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  1. 1. SENukeX Bonus | SENukeX Review & Bonus Package!Get A Massive Bonus Package Worth Thousands Of Dollars! Plus YOU Really Need ToRead This SENukeX Software Review Before Buying and Check out My Exclusive BonusThat Will Blow Other SENukeX Bonuses Out of the Water! SENukeX Bonus | SENukeX Review & Bonus Package >>> Get The... SENukeX Automated Software for a HUGE Discounted Price During Pre-Launch And Receive MY HUGE SENukeX Bonus Package Worth Thousands Of Dollars! Absolutely FREE For The First 25 Action Takers Only!
  2. 2. What Personal Passion Formula is NOT:SENukeX is NOT: a get rich quick money making scam or the typical BogusSoftware we keep seeing being launched week in week out on the Internet.SENukeX is NOT: an ovenight push-button to make money formula, anyone with anysense knows that these do not exist and will only take your money as opposed tohelping you make moneySENukeX is NOT: black hat, google sandboxing software! It is a real super fast SEOsolution for ranking in the search engines for even the toughest to rank for keywords+ so so so much more!Imagine having 100 employees all working super hard for you creating web 2.0profiles, social booking marking sites, RSS feeds, press-releases all sendingthousands of backlinkst o your money crushing websites? How much do you think itwould realistically cost to employ all those people? Chuck them all into one superslick easy to manage link-creating software! Want to read on? I thought so….
  3. 3. So, What IS SENukeX?A: Well to start with I think that question is probably a little too broad as there are justtoo many incredible features to even mention right here. I think we should take adifferent approach to this question and perhaps ask you a question instead, like howdid you even find this site in the first place?Perhaps you found it via an add on Facebook or one of the other hot SocialNetworking sites?Or perhaps you found it the good old fasioned typing in the product name(SENukeX or SENukex Bonus) in one of the popular search engines such as Googleor Bing? Sound familiar?Well this is what the SENukeX software is all about. It’s a way for people like myselfor you to rank for keywords in the search engines and drive traffic to our websites viathese linked keywords.You see I use the SENukeX software day in day out to create Web 2.0 profiles,Social Bookmarking sites, Social Networking sites, Press-Releases and DocumentSharing sites such as this one you are reading right now. I then insert links(automatically) using the super slick SENukeX software and then I schedule thesoftware to send out these pages, and links all over the Internet to high Page rankingsites which indirectly leaves a link back to my money site. Starting to see the bigpicture yet?I can even shedule this entire process using the SENukeX software so if I want to sayset up a promotional campaign and have it run whilst I am away on holiday, I canshedule everything with SENukeX before I go and it will run in the background whilst I
  4. 4. away creating valuable links back to my site which directly results in me making a tonof sales from the traffic SENukeX generates all whilst I am laying on the beachenjoying a nice cocktail. The automation feature is just one of the advancements from the original Senukesoftware. I can’t really do the new SENukeX software much justice here so I wouldadvise visiting my SENukeX Bonus Review site for even more information & features.Q: How is the SENukeX Software delivered?A: Once you have made your initial purchase or have signed up for your free trial youwill be redirected back to the SenukeX members area where you can download thesoftware to your desktop immediatly. Once the software is downloaded you can begincreating your first profit making campaign immeditaly by watching the SENukeXvideos and the incredibly helpful Wizard feature which makes it childs play to set upyour first campaign in no time at all.The new SENukeX Wizard is just one of the brand new features that has beendesigned to help you use the software easily and painlessly with it’s walk-throughguide.
  5. 5. Q How much does the software cost?A This may shock you, but the price of the software when released will be only$127.00 a month! Now if this price still sounds a little high to you.Imagine this scenario:You employ just 2 SEO specilaists to build you links, create web 2.0 profiles andsocial network sites for around $5-8 an hour (hard to find this price), working anavergage of 20 hours a week a piece. That’s around $250 - $500 a month you willpaying out for staff & their dutires that the SENukeX software can complate + morefor only $127 a month.You can even sign up for a FREE 7 Day Trial where you can test out the SENukeXsoftware personally to see if it’s a good fit. You will have to move fast though as therumour is that this FREE trial will be limited during launch and the price is also set torise to either $147 or $197 a month so you will want to get locked in at the early birdprice as soon as possible.Q What about support & updates?A Areeb and Joe (SENukeX developers and owners) have a dedicated support deskthat will answer any queries or questions you have usually within 24 hours.Remember I personally use this software in my business and have had more than myfair share of questions for them in the past and I can honestly tell you that I havenever waited longer than 24 hous for a response and their responses are all alwaysas detailed and helpful as possible!As far as updates go. The SENukeX team update the software around once a weekwhich means any bugs or problems that come up they will address them ASAP thenadd an updated version of the software.
  6. 6. It’s as simple as clicking RUN UPDATE which will automatically install the latestversion of SENukeX directly to your desktop whilst at the same time replacing the oldversion so there is no mess to clean up!Q Great! So what happens after I have made my payment?A You will be given access to a special members area where you can download andinstall the software (usually takes around 5 mins depending on your processorspeed). You can also access all your video training materials and begin running yournew SENukeX campaigns immediatly.Q How do I claim by bonuses from you?A Simply vist my SENukeX Bonus site at the bottom of this page and once you havecompleted the payment process you will receive a receipt for the software to youremail. Simply forward this receipt to my email: support(at)senukexbonusreview.comand I will check and verify within 24 hours and personally send you the download linkwhere you can access all your fantastic bonuses & support!So if you’re interested in grabbing the very best bonus package on the market forSENukeX and want even more details and proof of how this revelutionary softwarecan help you dominate the search engines and drive targeted buy-hungry visitors toyour sites then simply visit my SENukeX Bonus Review site now.Thanks and best of luck in securing your bonuses,Steve Wilkins.