Why is mobile seo important


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Why is mobile seo important

  1. 1. www.seo-first-page.com | contact@seo-first.net | blog.seo-first-page.comSEO-FirstWhy Is Mobile SEO Important?
  2. 2. www.seo-first-page.com | contact@seo-first.net | blog.seo-first-page.comWhy Is Mobile SEO Important?With more and more people using mobile devices to search for products and servicesonline, the importance of mobile SEO should not be disregarded. With the growth ofmobile search, businesses need to make their brands stand out and ensure that theyare found before their competitors. This is why mobile search engine optimization isa must. If you do not want to lose out on a large chunk of potential customers, youshould ensure that your site turns up on the mobile radar of searchers.
  3. 3. www.seo-first-page.com | contact@seo-first.net | blog.seo-first-page.comAppearing on Mobile SearchesWhile the number of people using their smartphones to look forinformation, products and services has increased, mobile search is still unknownterritory. Businesses are still learning about the things that work and those thatdo not. However, all businesses that are into online marketing are aware thatthey need to have a design that not only improves user experience, but alsomakes their mobile presence felt. Hence, you need to have a mobile-friendly sitethat has high quality content. Furthermore, you should also ensure that thesearch engine crawlers are directed to the same mobile website that your userswill be directed to. This will ensure that you appear on mobile searches and alsoprevents you from being penalized for duplicate content or cloaking.
  4. 4. www.seo-first-page.com | contact@seo-first.net | blog.seo-first-page.comUnderstanding How People Conduct Mobile SearchesTo have a successful and effective mobile SEO strategy, you need to understandhow your business can fulfill the needs and requirements of mobile users. Youshould try and ensure that the experience of browsing through your site using amobile device takes into account the users rather than the mobile device. Thismeans that you would have to pay more attention to how people do searchesand where and when these searches are done. This will allow you to understandhow different people search using their mobiles and gear your mobile SEOstrategy accordingly.
  5. 5. www.seo-first-page.com | contact@seo-first.net | blog.seo-first-page.comOne of the basic differences between mobile search and desktop search is thelength of the keywords. While in traditional SEO, it is best to use long tailkeywords to drive a large volume of traffic to your site, in mobile search thisstrategy does not work. People use mobile search while they are on the go andare looking for something specific. Hence, it is important that you optimize yourmobile website for short keywords that the users can easily find and forautomatic terms. Typically mobile users are looking for location-specificproducts and services and your site should be geared for such searches.Short Keywords
  6. 6. www.seo-first-page.com | contact@seo-first.net | blog.seo-first-page.comIntegrating Social Media with Your Mobile WebsiteToday many mobile users are using their mobile devices to access social mediaplatforms. Hence, it makes sense to integrate social media functionality with yourmobile site. For instance, you can incorporate Facebook ‘Like’ button in your innerpages to ensure that you get more exposure on Facebook and this, in turn, willhelp you in your inbound marketing efforts. Integrating social media with yourmobile website will put you in an advantageous position where you mobile SEO isconcerned.
  7. 7. www.seo-first-page.com | contact@seo-first.net | blog.seo-first-page.comConclusionMobile SEO should be an important part of your overall SEO strategy. If youneglect mobile SEO, you will lose out on a large chunk of potential customers. Intoday’s scenario, mobile search engine optimization is more importance than everbefore.
  8. 8. www.seo-first-page.com | contact@seo-first.net | blog.seo-first-page.comContact UsUSA Address:Mack-Cali Centre III,140 East RidgewoodAvenueSuite 415 ST, Paramus,NJ 07652, USATel:+1-646-915-0021Fax:+1-201-221-8516India Address:2-A, Manikyam,Opp. SamudraAnnexe,Nr. Shilp Cross Roads,Off. C. G. Road,Navrangpura,Ahmedabad 380009Gujarat, India.Tel:+91-79-30087900Fax:+91-79-30487422