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Ubeda's Typical Food


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Alex Requena, Juan Pablo Villajos

Published in: Technology, Business
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Ubeda's Typical Food

  1. 1. • They kitchen in ubeda is very good.tipical food is andrajos,empanadillas, morcilla en caldera,perdiz en escabeche,churros,papajotes and products of the slaughter.
  2. 2. • The better restauran is: • EL SECO , LOS REALES, EL ASADOR DE SANTIAGO •
  3. 3. But the better of oll is
  4. 4. EL CARBON • Tipical food from carbon is novillo argentino • Is placed in oposit to citroen and next to petrol station lion is a better restauran from ubeda
  5. 5. In conclusion food in ubeda is very good
  6. 6. • Realizado por : Alejandro requena molina juan pablo villajos moreno