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You know you're supposed to create content because it reinforces your expertise, impacts search engine optimization and provides value to your clients. But, how do you find time to treat the "king" with the reverence he deserves?

Sarah Evans (@PRsarahevans), open social collaboration platform, Tracky's chief evangelist and owner of Sevans Strategy will share her top secrets for creating a content marketing plan. From editorial calendars to collaborative blog posts, you'll learn six not-so-secret, secrets for success.

This webiunar was recorded live on May 2, 2013

Here is a sample of what we discussed:

- Editorial calendar for your website, blog, and social networks
- Keyword list creation
- Content creation for your website, blog, and social networks
- Editing and review of content
- Delegation of tasks to socially promote each piece of content
- and more

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  1. 1. Webinar Will Begin at 1PM EST / 11AM MST
  4. 4. JOIN THECONVERSATION• Tweet Questions to @SEOCOM• Use #SEOWebinar Hashtag• Or Use The Webinar Q&A
  6. 6. SARAH EVANSChief Evangelist, TrackySPECIAL GUEST PRESENTER@PRSarahEvanswww.tracky.comsarah@tracky.com224.789.8314
  7. 7.  Plan Research Create Share Respond Monitor IterateFor a list of all resources mentioned today, visit:
  8. 8. 6 Forms Of Online EngagementPhoto credit: your communication matrix for each scenario!1. Proactive on your site(I’m here to tell you something)2. Reactive on your site(I’m responding to something you posted)3. Proactive on their site4. Reactive on their site5. Proactive on social networks6. Reactive on social networks
  9. 9. First, let’s acknowledgeTHIS isn’t working.
  10. 10. The platform youuse matters.
  11. 11. It doesn’t matter if you’re asingle author blog, or managingmultiple contributors, use asocial collaboration platform.
  12. 12. Plana.k.a. NO spreadsheet movement• Establish roles(content producer, editor)• Monthly, weekly, daily• Deadlines• Promotional toolkit• Keywords• Timing(relevance and share)• MonitorPhoto Credit: @PRsarahevans, in track:
  13. 13. Research• International & national headlines, localize story• Holidays, observances• Customer or brand lifecycle• Conferences, media events• Google trends• Company milestones, human interest stories• Add top newsrooms to your phone• Utilize ifttt• Top social network trending topics• Twitter lists of top tier media• Mobile notifications• Tweetdeck or Hootsuite columns
  14. 14. CreateIt’s “National I <3 Being An Entrepreneur Week”• Monday: “15 reasons why you lovebeing entrepreneurs #new”• Interviews from people in your industry• Tweetable sound bites with link back to the article (tweet this)• Email post to all participants in advance• Tuesday: Guest post from an employee(human interest story)• Wednesday: How your companyhelps entrepreneurs• Thursday: Pin-worthy images• Friday: INFOGRAPHICPhoto credit:
  15. 15. Shared Calendar
  16. 16. SharePhoto credit:Define & execute the best sharingtactics for your industry.Stellar sharing tactics = bettersearch and social visibility.
  17. 17. Example Social Promotion Tactic List(text, visual, audio)Everything you do should drive and support your brand, traffic and keywords.• 70-characters (or less) sociallyshareable sound bite• Personal• Corporate• Social visual post• E-newsletter• Hashtag(s)• Q&A (Quora, Linkedin)• Niche sites and networks• Private sites and networks
  18. 18. Local Crisis Center Needs Diapers
  19. 19. K.I.S.S.For a list of all resources mentioned todayvisit:• Identify your “key times”(Tweriod)• Schedule posts to go out at timesyou’re most likely to reach yourcommunity(Buffer)• Automate your sharing(• Reminders to share evergreencontent every few weeks or months.
  20. 20. SARAH EVANSChief Evangelist, TrackyTHANK YOU@PRSarahEvanswww.tracky.comsarah@tracky.com224.789.8314
  21. 21. QUESTIONS?Here’s a list of 120+ PR resources: For a list of all resources mentioned today,visit:
  22. 22. OUR NEXT WEBINARThe Content Marketing Diet:Cooking up the Perfect Strategyw/ Paul Sanders, Content Strategist, SEO.comMark Your CalendarsMay 30th, 20131PM ESTRegistration Coming Soon• How to select content types for your budget and talent resources.• Identifying the right target audience.• Cultivating the talent for your content marketing machine.Stay Up To Date:
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