The Perfect SEM Plan - Organic Search Marketing


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There are so many rumors in the search engine marketing industry on what works and what doesn't work. We thought we would bypass those rumors and take you behind the scenes on how teams here at run their marketing strategies for clients.

This power point displays some of the insights behind a model for the perfect SEO campaign. SEO is a marathon and for years the industry has looked like a childs soccer game. Take a look at this powerpoint put together by Jonathan Goudy, an online marketing manager here @ If you have any questions, feel free to comment or tweet! Enjoy!

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The Perfect SEM Plan - Organic Search Marketing

  1. 1. The Model for the Perfect Organic Search Engine Marketing Campaign
  2. 2. SEO is not Dead • The old style of SEO is dead • SEO is no longer a childs soccer game, you can no longer run to the next best link building tactic. • SEO requires real marketing and branding. • Content marketing is the foundation of new SEO. • SEO should be a focus in a competitive marketing plan.
  3. 3. The 4 Point Model of the Perfect SEO Campaign • • • • High Sustainable Link Building On-Page Optimization Strategic Content Marketing Social Media Development
  4. 4. High Sustainable Link Building • Focus on developing relationships with websites that offer value to the web • Involves human to human outreach through social or email channels • If you can manually build the link it’s a waste of time and money • Link earning through valuable content is the most ideal way of link building
  5. 5. High Sustainable Link Building (Cont.) • Stay away from forums, directories, any paid links, article submission sites, blog commenting, and low quality guest blog opportunities. • Focus on resource link building, make pages on your site a valuable resource for others to link too. • Offer Value with your link building.
  6. 6. Social Media Development • Build the brand through social media. • Push and promote your sites content through social media channels. • Establish and develop relationships through social media. • Don’t focus on conversions with social media. Focus on building the brand name and the content behind the brand.
  7. 7. Google Plus Cont. • +(the profile name) Then type the message. • Personal profile – Must be professional and establish trust. • No fake profile – People catch them. • Leave contact info • Make sure they’re active on Google plus, if not they will not see it.
  8. 8. Twitter Outreach • • • • • Private messages get missed Tweets will work Build a relationship first to build trust Be respectful and don’t spam Make the tweet personal, not copied and pasted
  9. 9. Email • Not the most effective because of spam boxes • Bccing multiple people all at once is spammy and webmasters catch it. • Be friendly, professional and tailor your message specifically to their website. • Be short, longer messages don’t get read, people don’t have time, short and to the point!
  10. 10. Strategic Content Development Brainstorm Creation Placement Promotion Relationship Management Repurposing
  11. 11. On-Page Optimization • Always refresh content, unless it’s performing well. • Microdata – adopt it, it offers more clarity • HTML Improvements – Listen to what Google and Bing tell you in your webmaster tools under the html improvements tab. • Site speed – It helps • Make your page the best it can be.
  12. 12. Key Points to Remember • • • • • • Hello real marketing for SEO Goodbye to link schemes, they just don’t work Offer Value through your content Promote your content through social media High sustainable link building works On-Page will always be important
  13. 13. The END! Good Luck! And be sure to visit if you have anymore questions!