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How to write a killer product page


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Product pages are “money pages,” and if you own an ecommerce company, your product pages present a spectacular opportunity to improve your conversion rates.

You have a fantastic chance to first, improve the overall copywriting itself and second, improve your search engine optimization. So let’s look at what is great, and what isn’t so hot:

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How to write a killer product page

  1. 1. SEO Copywriting Tips How to write a killer product page Presented By: Heather Lloyd-Martin CEO, SuccessWorks
  2. 2. Well-written product pages drive revenue
  3. 3. #1 Goal?
  4. 4. What’s good...what’s not so hot. Yes, do this! What to avoid Product-specific benefit statements. Feature-oriented content. Product-specific keyphrases (SKUs, product name, category name.) General keyphrases (or no keyphrases at all!) Original content written with your customer persona in mind. Directly uploading the catalog/manufacturer copy. Clear call to action. Long, scrolling content where the “buy now” button is buried. Highlighting overarching company benefits (free shipping, discounts.) Hiding your benefits in the copy (or not mentioning then at all.) Fantastic, benefit-oriented Title. So-so Title filled with product-based keywords. Naming products with keyphrase research in mind. Cool-sounding product names that aren’t intuitively “searchable.”
  5. 5. Brookstone product page
  6. 6. What info should you have on your services pages...? Stay tuned for next week’s video!
  7. 7. Thank you! Have additional SEO copywriting or content marketing questions? Does your company need training?
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  9. 9. SEO copywriting training, consulting and services Heather Lloyd-Martin [email_address] Twitter: @heatherlloyd