IBM Cognos 10 Under the Hood


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Demonstrations of Business Insight, Active Reports, and external data sources. View the video recording and download this deck:

Gain an overview of IBM Cognos 10, including new features, capabilities and demonstrations. A detailed licensing matrix clearly identifies licensing requirements, fees and what Cognos business intelligence features are included in each license level.

Topics include:
- IBM Cognos 10 New Features Overview: Features included at no charge and those requiring trade-up fees
- Business Insight Demonstration
- Active Reports Consumer Demonstration
- External Data Source Demonstration
- IBM Cognos 10 New Features Detailed Review
- Removing the Risk of the Cognos 10 Upgrade

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IBM Cognos 10 Under the Hood

  1. 1. IBM Cognos 10 Under the Hood Helping Companies Learn From the Past, Manage the1 Present and Shape the Future
  2. 2. Today‘s Agenda • Welcome and introduction • IBM Cognos 10 New Features Overview • Features included at no charge • Features requiring trade-up fees • Business Insight Demonstration • Active Reports Consumer Demonstration • External Data Source Demonstration • IBM Cognos 10 New Features Detailed Review • Removing the risk of the Cognos 10 upgrade • Senturus Fixed-price Cognos 10 Upgrade Offer • Senturus training for Cognos 10 • Maximizing the value of BI with a solid data foundation • Q&A2
  3. 3. This slide deck is part of a recorded webinar. To view the FREE recording of this entire presentation and download the slide deck, go to You will find this—and many other recorded webinars-- under the “IBM Cognos Business Intelligence‖3
  4. 4. Who is Senturus ? • Consulting firm specializing in Corporate Performance Management – Business Intelligence and Enterprise Planning – Platform-independent – IBM Premier Solutions Partner 2009-2011; Cognos Platinum Partner 2001-2008 • Service Offerings – Pre-built Solutions – Complete project implementations – Assessment and Roadmap consultations – Upgrade and Support Packages – Training (Classroom, Onsite, Remote, Mentoring, Workshops & Webinars) • Experience and Credentials – In business since 2001 – Over 500 Clients and over 1,000 projects4
  5. 5. Overview IBM COGNOS 10 NEW FEATURES5
  6. 6. Highlights for IBM Cognos 10 – IBM Launch1. Unified workspace with greater power, intuitive navigation and cleaner look2. Breadth of analytics across historical, real-time and predictive information3. Collaborative BI through built-in collaboration and social networking4. Easy data inclusion by the business from one value, to entire data sets and external files5. Analytics on the go for more devices and disconnected interaction6. Faster performance with in-memory processing7. Seamless upgrade and ease of ongoing management8. Trusted expertise with built-in training videos, ‗how- to‘ books and user communities9. Expanded deployment options include Cloud, System z, and Power10. Cognos 10 Ready added value of TM1, Planning, Analytic Applications and SPSS Modeler6
  7. 7. IBM Cognos 10: Under the Hood 1. User Interface Improvements: Collaboration, Analysis Fee • Business Insight • Active Reports • Cognos Collaboration 2. Predictive analytics and advanced statistics 3. Real Time Monitoring 4. New Mobile Capabilities 5. Enhanced access to External Data Free 6. Easier upgrades with Lifecycle Manager 7. Improved performance and scalability 8. Quicker Framework Manager development 9. Major improvements in graphics and visual appeal 10. More flexible and robust server administration7
  8. 8. IBM Cognos 10 Licensing Matrix BI BI Enhanced BI Business BI Business BI Business BI Advanced BI BI Consumer Consumer Author Analyst Manager Business Professional Professional ($891) ($1,110) ($1,450) ($1,450) ($1,450) Author Author ($3,340) ($400 add) ($1,680) ($2,790) Cognos BI Capability Business Insight        Biz Insight Advanced    Active Reports        Cognos Search        Cognos Collaboration        Query Studio     Analysis Studio    Report Studio   Metric Studio   Event Studio  Transformer  C10 Real-time Monitoring: $650/PVU (Needs BI Enhanced Consumer) C10 Statistics: $250/PVU (BI Consumer has access) * Intel Xeon (Nehalem EP) ~ 70 PVU‘s/core8
  9. 9. IBM Cognos Business InsightWhat is Business Insight? New WYSIWYG canvas for business managers to easily assemble dashboards, view/interact/analyze the result set, and share the results to follow a train of thought and generate a unique perspective around information Key Capabilities • Assemble and Format – Drag-and-drop trusted content, filters, and other content (RSS, HTML, text, and images). Modify and arrange layout, add colors and text, add comments, and personalize widgets • Interact and Analyze – User can change display, add calculations, filter/prompt, drill up/down, and sort data and seamlessly move to Business Insight Advanced for additional analysis • Share and Collaborate – Dashboards are consumable by others, dashboard objects can be shared and distributed, and integrated with Lotus Connections Benefits • Enhances self-service – Easy dashboard creation and assembly empower business users • Deeper insight into Performance – Powerful analysis capabilities for continual and in-place data exploration • Reduces IT bottlenecks – Facilitate self-service while leverage information from trusted and properly IT governed content9
  10. 10. Business Insight Addresses Key Challenges What Cognos heard from customers Existing Customers • Limited interactivity within the Report Viewer (e.g. no sorting, filtering, display changes, annotation, etc.) • Disconnected ―Studio hopping‖ required for true interactivity (e.g. Report Viewer to Query Studio / Analysis Studio to Report Studio) • Large amount of time, effort, and unsupported techniques to hard-code in simple interactions (e.g. change display type, sorting, etc.) New Customers • Limited ability to interact and manipulate the data and view and desire a more ―google‖ like experience • Reliance on Excel or other tools to combine information together as existing tools are too difficult to use • Reliance on IT to create many one-off reports10
  11. 11. Demonstrations IBM COGNOS 10 IN ACTION11
  12. 12. IBM Cognos 10 Business Insight • Demonstration – Create and customize a dashboard from existing report content – Perform ad-hoc analysis using Business Insight Advanced capabilities To view a free recoding of this demo, go to You will find this recording under the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence section. It is entitled Cognos 10 Under the Hood.12
  13. 13. IBM Cognos 10 Active Reports • Demonstration – View and interact with an IBM Cognos Active Report To view a free recoding of this demo, go to You will find this recording under the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence section. It is entitled Cognos 10 Under the Hood.13
  14. 14. IBM Cognos 10 External Data Sources • Demonstration – Set up and use an external data source To view a free recoding of this demo, go to You will find this recording under the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence section. It is entitled Cognos 10 Under the Hood.14
  15. 15. Detailed Features Review WHAT‘S NEW IN IBM COGNOS 1015
  16. 16. Business Drivers for Business Insight Business Managers are looking to… • Quickly and easily create dashboards – Pull together a few key reports (or pieces of key Business Insight reports) to share with the team without having IT Assembly create them &Formatting – Arrange content in an intuitive, WYSIWYG interface • Interact with Information – Customize the look and feel of information by changing chart types, adding calculations, or Business Insight formatting the results Interactivity & – Analyze this information further in context to what Analysis I‘m doing without needing to start from scratch • Share and Collaborate key information – Add comments and assumptions to information to Business Insight provide additional clarity for the rest of the team Share & Collaborate – Export results to share with others16
  17. 17. Business Insight – Terminology Content On-demand toolbar store/toolbox Canvas Canvas toolbar Widgets17
  18. 18. Business Insight – Widget Toolbar / MenuWide range of functions that can be performed within Business Insight from either theOn demand widget toolbar or the Right Click menu. Alternatively further editing can becarried out in Business Insight Advanced. •Undo / redo •Filter •Sort Some ‗Right Click‘ functions •Calculate Include: •Group •Change Display Type Drill Up / Down •Change Palette Go To related links •Comment Move left / right •Do More Lineage •Maximize18
  19. 19. This slide deck is part of a recorded webinar. To view the FREE recording of this entire presentation and download the slide deck, go to You will find this—and many other recorded webinars-- under the “IBM Cognos Business Intelligence‖19
  20. 20. Business Insight – Canvas (or main) toolbar When viewing a Business Insight dashboard, buttons on the main toolbar control basic functionality related to the whole dashboard or individual widgets IBM Cognos Search has been incorporated into this toolbar, allowing users to search for and add content from within the application. Search is now included in the platform and no longer a separate add- on. Indexing is still required.20
  21. 21. Business Insight – Assembly of content Content that can be used in Business Insight include: • BI content  TM1 Content  Reports TM1 Websheet  Report parts TM1 Cube view  PowerPlay reports  RTM Content  URL‘s  Folders (will display as  Tools navigation) Value Filter  Prompts Slider Filter  Metric Studio Content Web Page Image  Watch Lists Text  Scorecards RSS  Strategies My Inbox  Metric Types  Individual Metrics21
  22. 22. Business Insight – Formatting of content Once items have been added to a Business Insight canvas, users may choose to manipulate the content as follows: • Chart types can be changed • Lists / Crosstabs can be converted to charts • Color palettes can be changed • Grouping can be carried out • Resizing can be done22
  23. 23. Business Insight – Interactivity Once content has been added additional analysis can be performed without having to hop to a different studio.  Drill Up / Down,  Filter  Calculations  Sorting To access more interaction there is the ‘Do More’ function which will take the user to Business Insight Advanced. Once the activities have been completed simply press the ‘Done’ button to take you back to Business Insight.23
  24. 24. Business Insight – Collaboration Comments and Annotations add context to reports Comments can now be added to the following objects:  Reports or Report Widgets  Individual cells or data items in reports or report parts (only in Lists or Crosstabs) Export Content to share with others Content can be exported in the following formats:  Excel  PDF  CSV  XML Collaboration Hub Business Insight is now a launch-point for Lotus Connections24
  25. 25. Prompts in Business Insight• This is another way to dramatically improve the time and flexibility for IT to create dashboards. It allows IT to create the base prompts and objects and then the business can re-align and interact.• Simple Example using Prompt Pages – Simple tree prompt for the Business Insight dashboard that drives the other widgets on it. – As long as the same parameters are used, everything is dynamic – Bigger value point - this makes it way easier to author reports. All you need to do is author the prompts and widgets and then any user can pull it in the dashboard and format it.• Slide 3 - More complex – Value prompts for pick a row, pick a column, and pick a measure. This changes the crosstab. – Additional value prompt for conditional formatting. This changes the colors in the crosstab and charts. – Bigger value point - light weight report builder instead of creating complex wizard driven prompts in RS Pro25
  26. 26. Prompt Pages from Report Studio in Business Insight Pull prompt pages into Business Insight * Use complex prompts, like tree prompts and cascading prompts * More flexibility for prompt options, formatting, and display * Reduces need to create complex reports – IT only needs to build prompts and outputs and then the business can assemble on their own26
  27. 27. Complex Prompts (Reports on the fly)* 4 value prompts on the page (pick a row, columns, measures, and text for conditionalformatting)* Default crosstab with Rows, Columns, and Measures* Conditional formatting reads the upper/lower limits – crosstab and charts change27
  28. 28. IBM Cognos Collaboration & Event ManagementCollaboration and Event Management New capabilities in Business Insight; such as Comments, integration with Lotus Connections activities, and enhanced event management, to extend Business Analytics software to support collaborative behavior in decision-making. Key Capabilities • Comments and Annotations – Provide additional reasoning and insight into performance results with comments within Business Insight • Dashboard Activities in Lotus Connections – Integration between Business Insight and Dashboard Activities in Lotus Connections • Enhanced Event Management – BI workflow to assign owners and approval processes for specific actions Benefits • More aligned decisions through collaborative and team-based decisions • Increased usage and elevated strategic importance of business analytics among broader user sets • Improved transparency and visibility into current and past decisions28
  29. 29. Business Drivers for Collaboration & Event Management Business Managers are looking to… Provide insight and meaning into performance results Comments & Annotation – Context and reasoning around outliers and trends justify in Business Insight or provide meaning into numbers and results Use BI to support Team-based projects Business Insight integration – Pull together a working group to execute on a specific with Lotus Connections suite project and leverage BI information as evidence to provide direction Automate and improve efficiency of tactical decisions – Alerts and notifications with key information are sent to Enhanced Event Management specific stakeholders. – Business manager takes action and triggers a process Provide insight into past decisions • Comments & Annotations – Comments and notes provide an audit trail of reasoning • Lotus Connections suite and business assumptions behind previous decisions • audit of automated activity29
  30. 30. Integration with Lotus Connections Lotus Connections Integration with “Activities” • View or start a new Activity directly from Business Insight • Link to Business Insight Dashboard from Connections • Single sign-on between Business Insight and Lotus Connections • Visual indicators to denote updates in Activities • Ability to search for Activities from Business Insight • Filter activities based on dashboard30
  31. 31. Lotus Connections: now part of Cognos BI Profiles Integration points  Packaging: Cognos 10.1 BI includes Wikis Bookmarks Lotus Connections  Product Integration Communities Blogs –Lotus Activities –Search Activities Homepage –Security  Licensing: Entitlement to use Lotus Files Connections is added to existing Cognos Business Intelligence licensing roles ―enhanced consumer‖ or greater No additional charge for most Cognos BI users to use Lotus Connections31
  32. 32. Statistics Embedded Directly in Report Studio Distribution and Shape of the Data – Explore distribution and variability of the sample Statistical Process Control – Monitor, control, and improve processes; popular in manufacturing Data Analysis, Testing and Prediction – See how changes in one variable are reflected in another – Compare means between groups of data to support a hypothesis All report types are supported by wizards32
  33. 33. IBM Cognos Real-time MonitoringWhat is Real-time Monitoring? Monitor Alert• IBM Cognos Real-time Monitoring is a real-time, continuous business monitoring solution which supports performance goals of a customer service center and supports the center in effectively optimizing and continually improving its operational functions.Key Features Respond Analyze• In-memory streaming analytics• Real-time events, alerts, and notifications• Integration with IBM Cognos – Real-time Monitoring content is viewable within Business InsightBenefits• Reduced time to decision and action by accessing data with no latency• Increased productivity among front-line workers with access to data for intraday decisions• Improved productivity through proactive real-time notifications and workflow33
  34. 34. 34 IBM Cognos RTM Architecture Poll Based Event Data 64-bit memory-based Streaming Data Store JDBC Push Based Event Data Data Streams Views/Cubes Rules and Alerts Business Insight JMS MQ Series Look Up KPIs Tables Contextual Data RTM Databases Aggregate Temporal Workbench Data Views Views Warehouses Persistence Database 34
  35. 35. IBM Cognos Real-Time Monitoring Business Value * Know the state of your business intra-day Operational Dashboards Live information for intra-day decision-making * Take more action Business Alerts Notification of situations immediately that require response * Take corrective action Collaborate and Initiate Processes Interact with team members and initiate business processes directly from your dashboard * Continuously monitor real time performance * Analyze and share data View in real time changes to key metrics Live Metrics & Analysis - Drill down to understand root cause and Understanding trends by gain additional insights combining real-time performance35 and historical information
  36. 36. Actionable insight everywhere at the point of impact • IBM Cognos 10 advances – Adopt mobile to accelerate delivery of interactive analytics to executives and the frontlines – Address challenges of compressed decision cycles with real-time analytics – Integrate analytics in everyday work and in workflow to inform business processes • Key features – Mobile interaction on iPhone and iPad – Interactive, disconnected reports – Real-time monitoring of in-flight information – Mashups – Business-driven workflow Mobile, real-time, and portable BI transforms BI from a separate task, to BI informing everything you do36
  37. 37. This slide deck is part of a recorded webinar. To view the FREE recording of this entire presentation and download the slide deck, go to You will find this—and many other recorded webinars-- under the “IBM Cognos Business Intelligence‖37
  38. 38. External Data SupportWhat is External Data Support? Ability to augment corporate information with external file-based data (in Business Insight Advanced or Report Studio) Key Capabilities • Merge external data with dimensional and relational sources and reference in reports • Leverage external data for prompt answers (e.g. claims, SKUs, customer lists) • Add security and file size controls Benefits • Add new and broader perspectives to corporate information • Improve confidence in information by removing long, manual, and error-prone processes of stitching data together in Excel • Provide users with the flexibility they are demanding to use additional data without impacting the BI System and reduce reliance on IT to store external38 data in IT data stores
  39. 39. Creating and Editing an External Data Package• The external data package may be created or edited inside Report Studio or Business Insight Advanced• Both create and edit invoke the wizard39
  40. 40. 1. ―Select Data‖ to Import• Select external data file and choose items to import• May allow the server to automatically load the file• May rename namespace. Defaults to file name• When editing an existing package, the external data file name isn‘t shown Edit: File name not New: shown Browse to file40
  41. 41. 2. Perform ―Data Mapping‖ • Specify existing report (or relational query subject) • Create links between item • Equi-joins only, but items can be calculations41
  42. 42. 3. Define ―Data Attributes‖ • Can change some attributes • Import attempts to determine reasonable defaults • Default aggregation is unsupported • Only external file data items are listed42
  43. 43. 4. Add any ―Mapping Options‖ • Uses Non-technical terms • Specify Cardinality on each side (All or Some values…) • Both Inner or Outer joins are supported (Exclude / Include rows…)43
  44. 44. Publish the Package • After the import, publish the newly created package • The Package name and location may be changed • Default name is original package + External Data44
  45. 45. New Package and Metadata Tree after Publish • Metadata tree shows newly published external data package Result of and a copy of the original join enterprise package • Items from both packages in a single query causes cross join error (use Master-Detail to address) • If the original package is updated, you must republish the external Copy of data package to pick up any Original changes to the original Package45
  46. 46. Areas of Performance Improvements in IBM Cognos 10 1. Active Report – Reduce 1 Active Report number of server requests and queries 2. Content Manager – New caching reduces hits on Rendering Engine 2 content store 3. PowerCube – Improved Query Engine Content Manager build and load times 5 (Dynamic Query Mode) 4. TM1 – Optimization for larger data sets + Job 4 3 queuing & faster server start up SAP Power- TM1 Essbase TM1 BW cubes 5. Query engine – Improved query performance and caching DW 6. Analysis of ―big data‖ – no need to force fit TM146
  47. 47. IBM Cognos Query Service - Dynamic Query Mode What is Dynamic Query Mode? 20+ New Patents  New query mode: Common Business Model  optimizes queries Query Service IT with Dynamic Query Capabilities Tools  security-aware Query Visualization Cache Hybrid Logs  self-learning in-memory caching  Hybrid Results – mix OLAP & RDBMS OLAP Open Data Access Relational Adapters Adapters  Query visualization tool  TM1  Cubing  SAP BW  MSAS  DB2  Teradata  Informix  SQLServer Services  Essbase  Oracle  ODBC  In-memory patented technology  PowerCube  JDBC…  Datasource specific conformance for Cognos 10.1: TM1, SAP BW, Essbase Message Relationa Application OLAP Modern and Sources l Sources Sources Sources Legacy Sources Benefits  Speed-of-thought analysis  Ease of maintenance  Reduced time to troubleshoot query performance issues47
  48. 48. Model Design Accelerator What is Model Design Accelerator?  Visual design tool in Framework Manager for modelers to easily create new models more quickly and leverage proven practices Key Capabilities  Quick and easy way for new modelers to create Framework Manager models through a simplified, guided, and automated tool  Provides a jump start to the model design process for experienced modelers, who can then augment models in Framework Manager for more complex requirements  Guides modelers through proven practices and helps to correct and validate common errors Benefits  Allows new modelers to easier and quickly build and deploy new models  Expedites the modeling design process through easy, guided and automated model creation  Leverages proven practices to reduce common errors and to improve delivery of models48
  49. 49. Senturus Upgrade and Training Services REMOVING THE RISK OF THE COGNOS 10 UPGRADE49
  50. 50. This slide deck is part of a recorded webinar. To view the FREE recording of this entire presentation and download the slide deck, go to You will find this—and many other recorded webinars-- under the “IBM Cognos Business Intelligence‖50
  51. 51. Senturus Cognos 10 Upgrade Package Senturus In your Upgrades Development $3,495 Cognos 8 to environment Fixed Price Cognos 10 COGNOS Senturus offers a full range of Upgrade Packages from Development Only Remote Mentoring to Remove Risk to Full Install, Migration and End to End Testing in Larger Environments where we do it all For more information please contact or call 888-601-601051
  52. 52. Other Senturus Complimentary Offers • Senturus BI Environment Optimization : – Review of Source Systems, ETL Layer, Data Layer(Star- Schema), Cubes, Meta Data Layer and Presentation Layer – Can help identify and solve problems with performance or stability of the BI environment – Best Practices Recommendations for Architecture and Configuration at the different BI stack layers – Helps Organizations Get their ROI from the BI Investment • Increase End User Adoption by Picking the Right Cognos Presentation Layer Tools • Increase End User Adoption by leveraging Cubes/Metadata to move from Fixed Reports to Analytics or to move from IT led reporting to End User Self Service – Typically 3-5 Days at a cost of $4,500-9,000 – For More Information please contact or call 888-601-601052
  53. 53. Cognos Training Options • IBM Cognos Training from Experts – Senturus‘ training is staffed with seasoned, IBM-certified experts with extensive experience in the field. We bring our real-world knowledge into the classroom. • Online, Instructor-led, IBM Cognos Training – Senturus offering a full curriculum of IBM Cognos hands-on, online classes in which students will have full two-way communication with the instructor. Class sizes are small and a bound copy of the training materials is included. – See our list of upcoming courses The training schedule is listed under ―Resources.‖ • Other Training Options – On-Site and Remote Custom Training Courses specially designed for your company – On-Site Standard Training Courses – Mentoring-highly customized and delivered to one to four participants – Discounted IBM Cognos Classroom Training • Contact Senturus – 888-601-6010 sales@senturus.com53
  54. 54. Today’s Agenda • Welcome and introduction • Cognos 10 New Features Overview • Features included at no charge • Features requiring trade-up fees • Business Insight Demonstration • Active Reports Consumer Demonstration • Cognos 10 New Features Detailed Review • Removing the risk of the Cognos 10 upgrade • Senturus Fixed-price Cognos 10 Upgrade Offer • Senturus training for Cognos 10 • Maximizing the value of BI with a solid data foundation • Q&A54
  56. 56. Significant Business Benefit Business Insight Contributes to Financial Outperformance Revenue Growth EBITDA Return on Invested 5-year CAGR, 2004-2008 5-year CAGR, 2004-2008 > Capital 33% 5-year average, 2004-2008 12.5% more 12x 11.9% 32% more more 9.4% 9.0% 7.3% 0.6% Finance organizations with strong business insight All other enterprisesRevenue Growth: N = 580; EBITDA: N = 435; ROIC: N = 606Source: IBM Institute for Business Value, The Global CFO Study 201056
  57. 57. Justifying the Data Warehouse • Provides significant business benefit • Reduces the cost of BI • Accurately maintains historical context • Enables analysis across: – Business processes – Business functional areas – Heterogeneous source systems • Insulates business decision makers from the inevitable changes in source systems • Dramatically improves response times • When done correctly, the data warehouse arrives without ever doing a ―data warehouse‖ project57
  58. 58. Reduces the cost of business intelligence • No data warehouse? – The data warehouse activities still get done, just more expensively – Acts of heroism by business users and IT • Elaborate Excel spreadmarts • Complex reports • Complex meta-data models • Access databases – Reinventing multiple variations of the wheel – Data silos everywhere – Informed decisions limited to small number of decision-makers58
  59. 59. Reduce cost by reducing complexity Data in source system (Bally’s Casino Management System): NAMECM LCLYCM MAILCM DNI@CM PL@PCM PL@SCM Joe Smith Y R Y Y Jane Doe N B Y Y N Pete Rose N R Y Y Don Draper Y O N Y Transformed data in reporting system’s Customer Dimension: Customer Distance Type Preferred Invitation Pit Status Slot Status Name Mailing Addr Status Joe Smith Local Residence Invite Pit Player Slot Player Jane Doe Regional Business Do not Invite Pit Player Not Slot Player Pete Rose National Residence Invite Pit Player Slot Player Don Draper Local Other Invite Not Pit Player Slot Player59
  60. 60. Accurately Maintain Historical Context 2009 Store #23: 8,000 sq ft 2010 Store gets remodeled Accurate Historical Context: Year Store ID Store Revenue Rev/ Store #23: 20,000 sq ft Size sq ft 2009 23 8,000 $500,000 $63 2010 23 20,000 $1,300,000 $65 Report that uses Store Size attribute from ERP table: Year Store ID Store Revenue Rev/ Size sq ft 2009 23 20,000 $500,000 $25 2010 23 20,000 $1,300,000 $6560
  61. 61. Accurate Historical Context – How To―Store Master‖ Table in ERP System (Reflects current attributes of each store):Store Store Loc Store Type StoreID Code Code Size10 115 1001 15,00023 125 1004 20,00040 135 1001 25,000―Store Dimension‖ Table in Data Whse (Uses Type 2 Slowly Changing Dimension):Store Store Store Store Store Store Effective Expiration CurrentKey ID Loc Region Type Size Date Date Flag1 10 Sacramento West Grocery 15,000 2001-01-30 2199-12-31 Current2 23 Atlanta East Variety 8,000 2002-10-05 2009-12-25 Historic3 40 Chicago Central Grocery 25,000 2005-06-11 2199-12-31 Current4 23 Atlanta East Variety 20,000 2009-12-26 2199-12-31 Current61
  62. 62. This slide deck is part of a recorded webinar. To view the FREE recording of this entire presentation and download the slide deck, go to You will find this—and many other recorded webinars-- under the “IBM Cognos Business Intelligence‖62
  63. 63. Data Warehouses without the Negative (I) • Recommendation: Don‘t set out to build a data warehouse • Instead, build a series of business process dimensional models with conformed dimensions • The result will provide the benefits of a data warehouse without you ever having done a data warehouse project.63
  64. 64. Business Process Dimensional Models Dimensions (Attributes) Measures (Metrics) Date Time Store Product, etc. Qty Ext Cost Ext Amount Margin Added (Rolled-Up) Date Averaged Year Store Key Calculated Product ID … Quarter Store ID Product Name Month Store Name Product Class Week Store Loc Product Line Day Store Product Weight Day name Region Shipping Cost … Store Size … Store Age …64
  65. 65. Conformed Dimensions = Key to Integration Dimensions (Attributes) Measures (Metrics) Date Time Store Product Qty, Revenue, Gross Margin Added (Rolled-Up) Date Store ID Averaged Product ID Calculated Year Store Name Product Name … Quarter Store Product Class Month District Product Line Week Store Product Weight Day Region Shipping Cost Day name Store Mgr … … Store Age … Date Time Store Product Plan Qty, Plan Rev, Plan Margin65
  66. 66. Dimensional Model Calculations & Product Product Consolidations Line Class Channel Margin, Roll-ups… Product District Subclass Measures / Facts Amount, Quantity Store Product Units = 10 (SKU) Amount = $17,525 Cost = $8,000 New Region Old Region Day Season Week WTD Territory Versions Scenarios Month MTD Sales Rep Quarter QTD Actuals Year YTD Forecast Period 1 Period 266
  67. 67. Common, Conforming Dimensions Source: The Data Warehouse Toolkit © Ralph Kimball, Margy Ross John Wiley & Sons, Inc.67
  68. 68. Data Warehouses without the Negative (II) • Build the Business Process Dimensional Models quickly – Provides faster time to value – Maintains organizational and executive commitment68
  69. 69. Summary • Don‘t set out on a project to build a ―data warehouse‖. • Instead, build a series of business process dimensional models with conformed dimensions. • You will achieve the benefits of an integrated data warehouse without ever having done a ―data warehouse‖ project69
  71. 71. Data Warehouse = Copy of Source System? Threshold Alerting Replication Planning Standard Reports ―Universe‖ Planning Data Planning Data Querying Sales Ad hoc ―Warehouse‖ ―Universe‖ Self-service Reporting & AnalysisSource Systems of Record Web Portal Slicing & Dicing Finance ERP Data ERP Data ―Universe‖ ―Warehouse‖ Dashboards/ Dashboard Authoring Scorecards HR ―Universe‖ … Authoring Labor Data Labor Data Report ―Warehouse‖ Threshold-based Other Alerts ―Universes‖ Other Sources Other Data ―Warehouse‖ Excel 71
  72. 72. Data Warehouse = Non-integrated Data Mart Silos? ETL Processes Threshold Alerting Planning Standard Reports Datamart Planning Data Querying Sales Ad hoc Datamart Self-service Reporting & AnalysisSource Systems of Record Web Portal Slicing & Dicing Finance ERP Data Datamart Dashboards/ Dashboard Authoring Scorecards HR Datamart … Authoring Labor Data Report Threshold-based Other Alerts Datamarts Other Sources Excel Spreadmart 72
  73. 73. Data Warehouse = Integrated Business Process Dimensional Models Threshold Alerting Standard Reports Single Version of the Truth Planning Data Querying Data Warehouse Ad hoc Self-service Reporting Data Abstraction Model & AnalysisSource Systems of Record Web Portal Slicing & Dicing Data Integration ERP Data Dashboards/ Dashboard Authoring Scorecards Conforming Authoring Labor Data Report Business Process Dimensional Models Threshold-based Alerts Information Security Other Sources 73
  74. 74. This slide deck is part of a recorded webinar. To view the FREE recording of this entire presentation and download the slide deck, go to You will find this—and many other recorded webinars-- under the “IBM Cognos Business Intelligence‖74
  75. 75. Contact Senturus Senturus, Inc 888-601-601075