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SEO Tips For 2013


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SEO Tips for 2013 - Read the full post here:

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SEO Tips For 2013

  1. 1. You can create andjoin communitiesbased on commoninterests.Find a niche relatedto your industry, andbuild a community offollowers.Could be some futurelink opportunitieshere!
  2. 2. Search engines reward quality content. What is quality content measured by? Users engaging with brand on social media, and engaging with content through social widgets.Data from Searchmetrics
  3. 3. AuthorRankmeasures thereputation andauthority of contentacross the web.Authors now havethe opportunity tobuild up theircredibility, andultimately theirAuthorRank, bypublishing highquality content. Graphic from Mike Arnesen
  4. 4. Have unnatural links?Google now offers a‘disavow links’ tool inWebmaster Tools.
  5. 5. Mobile search isgaining momentum.A study fromBusiness Insiderindicates there were835-million smartphone users in 2011,and global Internetusage is expected todouble by the year2015.
  6. 6. Facebook’s‘EdgeRank’algorithm ischanging, andbrands willneed pay topromote theirposts.
  7. 7. Don’t just build linksto your targetedpages.Traffic-drivingapproaches shouldbe implemented topages across thewebsite.
  8. 8. Localbusinessesneed to havea localpresence, asmorecustomers aresearching viamobiledevices.Create andoptimize localprofiles toincreasevisibility.
  9. 9. Anchor text is giving wayto other ranking signals,and one that isbecoming important is‘co-occurrence’.Read more about this at
  10. 10. Personamodeling,creating andnuturingrelationshipsandexceptionalcontent helpdrive naturallinks andtraffic overtime.
  11. 11. Stretch your content across multiple platforms by re-purposing it. You can turn an image info-graphic into a video info-graphic.Video info-graphic by Rufus Blacklock