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White hat seopresentation


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In this short presentation we discuss white hat SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

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White hat seopresentation

  1. 1. By A1 SEO Singapore
  2. 2. DISCLAIMERDisclaimer: The presentation is provided “as is”, without warranty of anykind, expressed or implied including without limitationsaccuracy, omissions, completeness or implied warranties or merchantability orfitness for a particular purpose or other incidental damages arising out of the use orthe inability to use the presentation . You acknowledge that the use of this service isentirely at your own risk. Copyright noticeFeel free to distribute this presentation as you like, as long as you don’t changeanything in it.You may print this presentation for your personal use. By A1 SEO Singapore
  3. 3. A clear understanding of white hat SEO techniquesWe use many search engines while surfing on the Internet, there we also get ourselves familiar with SEO (SearchEngine Optimization), which is actually a part of making high ranking of your website with search engines. It iscategorize with terms ethical and non ethical activities. Similarly, white hat SEO is considered to be ethical and itcan also be named as ethical attitude in other words. It concerns with consultants utilizing their ethical activities inorder to increase the page rank of their website on various search engines. If you want to improve the rank of yourwebsite, you have first to know about proper working of the search engines. Therefore, the concept of white hatrelates to clear codes and authentic optimizing tricks rather than involving in unlawful activities that leads youtowards penalties. Normally penalties are imposed for various illegal activities that violates the terms andconditions, some are those where the page rank of your website decrease. By A1 SEO Singapore
  4. 4. In some cases a website might get banned, if this is the case that particular website would be removed from thesearch engine and then no more SEO. You are also supposed to get risk of losing traffic to your site from searchengines. Generally, search engines show the results of pages on what you write as your keyword that should besomewhat similar to what actually that page is about and the relevant stuff. Suppose we are considering a certainword “ Rockstar ” as our keyword. On the other hand if we are using the keyword “ horror film ” as a keyword tosearch out the stuff we are really looking for then it would not be relevant. There is not at all a way for any searchengine to know what is your website all about, unless you place the right key words in the search engine. A well SEOsites are those which provide unique keywords that most often resemble with your site. Because putting the keywordsin the site that are somehow same in the site would help visitors searching the site very easily. By A1 SEO Singapore
  5. 5. It is commonly observed that various search engines use some softwares for SEO, that is spider, by the help ofwhich website and pages are to be accessed. The main function of the software is to get the information of websitepages and rank its pages as well according to the conditions which are usually mentioned in the pages. It is not atall possible for a search engine to let you see the right result of website unless you are putting the correct keyword.There are various options where we are placing our keyword; one way is to place the keyword in the title of yourwebsite. It is sometimes usually seen among most SEO experts that we use keywords including some otherinformation in that, but in these cases it is obvious to know that once the keywords are entered you can get theright content of the page your are looking for. On the other hand, we also use keywords in the headers. If yourwebsite page has various sections and information written in it, then it sometime becomes cumbersome to find outthe particularities which are in need which is possible with the help of header tags and the keywords we put. By A1 SEO Singapore
  6. 6. One of the important pieces of advice suggested by most SEO users is that you should use particularly the mainkeyword at the top. If you are finding a website of your interest let’s suppose, the one we had already have thekeyword of i.e.“Rocksta ”, then this website would contain the word Rockstar in it as a keyword. Conversely yourkeyword might also come up with some other words like “ horror film” but you will get result of what you want inthe result on the keyword entered. It is also possible to get flag with spam on your page by the program spiderbecause of too many repetitions of the keyword. It should also be noted by all SEO users that keyword is not theonly crucial factor for search engines in many cases for SERP (Search Engine Results Page). If a website usescorrect keywords it doesn’t reveal the fact that it is one of the demanded website on the Internet. In order to see thequality of the website, search engines utilize the test of links and get to know the page rank. By A1 SEO Singapore
  7. 7. On having one more look at keyword with our previous example of “ Rockstar”, the person involved in the SEO canalso find a result that, you might find several pages resembling to your web pages. In such cases the search enginewhere you are searching your keyword, will give it a higher rank in the result. The quality of the links is observedby the rank of linking pages by many search engines. On the contrary, an SEO person can find pages linking toyour website already have high ranking in the search engines which consequently increases your page rankings aswell in comparison to other pages. There are several ways to increase your page rank, but it should be kept inmind in order to publicize the web that your pages are the center point for many people who want to link with. Inaddition to that another way is to find the website containing material related to your web pages and then creatingan exchange of links. By A1 SEO Singapore
  8. 8. There might comes minute factor that could help you get ever green result out when it deals with the rankingamong the organic search engines, all suggested SEO techniques are white hat solution. When we are usingkeywords if it’s written in the Meta tag then it would be good for the page ranking to some extent. The Meta tagsshould be kept in a fixed range depending on the content of the pages of your web. We should avoid using sametags for the individual pages because to publicize the web page would definitely require uniqueness in it. Thekeyword optimization shall not be too much with one webpage. The keyword we take will be good enough if it iscommon phrase and also to be noted that it resembles with your page. While talking about a good SEOsurrounding, your company, domain, tags and title are of the same keyword as your Webpage’s content. Thepractice of performing keyword research is also important in order to recognize common phrases that couldrepresent your products and services. By A1 SEO Singapore
  9. 9. In the process of SEO you might have high success rate with the targeting keywords used that don’t have muchcompetency. If you are familiar with the fact of how to get good ranking with the competitive keywords, then youshouldn’t worry about this. Include some describing titles with tags and images on your webpages after thatinclude the image names collaborating with the title you have chosen. Suppose if you want to include an image forfacebook website then don’t name it as “ image1.jpg” or “pic1.jpg” but give a name that seems more reliable like“facebook.jpg”; the same procedure should also be utilized for the webpage names. Yes, It make us feel awkwardfor knowing how one could post a link on a website to the other, none the less the simple technique of includingone inbound link increase your SEO ranking. It is also good to find non-competitive websites to link, which havehigher ranking for your well known keywords thus it show fair policy as Google has already fixed fair policies. By A1 SEO Singapore
  10. 10. For those who are having websites for SEO must note that their websites should be easy to open without muchtime delay for loading. Having WebPages with very low loading and quick opening will attract more visitors to itscontent that is easy to access. Furthermore, Google has already declared that the page ranking also depends onthe time a particular website takes to load.A point of consideration in SEO, worthy to note is you are choosing a webhosting company then it must be takeninto account that clients have websites which are easily to access with a very little loading in those. You will findsome webhosting organization already having more burdens and finally those companies are responsible for slowwebsites loading of their clients. It is necessary to include the name of the city if the companies you are involvewith serves local persons. Being sure that your webpages that are on your website are easily accessible fromsearch engines, besides there should be a linking route from homepage to all other pages and contents. By A1 SEO Singapore
  11. 11. With the help of Google webmaster, Google lets you know which keyword results your listing and you must checkon regular basis for new keywords from time to time for SEO. Once you see the name of your choice that would beadvantageous for you and then you can start your new search for phrase to make your efforts work in a well to domanner. You will see miracle with in no time on making tremendous sale with more and more clicks. This would beconsidered as a feedback to increase your web pages rank. For those who are in the search of an SEO friendlycontent then you are supposed make a list of good pages despite making list of your products and services, forinstance dedicating one webpage for individual items in your list. You know many websites have various types oflinks for some purposes; generally you have those links coming to your website to the other one which you are notwilling to pass on further. Some links with their authorization to the websites are fine for this work in case if youare not guarded with outbound links and other than this you might loss the charm of your well known links for thepages you don’t need to care about. By A1 SEO Singapore
  12. 12. It is very important fact in the SEO that if you are wishing to exchange the links then you must know that you cando this task in good manner. Well, this procedure of exchanging links from the website will not last for longtime, you should link to website whose contents resemble to your site and the visitors get attracted to thekeywords that you set. A process of reciprocal link building is very time consuming but this process can speed upwith a software prprowler. This software helps you directly get in touch with those sites which are of your interestand get you rid of sticking to other pages which are not useful for you without visiting those pages.The creation of content should be of the unique quality so that the visitors feel interest to visit those webpagesand thus making favor of your pages. In the field of SEO, high class content your website has, the more valuableit will be in the search engine. In this way more webmasters would try to link to your site if they are finding thestuff more useful for their websites. By A1 SEO Singapore
  13. 13. Creating an excellent content is a backbone of SEO but also very time consuming as well, however it will be morereliable for long lasting period. An additional point in the favor is that, from the newly created pages some extrakeywords are also possible to target. The one who owns a business knows more about and should not let othersknow about it as privacy. You should add some useful info in the webpages including articles, posts, softwares andvarious types of other useful things that other websites and the people who visit get inspired, is also another wayof making links to your website where reciprocal link process doesn’t need. Further, the proper arrangement ofyour content, wording and stuff you include in order to get a very good rank in search engines is a very importantfor SEO as well. It includes every factor, a catchy title and tags to make you have good search engine positioningwhich leads you to a route of successful optimization. You should also take a note that most of the search enginesgive credits to the site whose pages are of high class content that you feel would really be appreciated. By A1 SEO Singapore
  14. 14. Finally, with the help of ethical and reliable SEO techniques you can get large number of inbound links. In thisprocess one should have to be patient, as this process is slow progressing. It is all about the back links you receivewhen others visit your web content and it will get true when your site comes up and start putting it to see foreverybody then you will be getting a good position somewhere in the top of the search engine. Among severalbenefits of white hat SEO, the important one is that you cannot be blocked from any search engine the reason youknow is that everything you do with this practice is totally legal.If someone is involved in the black hat practices then that person’s website is obvious to be blocked by Google. Theblocking of a site results to down your page rank, but if you continued to repeat the same practice you blockedforever because you are going to make violation through illegal activities which are not in favor of those who aredoing their work with ethical instance. So, you know there are several benefits using white hat practices which help you increase high success rate of your business. As a result, it creates faith in your customers and also helps you grow your business very constructive by all means. By A1 SEO Singapore