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"Bad" SEO content, good Google rankings: Now what?


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In today's presentation, I address a question that I get a lot, which is: should I rewrite "bad" SEO content that has good Google rankings?

This is an excellent question, because a lot of folks have web pages of so-so quality that still perform well in terms of rankings. So what to do? I share some strategies for increasing the quality of your SEO content and improving conversions here.

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"Bad" SEO content, good Google rankings: Now what?

  1. 1. Should I rewrite “bad” pages with goodGoogle rankings?Presented by: Heather Lloyd-Martin, CEO, SuccessWorksSEO CopywritingSEO CONTENT WRITING TIPS
  2. 2. ARE YOU AFRAID TO FIX YOUR SEO CONTENT?- The SEO copy may be“borderline spammy.”- Your content may nothave the right tone andfeel.- Conversions may be lowand bounce rates may behigh.
  3. 3. IT’S TIME TO TAKE THE PLUNGE- Too keyphrase stuffed?Rewrite it. You may beable to use the same # ofkeyphrases.- Determine how to bestrewrite the content(changing format, toneand feel, call to action.)- Upload the content andmonitorrankings/conversions.
  4. 4. NEED HELP? LET ME KNOW!• SEO Copywriting Certification training• SEO content writing services• Customized SEO content training• Content site reviews• Free daily/weekly