > B2B Targeting > Lead Hunting in Social Media > Finding Social Media Influencers >Add Owned Contacts in Social Media > Resources and Homeworks.
  11. 11. OUR SERVICES
  12. 12. You can rely on our expertise in designing the full suite of web based services and related consultancy services. Our creative team of Graphic Designing is devoted for designing unique and interactive graphics. We design websites meticulously; making its navigation unproblematic for the visitor. We will help you keep your cash register ringing continuously. - Domain & Hosting - Outsourcing - Website Design & Development - E—commerce - Software Development - Content Management System - Consultancy - IT training - Marketing Solution - Print & Packaging Visit this page to see our portfolio : www. creativeitweb. com/ portfolio. php
  13. 13. CLASS 5 : Social Media Advertising >Types of advertising options > Determine advertising strategies > Introducing Facebook Advertising Dashboard > Introducing Linkedln Advertising Dashboard >Tips and Tricks > Case studies > Resources and Homeworks. CLASS 6 : Online Branding with SMM (Part-1) > Brand Planning for Social Media >Socia| CRM & PR (Public Relations, CRM, Reputation, and Crisis Management) > Best practice in social media marketing strategies - Tips and tricks, - Ethics, - Laws, and - Policies > Profile, Page, or Group? > Location Based Branding > Resources and Homeworks. CLASS 7 : Online Branding with SMM (Part-2) > Personal Branding > B2B Branding with Linkedln >Socia| Media Event Management > Best Practices for #Hashtags >Sub| imina| Branding >Video Marketing CLASS 8 : Social Media Optimization (SMO) >Open Graph Optimization (Facebook Optimization — FBO) > Learn about integrating social media with other digital marketing methods > RSS Feeds and Social Media > Optimizing Website for Social Media > Blog Integration > Post and Image Sizes and Measurements and Optimizing Your News Feed > Mobile and Other Device Integration and QR Codes > Resources and Homeworks.
  14. 14. CLASS 9 : Social Media Engagement > Content Marketing Fundamentals >Viral Contents > Increase Engagement >Task scheduling and automation > Scheduling Posts > Post Automation >Tips and Tricks for Increasing Likes > Best practices on social media conversation > Resources and Homeworks. CLASS 10 : Social Media Management > Tools for monitoring — free and paid > Measuring performance > Online Reputation Monitoring and Management > Social Media Marketing Tools > Resources and Followup. Disclaimer: The course modules may added, subtracted and/ or modified based on businesses and class.
  15. 15. ELECTION COMMISSION SECRETARIAT Islamic Foundation Bhaban, Agargaon, Dhaka Phone 2 8153005 BUREAU OF NON FORMAL EDUCATION Kodomtoly, Gutitikor (Patanpara) DEPARTMENT OF PRISON (BANGLADESH CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES CORPORATION) prison Directorate, Dhaka_ BCIC Bhaban, 30-31, Dilkusha C/ A, Dhaka-1000 Phone: 7300466 APEX GROUP H & M House # 6, Road #137, Block # D House CWN (A) 35, Road # 43, Gulshan 2, Dhaka Phone 2 +8802882030O Phone +88-028829416, 8810871, 8817771 AOR COMMUNICATION & ENTERTAINMENT SIKDER HAJ GROUP House # 83, Road # 17, Sector # 11 House: 02, Road# 28, 5th floor Uttara, Dhaka Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1. ”/ .4. I. I-If-‘. iII1C Consortium ( PVT. ) LTD. LION AUTOMOBILE KALHAMS CONSORTIUM 126-131 Monipuripara, Tejgaon, Dhaka V2 Noorjahan Road, Mohammadpur Phone 2 8129342 Dhaka -1207, Bangladesh. Phone:8110920
  16. 16. ‘“EiEi: =:"'. —1 I in. -I. -1] IT TRAININO
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