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Why your site needs an email newsletter. Right now.


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In this SEO Copywriting Checklist presentation, I talk about why it is so important for small business owners - and even medium- to large-sized businesses - to have an email newsletter.

An RSS feed to your blog isn't enough, in and of itself. Find out why it's well worth your while to go the extra distance and publish a newsletter as well as your blog content in terms of web traffic, reader connection, and more!

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Why your site needs an email newsletter. Right now.

  1. 1. Why your site needs an emailnewsletter. Right now.Presented by: Heather Lloyd-Martin, CEO, SuccessWorksSEO CopywritingSEO COPYWRITING CHECKLIST
  2. 2. THINK A RSS FEED IS ALL YOU NEED? THINK AGAIN.- Many people don’t knowwhat RSS is or how itworks.- Weekly (or monthly)newsletters provide quitea few benefits - and aredefinately worth the timeand effort.
  3. 3. EMAIL NEWSLETTERS HAVE SOME GREATADVANTAGES- They can drive traffic toyour site and increasesocial shares.- They provide you anopportunity to “connect”with your readers.- They are a great way tobuild a loyal following.- Newsletters help yousell more stuff.
  4. 4. NEED HELP? LET ME KNOW!• SEO Copywriting Certificationtraining• SEO content writing services• Customized SEO content training• Content site reviews• Free daily/weekly