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SEO Agency providing Digital Marketing including Social Media Optimisation, Pay Per Click Advertising, Copy writing, and Managed Link Building. View an example of one of our SEO audits.

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SEO Agency

  1. 1. Website<br />1<br />
  2. 2. Audit will cover...<br />Domain Structure - “Blackberry’s Subdomains”<br />Keyword Analysis - “How does it rank and for what search terms”<br />Competitive Analysis - “Always look in front as well as behind you”<br />Off Page Link Analysis - “How popular are we?”<br />On Page Site Architecture – “Nuts & Bolts ”<br />Recommendations – “Steps for Improvement” <br />Future Changes in Search (Tactical or Strategic) – “Be Prepared”<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Domain Structure<br /><ul><li> many sub domains
  4. 4. .com domain is 12 years old.
  5. 5. .na domain is just over 2 years old.
  6. 6. .eu domain is just over 1 year old.</li></ul>Top Level Domain<br />“accessories”<br />Sub -domains<br />-- &gt;<br />3<br />
  7. 7. Recent Statistics<br />* Extracted using Google Insight Tool <br />4<br />
  8. 8. Search Engine Keyword Performance/Rankings<br />5<br />
  9. 9. Search Engine Keyword Performance/Rankings<br />Search Term “Blackberry”<br />7/8th Position<br />6<br />
  10. 10. Organic Keyword Performance/Rankings<br />7<br />
  11. 11. Organic Keyword Performance/Rankings<br />Date: 15th Mar 2009<br />8<br />
  12. 12. Approach: High keyword rankings.<br />2.<br />Social Media (Share Content & Opinions)<br />Promote Site<br />1.<br />3.<br />Good Internal Linking<br />9<br />
  13. 13. Organic Keyword Performance/Rankings<br />10<br />
  14. 14. Competitive Analysis & Comparison<br />11<br />
  15. 15. Competitive Analysis & Comparison<br />Title Tag: BlackBerry Storm - Blackberry Storm - Blackberry Touch Screen - 9500, 9500<br />No breadcrumb path – improve navigation and internal linkage: link back from lower pages back to category pages with correct anchor text<br />Title Tag: BlackBerry Storm – Blackberry Smartphone 9500 Multimedia Features<br />Desc Tag: The BlackBerry Storm 9500 smartphone with a touch screen and cutting-edge multimedia capabilities has the performance for all your requirements.<br />H2 – no keywords<br />no keywords in Bold or H3/H4<br />Image alt tags missing<br />Change anchor text on hyper link<br />9500 not mentioned on page<br />12<br />
  16. 16. Competitive Analysis & Comparison<br />13<br />
  17. 17. Competitive Analysis & Comparison<br />Good use of keywords in H1 & H2 Headers<br />Rich Keyword Content<br />Social bookmarking links<br />More relevant text and higher word density<br />14<br />
  18. 18. Competitive Analysis & Comparison<br />search = “blackberry storm”<br />Title:<br />The Title meta tag contains 56 characters with no errors. The Title relevancy to page content is 100%, which is perfect.<br />Description:<br />Warning: The Description relevancy to page content is 80% which is ok.<br />Keywords:<br />The Keywords meta tag contains 8 keywords and 104 characters with no errors. The keywords relevancy to page content is 88%, which is very good.<br />15<br />
  19. 19. 16<br />Off Page Optimisation<br />
  20. 20. Competitive Analysis & Comparison<br />Off Page Optimisation<br />What makes a Good Link?<br /> - A link from a page with lots of relevant content to the linked to page (eg. Blackberry Storm Page)<br /> - A link from a page that does not have many other outbound links from it.<br /> - A link from a page that has a high PR value (PR 6/7 eg. or edu sites)<br /> - A link from an article with lots of relevant content<br /> - A social bookmarking link (eg. from delicious or newsvine)<br /> - Where the hyper linked text from the page you are linking from is using the relevant keywords you want to rank for. (eg. “Blackberry storm”)<br />17<br />
  21. 21. Competitive Analysis & Comparison<br />Off Page Optimisation<br /> - Substantially more inbound links to page<br /> - Some link juice will flow down from TLD . (3969  Inbound Links to home page)<br /> (Could use of no follow attribute to sculpt internal linkage and focus page rank on specific pages. eg. no follow on about us page)<br /> - add social bookmarking icons eg. Technorata, Delicious etc<br /> - Aquire link in authority directories - Dmoz<br />18<br />
  22. 22. Off Page Optimisation<br />19<br />
  23. 23. More Off Page Optimisation<br /> - Tactical Link Building using<br /> - 100’s of links from here which in top position for search term ‘’ <br /> - Could be changed to different anchor text ‘blackberry smartphone’<br />Hyper links to<br />20<br />
  24. 24. More Off Page Optimisation<br />21<br />
  25. 25. Site Architecture - On Page Analysis<br />22<br />
  26. 26. Site Architecture - On Page Analysis<br />23<br />
  27. 27. Site Architecture - On Page Analysis<br />24<br />
  28. 28. Site Architecture - On Page Analysis<br />Problem: URL’s not SEO Friendly, database driven parameters<br />Solution: Re-write URL’s<br />25<br />
  29. 29. Site Architecture - On Page Analysis<br />Example: Search for “Blackberry Storm Video”<br /> <br /><br />Why doesn’t Video Page appear???<br />Ranked????<br />334th<br />26<br />
  30. 30. Site Architecture - On Page Analysis<br />27<br />
  31. 31. Gain Quality Links (Strategic/Tactical)<br />Create news that will make competitors want to talk about you. Creative Idea (Publish own articles, Videos on new Blackberry models before release to press and other blogs. ‘Coming Soon section’) – PRWEB, EZINE<br />Publish to authority bloggers, writers.<br /> Content Syndication using RSS News<br />Social Bookmarking Links from product pages<br />Better Utilise Videos on website, blog and You tube and other video sharing sites to crowd SERP’s results.<br />Run campaign from your own site if purpose is to generate links.<br />Produces Changing Content - Good for SE’s<br />Reputation Management : Future proof against negative publicity from article.<br />28<br />Recommendations<br /> “Steps for Improvement”<br />
  32. 32. Recommendations<br /> “Steps for Improvement”<br />Video Results: Search for ‘Blackberry’<br />29<br />
  33. 33. 30<br />Recommendations<br /> “Steps for Improvement”<br />UK Regional Coverage <br />If you wanted to appear high in pages from UK results, would need to geo-target UK and implement content on the domain but need to be aware of duplicate content.<br />
  34. 34. Future Changes in Search –<br /> “Prepare for Change”<br />Link Behaviour<br />Google are paying more attention to:<br />Freshness of Links<br />Appearance/Disappearance of Links<br />Content Changes in a Document compared to Linking Anchor Text<br />31<br />
  35. 35. Future Changes in Search –<br /> “Prepare for Change”<br />Changes In Search<br />Semantic Search – LSI, more relevant results. Will allow Google to filter spam results for better search.<br />Blackberry’s existing SEO strategy could fall foul to LSI and Semantic Search and cause their rankings to drop?<br />Why? Simply because there is no relevant content to play with and the focus is on one or a number of keywords<br /> - Make it easier for smaller competitors to out rank them.<br /> - Not appear for long tail search combinations.<br />How not to get caught out?<br /> - don’t focus on a single keyword, but on a set of related keywords with your search engine optimization activities. <br /> - You should optimize some of the pages on your web site for keywords that are synonymous with the keyword you&apos;re targeting. eg. Blackberry mobile phone.<br /> - When you generate links with other web sites, make sure that you vary the link text to your web site so that it contains different variations and synonyms of your keyword. <br />32<br />
  36. 36. Future Changes in Search –<br /> “Prepare for Change”<br />Changes In Search – “Personalisation”<br /><ul><li> Blended Search</li></ul>Blending Summary<br />Image results – Top, occasionally bottom – additive<br />Video Results – Best example of blending – subtractive<br />News Results – Top, bottom, middle – additive<br />Product results –Top, bottom – additive<br />Blog Results – Bottom<br />Book Results – Bottom – additive<br />33<br />
  37. 37. Future Changes in Search –<br /> “Prepare for Change”<br />Changes In Search<br /><ul><li> Intent-Based Search</li></ul>Google has been looking up your IP and revising results based on IP. They know where you&apos;re located and can make assumptions about the intent of your search. As you get more into intent-based search, it&apos;s going to change the way pages rank.<br />The page that ranks for a shopping query is an entirely different architecture than the page that ranks for a research query.<br />34<br />
  38. 38. Future Changes in Search –<br /> “Prepare for Change”<br />Changes In Search<br />Behaviour Based Search<br />Everybody who does a search will end up with different search results based on their prior search history. Personalization is going to be &quot;web-wide&quot; using third party cookies and things.<br />Universal Search<br />If you don&apos;t have video and your competition does, we&apos;re going to see a big shift in rankings. If the top ten sites don&apos;t have video, they may lose their ranking over night.<br />35<br />
  39. 39. and Finally...<br />“SEO - call it a science, or an art, what ever you want, but fundamentally it’s mostly common sense and everyone can play a part in it’s success!”<br />36<br />