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Raj work 2010


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Join hands with SENWA so we can work as a team for Global Market."

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Raj work 2010

  1. 1. MR. RAJEEV T. SHANDILYA Selected References Sustainable ENWA Technologies, Inc. 82, N Main St, Milpitas, CA 95035; Tel: +1 408 912 8814; Faxl: +1 800 705 2904 ; Email:;
  2. 2. Rajeev T Shandilya SUMMARY Year of Birth 1962 Industry Years Experience ------------------------------------- Metal –Forgings 17 Current Location/Address Building & Construction 10 City or Town New Delhi Surface Engineering 6 State Delhi -------------------------------------------- Country P R CHINA Qualification /Country ------------------------------------- Degree Permanent/Home Location/Address B.Sc., Law, CCU, Meerut/India State New Delhi Other Qualifications: Certification Country India MBA,India ------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- Languages Computer Skills and Software Used Hindi & English Read, Write & speak fluently SAP, Maximo, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, ------------------------------------- Purchasing Plus, Food Trak, Corel Draw, Nationalities Microsoft Project and e-commerce Nationality by Birth Indian ------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- Experience Classification Employment History Job Function Years Experience Total Years of Work Experience: 25 Project Director 5 Commenced Full Time Work: 1984 Director Exports 5 Name : Starasia Components Limited Procurement/Sourcing 7 Job Title: Managing Director Buyer/Purchasing 8 Duration From 2005 To 2009 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Project Experience :-- Over 25 years in International projects, international trade, sourcing and vendor development etc. After working (SFL Limited) in India, worked over nine years in USA and now working in China since last nine years. Have worked extensively in the metallurgical Industry (Castings/ Forgings), International trade (exports-imports) Sourcing & Procurement, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Contract Management and expediting. Also Managed Large Projects with over 20 direct report managers and over 250 employees in the Manufacturing Project. A self starter, lead by example and capable of bringing large teams together to work as one.
  3. 3. Special Purpose References in India Mr. Rajeev T. Shandilya- Indian • Supervised Steel Forgings (Capacity-20,000MT/Annum– Metallurgical) Project Execution, Manufacturing, Sub- Contracts, Purchasing, Materials, and Exports-Imports for the SFL Limited in New Delhi, India. Provide Leadership for a team of 20 managers/supervisors and over 250 personnel. • Started Export of steel forged Flanges to USA, Europe and Japan Eleven National Export Excellence Awards Winner DIRECTOR PROJECT MANUFACTURING & EXPORTS, SFL LIMITED
  4. 4. Special Purpose References in India • Work closely with UP Export Promotion Council’s – Government Export Promotion Policies, to ensure all reporting to the Government is accurate, timely, and all efforts are made to account for all Government Policies. • Excellent Understanding and Skills in Establishing Business and Network across Countries and Cultures.
  5. 5. Special Purpose References in India Worked for Non Profit Organizations •For Research & Development in sustainable technologies in energy efficiency and renewable energy generation, water and wastewater treatment, resource-efficient industrial processes, advanced materials, transportation and agriculture sectors and products and services that compete on price and performance while significantly reducing humankind's impact on the environment across Asian Pacific Countries.
  6. 6. Special Purpose References in China Mr. Rajeev T. Shandilya- Indian • Directed 35 Expat and 40 Host Country National IT Personnel within the Sino-India IT Education & Training operations in China. Supervised the Training Departments at seven different sites throughout the country. Trained personnel and Junior Management staff on daily functions, reporting procedures, and policies. • His Work has been Published all over China. GENERAL MANAGER-CEO, BEIJING SINO-INDIAN SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT CENTER CO., LTD., – BEIJING & SHANGHAI,
  7. 7. Special Purpose References in China Mr. Rajeev T. Shandilya -Books/Work Published in China • Software Project Management:-The new edition of Rajeev T Shandilya's popular, bestselling book presents a top- down, practical view of managing a successful software engineering project. The book builds a framework for project management activities based on the planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling model. It provides information designed to help you understand and successfully perform the ISBN 7-03-010788-8 unique role of a project manager. • E-Commerce Business & Technology:-The several IT a8%d3%a1%a3%a9Rajeev+T+Shandilya Courses & Training Programs course designed by Mr. Rajeev T Shandilya are for anyone who would like to understand IT application in running business. Chinese system engineers, software process specialists, managers of disciplines related to software engineering software component got these courses during their degree courses in Universities In China ISBN 7-03-013413-3
  8. 8. Special Purpose References in China • Worked in the area of Pre Engineered Building Systems. Developed Building Solutions to Increase the efficiency with which Buildings and their sites use and harvest Energy, Water and Building Materials. • Promote the concept of Green Buildings for Sustainable Design, Sustainable Development and Sustainability of Human Life on planet earth. Developed perfect Green buildings Solutions. Having firm agreement for Engineering, Design, Procurement & Manufacturing of Building Materials manufacturing Plants for:- •Fiber Cement Boards, •Calcium Silicate Boards •Mineral Fiber Boards for Acoustic Ceiling •Glass Wool for Insulation •Pre Engineered Building CEO,– SHANGHAI KUANG HAI MAO YI CO., LIMITED, BEIJING & SHANGHAI
  9. 9. Special Purpose References in China Manage Engineering, Procurement & Supply to main EPC contractors in the area of Coal, Thermal Power, Steel, Mineral Process, Mining and Metallurgical sectors, executed engineering, procurement and supply contracts across Asia & Middle East. Supervised & directed all basic research and processed developed activities to support company’s strategic objective. Supervised monthly procurement, purchases and supply for large EPC projects with full responsibilities including the following:- •Coal Washery •Coal Mining •Iron Ore Pelletization •Thermal Power •Hydro Power •Tidal Power Having firm agreement for Engineering, Design, Procurement & Manufacturing of Thermal Power, Hydro Power, Tidal Power, Bio Mass Power Plants (1MW- 100MW)
  10. 10. Special Purpose References in China Outstanding knowledge in the field of Producing and Distributing Minerals and Steel Products Mineral, Metal & Materials Trading Expert in Chinese Market for:- • Iron Ore • Manganese Ore • Chromium Ore • Bauxite • Coal & Coke • Steel Products • Castings & Forgings –Critical Components • Alu-Alloy Alloying Elements • Ferro Alloy • Clad Metal Supply Agreement with- China Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.;- Wugang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., - Jigang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.. -Taiyuan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., -Wuhan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
  11. 11. Special Purpose References in China What is common in All these Projects • Manufacturing of Stainless Steel Clad Plate in Radial Gate Panels Hydro Mechanical Machinery StarClad™ Desulphurization • Clad pipes are used in oil and gas Heat Exchanger Equipment for Power Plant production under corrosive conditions: StarClad™ StarClad™ • For pipelines, riser pipes in Desalination Equipment offshore applications and process pipes in refineries. StarClad™ Hydrotreater Reactor Digester • Desulphurization/ Power Plant Pipe Line Chimney StarClad™ Waste Treatment Plant Waste Treatment Plant StarClad™ is registered trade mark owned by Rajeev T Shandilya
  12. 12. Rajeev T Shandilya, at inaugural speech, Capital Normal University, Beijing, PRC with His Excellency Mr. S. S. Menon, Indian Ambassador, Beijing
  13. 13. Rajeev T Shandilya, at inaugural of AIIT at Capital Normal University, Beijing, PRC with Hon’ble Mr. Jia Qinglin: Chairman CPPCC, China
  14. 14. Special Purpose References in USA • Supervised all sales of Highly Energy Efficient Steel Pipe Fittings to US Petroleum Industry in Northern America • Developed network and team-based atmosphere with 20 distributors throughout the North America • Established distribution system for all kinds of pipe fittings used in Petroleum Industry PRESIDENT, UPTRADE, INC., MARKETING OF STEEL PIPE FITTINGS – SANFRANCISCO, USA
  15. 15. Special Purpose References in USA Mr. Rajeev T. Shandilya SUSTAINABLE ENWA TECHNOLOGIES, INC capitalizes on the emerging opportunities in the Energy Sector and focuses on engineering, procuring, manufacturing and supply for developing, operating and maintaining Power Projects. The Management of the company has formulated a working strategy to focus on CleanTech revolution and will work for:- •Marketing of Solar PV Module •Setting up Solar PV Module Assembling Line-25MW per annum •Providing Market Entry to US Exporters:-Helping US exporters by giving them access to Chinese & Indian market through our already well established office in new Delhi and Beijing. CEO, SUSTAINABLE ENWA TECHNOLOGIES, INC., Milpitas, CA-95035, USA
  16. 16. Sustainable ENWA Technologies, USA is working with leading Research Scholars, professionals and companies to promote Sustainable Technologies • The energy market is shifting from a focus on energy savings to one on facilitating the feed in and the management of renewable energy. This is closely linked to the rapid developments in renewable energy technologies like wind and solar power system. Governments are pushing Smart Grid Plan implementation under Environment, Energy & Network. Energy Industry is on the eve of the most important overhaul in its existence, it is the last industry to face integration with ICT revolution and ultimately we are ready to implement the new market system where each customer will find better ways to manage their own energy use and their carbon foot prints. Climate Change • Climate change is the major, overriding environmental issue of our time, and it is a growing crisis with economic, health and safety, food production, security, and other dimensions. Shifting weather patterns, for example, threaten food production through increased unpredictability of precipitation, rising sea levels contaminate coastal freshwater reserves and increase the risk of catastrophic flooding, and a warming atmosphere aids the pole-ward spread of pests and diseases once limited to the tropics. • The potential for runaway greenhouse warming is real and has never been more present. The most dangerous climate changes may still be avoided if we transform our hydrocarbon based energy systems and if we initiate rational and adequately financed adaptation programmes to forestall disasters and migrations at unprecedented scales. The tools are available, but they must be applied immediately and aggressively. Sustainability can achieved through --"Think/Act Locally and Plan/execute Globally, Join hands with SENWA so we can work as a team for Global Market."
  17. 17. "Think & Act Locally Plan & Execute Globally Rajeev T Shandilya CEO, SENWA
  19. 19. Supply of Turnkey Projects Complete Plant available • Metallurgical • Wood Working – Casting- Fe, Al, Cu – Forgings- Fe, Al, Cu – Door Manufacturing – Powder Metallurgical – Signage – Steel Fabrication/Rolling Mills • Building Materials – Furniture manufacturing – FC/CaSi Boards • Food Process Industry – MFB/Glass Wool Boards – PVC Doors & Windows – Rice Plant – Door manufacturing – Food Processors – Paint & Coating – Flooring • Recycling Plants – Brick/Tiles Manufacturing – PE/PVC – Stone Cutting Machineries – Door Security Locks – Steel etc. – Poly Carbonate Sheets – PVC Sheets
  20. 20. Supply of Turnkey Projects SME & Large Projects • Railway • Defense – Components – Components – Track – Special Castings – Signals – Bondings • Iron & Steel Sector • Energy – Blast Furnace – Hydro Power – Sinter Plant – Thermal Power – Furnace – Refractory
  21. 21. Arrange JV/Collaborations/ Funding SME & Large Projects • Railway • Defense – Components – Components – Track – Special Castings – Signals – Bonding • Iron & Steel Sector • Energy – Blast Furnace – Hydro Power – Sinter Plant – Thermal Power – Furnace – Refractory
  22. 22. Distribution & Marketing • Construction Machinery Components • Coal/Iron Ore Mining Machinery Components • Automotive Components • Steel Plants • Shipping/Vessels • Oil & Gas • Cement
  23. 23. Marketing of Machinery • Coal Washery Plant & Machineries • Power Plants Equipments • Mineral Process Plant & Machineries • Engineering & Designs for Hydro Power Plants • Coal Dryer/ Powder Equipments