Children’s Educational Toys at Little Zen Minds


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High quality educational toys that make learning fun. Educational toys that help the children’s development and creativity. Free shipping $65+ at Little Zen Minds Online educational toy store

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Children’s Educational Toys at Little Zen Minds

  1. 2. About Little Zen Minds:   Little Zen Minds is passionately committed to enriching the lives of children by providing high value, quality learning toys to brilliantly serve in your child’s mental and physical development. We are committed to enriching children’s lives through education. Each toy that is selected serves a part for your child’s development through a fun medium of play. Learning materials must reflect and respond to children’s unique abilities, inquisitive natures and diverse learning style. Early education, via carefully chosen educational toys and manipulatives establish a foundation of lifelong learning and develops skills of learning acquisition. Parents are encouraged to create the best possible learning environment and utilize proper “toy” tools and materials to allow the child to enjoy learning and feel empowered to learn. 
  2. 3. Shop by Age   Each stage of childhood is marked with development and growth milestones. Little Zen Minds™ Online Toy Store has grouped the kids’ toys by age group to make it easy for you to find learning toys appropriate to the childrens’ age. Within each kids age group there are Sub-Categories that will help you find toys that are designed for your child’s age and developmental needs.
  3. 4. Shop by Product   Little Zen Minds Online Toy Store has selected unique kids toys for the various stages of growth and development. We have chosen toys for kids that make learning fun through the different stages of development. You can go directly to the toy category to find the toy that you need for your child’s advancement.
  4. 5. Award Winners   Children’s Award Winning learning toys such as Games, Science Kits, Arts and Crafts, and Wooden toys, Puzzles, Building Blocks, Baby Mats are a few examples that exemplify the development of the kids and have been awarded some of the Toy Industry’s top honors.
  5. 6. Teachers   Little Zen Minds™ Online Toy Store carries products that a teacher would use to enhance her Classroom learning by captivating and motivating the kids in their classroom. These teaching tools will make the classroom an exciting place for kids to learn everyday during the school year!
  6. 7. Bestsellers   This Category exemplifies which toys are our bestsellers. We have created subcategories by age to make it easy for you, our customer to view these toys.
  7. 8. Our Story   As parents ourselves we have strived to find the best learning toys to assist in our child’s mental and physical developments. It has been quite a challenge to try and find learning toys that provide for our kids developmental needs under one roof. As a response not only to our frustration but also to other parents similar desires we founded Little Zen Minds ...
  8. 9. Contact Little Zen Minds At Little Zen Minds we also pride ourselves on customer service. We want our customer to be 100% satisfied. Anything less is unacceptable! We can be reached through our customer service line 888-218-8292 or via email [email_address] and will respond to our customers within a 24hr timeline on business days. We want our customers to be so excited about their experience of shopping along with the unique high quality toys that Little Zen Minds provide that they will pass the word along.