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Web design- services


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SEO can help to expand your business. SEO Corporation Pvt Limited is a firm that can provide whole range of internet and digital marketing services to your firm. We are the best seo company in India.

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Web design- services

  1. 1. Top 10 reasons, You Should Choose Us for Your Web Design Need  a) Track record: We have worked with companies like SONY, ESPN and Walmart. We have been acting as the backend team of some of the largest web design agencies in world. In the last few years, we have produced more than 500 web designs and more than 800 logos. Check out Our Happy Clients here and our Web design portfolio here. Or contact us via email or Skype ( Skype handle: seo.corporation ).  b) Availability: We are available 24/7 to discuss to understand your requirement and create a custom strategy for you. You just need to mail, call or Skype us. Our Toll free number is 1-85-5801-9191 (Toll Free US/Canada) and +91 7503341387. You can mail us at, most of the times, we respond your email within an hour.  c) Team: Our team rocks! Most of the guys and gals in our web design team are between the age of 25 to 40. Being young they are creative and full of passion. Designing and programming is their passion that is why most of our designs are finalized by clients in first mail! As a web agency this make us proud coz most of the Web DesignCompanies take months to deliver a final design. Meet our team yourself, here.  d) Age of agency: We are almost a decade old company with very big clients. The team leader of our web design team has 14 years of web design experience.  e) Our staff are approachable and professional.  f) Capabilities: Our web design team is expert in writing clean and custom code for you. We keep a track of recent web design trends and produce responsive and search engine friendly websites. We can develop website in HTML, PHP, .NET, Wordpress and Java. We specialize in responsive web design.
  2. 2.  g) We don't outsource.  h) SEO friendly websites: You can have a great website but It does not mean that is search engine friendly. You need a SEO friendly site rank well on search engines. We are expert at it.  i) Best coding Standards: We follow the best coding standards. We ensure that sites are DDA compliant and built to W3C guidelines, meaning your site will be accessible to all. Web DesignServices The era of internet technology has made almost every business to perform at the online platform and own a website. When it comes to a website design, it comprehends not just the manner it appears, but also the method it operates. At SEO Corporation, we introduce effective designs and easy to navigate websites. We are a Web Design Company and offer the industry best web design solutions, where our expert team creates unique and original design templates. We employ well-qualified and talented professionals, who make it easy for you by working 24*7 on a package-centric approach. No matter, whether you are a small or a startup company. Our professional web designers holding a great experience of over 6 years are able to render an easy and inexpensive way that give you the best business deals to promote your products and services. To make you sure the easy right of entry producing viewers’ attention and interest towards your site we contrivance excellent HTML coding standard. Apart from designing we also customize your website with laid-back programming, appropriate images, and value content for making it Search Engine Optimized. For your complete Static Website Designing requirement we provide one stop shop services. Our Website Design Services are consisted of the following: Static Website Design With the advent of numerous online businesses, Static Web Design has become an appropriate method to display your products and services or any other info on the web.SEO Corporation as a professional Static Web Design India Service provider offers par quality Web Design Services including Outsource Web Design, Offshore Web Design, Custom Web Design, E-Commerce
  3. 3. Web Design, PHP Web Development, ASP Web Development, and many more. Furthermore, we also hold expertise in providing solutions for Static Web Designing services. Static Web Design: An Essence for Many Online Businesses When it comes to Static Web Design, it is perfect for websites that call for static content to be presented. It can be in the arrangement of regular information about an individual or a firm’s statistics or the products/services. The reliability united with the obligation of less scripting and HTML coding makes the Static Websites extremely required for exhibiting precise information over a period of time. Static Website Design Advantages @ SEO Corporation Due to the utter hard work & commitment of our professional Static Website Designers, we have been an ability to create a large client base that hinge on us for their Static Web Design requirements. Our Static Web Designadvantages include:  Easy to build  Stress-free navigation and browser compatibility  Intelligible interface  Extraordinary quality images  Alterations can be done in the design out line, when requisite  Fast downloading of brochures or pictures Why only us for Static Web DesignServices? At SEO Corporation, we using a perfect blend of deep knowledge and technical expertise create Static Websites that are sure to meet your expectations. Undoubtedly, our services aim to boost the growth of your business. We are highly demanded by many online businesses as we:  Use of hottest methods to make sole Static Website Design  Smart layouts  Unite the advanced flash effects  Employ the expert writers, who write the content that immensely attract the pertinent audience  Produce original and groundbreaking presentation  Do particular promotion on web  Provide website creation and renewal services at affordable prices  Create multiple POP email accounts Dynamic Website Design We are specialized in creating all sorts of Dynamic Websites, and while creating these websites we keep in mind our customer’s specific needs. With a stimulating and extremely expert web
  4. 4. design set up of dedicated & experienced web designer team, we have intended websites for Indian and offshore companies as well. Likewise, we offer dynamic website design solutions that completely fit in our client’s expectations. Features of our Dynamic Website Design services  Prime domain name as per your choice (.com, .net, .in,, .org etc.)  Free web space & hosting at no cost  Tailored designs with dynamic flash website  Web promotion in chief searches such as Google, Yahoo & others  Free web directory submission  Accessible control panel to make all types of changes or additions  Boundless products/services images and information on the display  Inquiry basket  Expert content writing & keyword coverage In order to generate good amount of business inquiries, we promote your website on all major search engines and directories such as Google, Yahoo, etc. In addition to this, we also offer a comprehensive array of services of dynamic web development concerning to your web existence, from conceptualization to uploading of your website leading you to the terminus. Flash Web Design There are various ranges of flash animations that precise from application to application. As flash web pages are appealingly sophisticated, energetic, and leading-edge in terms of design, we render industry best flash web designing services that suits limited budget. Our experts are capable to create flash websites that feature to an assortment of high end, multimedia, completely customized flash templates. Our Flash Web DesignServices are all about adaptable and standard method of adding action to your website that create just not only crate professionalism, but also add high tech and fun touch to make a good impression on your website visitors. We empower you with our specialized flash web designing talents and program design proficiency to make you focus on core functioning of your business. Our flash web design development services are room to:  Ritual flash web design and development  Energetic flash content  Flash energetic introduction  Corresponding HTML pages for any flash site  Dynamic flash picture gallery  Structuring brand pictures Template BasedDesign SEO Corporation is the foremost web development company that provides the thousands of proficient template, which are actually off the peg designs. Template based designs allow one to
  5. 5. jump start the design procedure and speedily move on to content building, while letting the designer to save a lot of time in website building process. We offer template based website design services that you can afford very easily. What features template website incorporate?  Much more efficient website  Easy to bring up to date  Much at ease to keep a website lively  Decent in side linking and pertinent crosses linking  Comprehensible Control Panel to make all types of changes  Easily managed by the non-technical users Our template based website designs have capability to reflect your identity creatively! Website Redesigning Get Website designing with great eminence design & development to best compliment your business plan and profile! A value-addition online manifestation of your company can assist you building a brand image and develop top position on the foremost search engines. We at SEO Corporation offer best and professional Website Redesigning & Web Re-Development services. Apart from dealing with the clients in India; we also offer website maintenance services & website repair services in the international market. We let you switch your outdated website with a touch of sparkle and appeal and provide web re- design solutions to make you get a new brand identity. Furthermore, we provide a comprehensive makeover of the present website along with significant addition in terms of appearance& feel, content, navigation, vibrant functionality, and so on.  Make your current website to get a brand new look  Manage your website enhanced with ample CMS  Make your website communicating and accessible  Upgrade your current website to cutting-edge web tools E-commerce Website Design When it comes to E-commerce Website Design, it simplifies the whole online business procedure significantly and empowers the users to conduct online business in an organized way. In the present day, ecommerce website design is linked with accruing substantial business returns in a stress-free and modest way. At SEO Corporation, we offer effective and reasonable ecommerce web development services and our experts to give a shape to a web entity use numbers of complex tools like CSS, HTML, Photoshop, Flash, and many more.
  6. 6. In order to pledge better projections for advanced business incomes, we offer extremely remarkable ecommerce web design solutions to our well-regarded clients. Apart from the ecommerce website design and ecommerce web development services; we also offer services such as web hosting, domain names, website & e-mail address registration services. Our reasonable hosing services make us the best place to host your business or personal website. On the other hand our dependable ad-supported web space services are supreme for the first-time web masters. Our E-commerce Website DesignFeatures  Store Amalgamation  Website Analytics  One-on-one consultation with the expert designer  Unique design mock-ups  24*7 live customer care  Flash animations possible Customized website design With our customized website design services you can get the website as per your specifications. Being with us you can have as much or as little effort into the design as you want. Unlimited amount of pages can include text, images, music, guest books, polls, PDF documents, contact & search forms, password protected log in areas, website visitor statistics and many more. We use the hottest web expertise and design tools like Flash to crate skilled & collaborating websites that make the targeted audience say wow! We offer best quality customized web designing services at reasonable prices on-shore and across the boundary as well. We have faith in giving our clients the liberty to tailor their websites in their own way. Go with our customized websites that:  Manage content and are user friendly  Enhance your corporate image  Render inclusive business amalgamation  Agree to required involvement of net user  Flexible specialized services that depend on your chucks Are you are a small business but don't have your own corporate identity? If yes, then we can come up with the ideas such as your own logo that can immensely help you to improve your brand image. Last but not the least we can empower your business via our Linux& hosting plans. Contact us today to get more information about our various effective website design services.