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Some Q&A on which I worked on recently ... to support online visibility.

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I want to be visible

  1. 1. ”I want to be visible”Some Q & A I recently worked on …
  2. 2. “I want to be visible”Some Q & A I recently worked on …The online company XYZis introducing an entirely new producttype called Widgets to their portfolio through the acquisition of aspecialist company called ABC. Whilst the company has not soldthese specific products before, they do compliment the otheritems the company currently sells. Given your experience and thescope of the role for which you are applying, what advice wouldyou give to the Marketing team for the launch of this range?From the task given it is not clear whether or not XYZ aims to go for a rebrandingor ABC will keep going on its own.Acquisition certainly offers great space in regards of a rebranding, and for thesake of this exercise I assume ABC will sooner or later cease to exist, requiringboth the IT team and the SEO / PPC intern to go through a set of migrationstrategies.With such an operation, it is a good time also to assess whether or not someproducts should be dismissed, or eventually continue to live beneath the originalbrand, hence the first step is determining the extent of the rebrand, which willtypically be determined by the reason for wanting to change market perception.However, it must be taken in consideration that there could be losses of theinternet market share if the rebranding carries on, negatively affecting the ROI.Web site changes and SEO implicationsBecause of the rebranding, integrating the two web sites offering is a crucialaspect.None of the traffic previously gained by ABC should be lost. The existing XYZ(called A from now onward) should host a number of brand new pages equal tothe product offering of ABC (called B from now onward).During such an operation, the previous pages on B should be 301 redirected tothe brand new pages on A. This will ensure both the customer journey continuityas well as the greatest part of the previous web site authority to be transferredtoward the new pages.Pagina2
  3. 3. “I want to be visible”Some Q & A I recently worked on …It is highly recommended to keep the old web site live for a period of at least 1year. Considering the cost of the hosting packages, a longer period may beadvisable too.Both the old and the new web sites should ensure:- A decent navigational structure so to allow the new pages to be easily reachablefrom both the users and the search engines;- Content copywriting on both sites to be up to date making users clear theproducts are now traded underneath a new brand;The marketing team should endeavour for supporting the SEO team generatingfresh content to be used for the link building in the various form.PPC ImplicationsFor this specific part, I also assume the acquisition has given company A thepossibility to get access to the existing PPC account with the full history.Although similar to a site redesign, rebranding an entire site requires changingthe PPC process in some key areas. There are plenty of issues that could come updepending on the site or the brand’s situation; however, the following key pointsshould help through a rebranding situation.Using the new or the old account?Because during the initial period both the brands will continue to exist, assumingthe AdWords quality score is looking healthy then the old accounts can be usedfor transition everything over as the new pages on the site goes live.Timeline considerationsAs the old account will be shut down at a certain point, the structure needs to bereplicated over a new profile. This unlikely means being able to use exactly thesame configuration in place. It is important ensuring an adequate amount of timefor this operation.Pagina3
  4. 4. “I want to be visible”Some Q & A I recently worked on …Bid on the old brandIt is fundamental keep the old account going bidding on the legacy brand’sbranded keywords orienting the existing audience to the new brand with specificPPC ad (e.g. Looking for X. This has now become Y).This can ensure people making the connection between the two brand identitiesand this tactic can be particularly helpful if the legacy site or sites have beenredirected to the new brand’s website.New AdsAlthough the products are the same, and the old brand and the new brandmessages may coincide, it is worth investigating new marketing messages thatmay help convert better.Bidding strategiesBy changing the URLs but also the account, the campaign will get a new qualityscore. For this reason it will almost impossible maintain the same bidding level.Higher bids are then expected on the majority of the keywords just to achieve asimilar position / conversion to what the old legacy brand was achieving.Again the marketing team should work jointly with the SEO & PPC strategistproviding in advance an estimated timeline for all the products launch as well asan indicative snippet for the PPC ads.A strong cooperation can only ensure the maximum performances from all thecampaigns.Pagina4
  5. 5. “I want to be visible”Some Q & A I recently worked on …Whilst running a regular report for a blog section ofXYZ.coms website, you notice the blog post pages are nolonger appearing in the top 50 results on Google forkeywords featured in the page titles (until recently, theywere ranking on the first page of SERPs). Explain what youwould do to investigate this change?As the full URL of the blog has not been revealed, I assume it is running on adomain name like blog.XYZ.com hence as a separate site.In order to proceed with such an investigation, it is important to ascertainwhether the loss of rank affects the blog as a whole or just a limited number ofpages. Therefore the first step is querying search engines to ascertain if domainis still indexed.Visibility problems may sometimes affect those web site managed by multipledepartments (or companies) due to the publication of pages or configuration filesnot yet finalized that end precluding the visibility or contribute to the de-indexation of the site.Assuming the site is still indexed, a penalisation is in progress, which nature(manual or algorithmic) needs to be ascertained.The two major SEs Webmaster Tool consoles offer a great value of free but site-specific information revealed in accordance of the most recent algorithm updates.Although the consolesdon’t provide constantly up to date information, whenever amanual penalisation is on-going, Google is keen to send a message informingsomething is potentially wrong.If no messages are available in the console, everything leads to a sitealgorithmically penalised (loss of ranking) and reasons may span in differentareas.Pagina5
  6. 6. “I want to be visible”Some Q & A I recently worked on …A checklist to start the investigation is: - The most recent changes made on the site; a layout change made SEs bot to entirely re-crawl the site, hence the pages are no longer appearing as a result of temporary actions; it is always cautious to analyse the trend for a week or two; - Whether or not the site is participating in unnatural link building programs or perhaps an heavy link building strategy that featured always the same anchor text; the most recent Penguin update is limiting the value of link resources whilst penalising artificial network regardless the time they have created (some sites have been affected for links generated over 6 years ago); - Content on site is not original and useful for the users (e.g. spinned content); the most recent Panda update is now heavily penalising duplicate content; - The web site is over optimized or uses techniques that deliberately violates the webmaster guidelines (e.g. keyword stuffing); - The site has technical issues not properly addressed (e.g. canonicalization issues, trailing slash, etc.)Another important aspect is the content copywriting strategy adopted. More thanoften, company’s blog is thought as a tool to support the brand, hence limitedSEO activities are conducted to support the blog optimization. If this is the case,in the light of the most recent Google algorithm changes, this shouldn’t come as asurprise at all.Always referring to the blog content copywriting, the limited keywords selectioncan be found; more than often, very generic keywords are used in the aim toboost the ranking performances. Not only this is no longer the case, but it is nowalso considered a spam technique, which has contributed only to narrow theranking probabilities over time.As market landscape changes constantly, the above factor if combined with thecompetition aspect, have certainly had the dramatic results noticed in the rankingreport.Pagina6