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Origin of life and space


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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Origin of life and space

  1. 1. The CreationThe Origin of Life and Space
  2. 2. Origin of Life• There was a nature at the initial time, only the nature nothing else were there.• No information how was the nature , what was there.
  3. 3. Origin of First Life• The first life originates from the nature.• It is the first life. Single life nothing else were there.
  4. 4. Origin and Evolution of First Life• No information how was the first life, how it was, how it was look like, and how it formed.• It started growing slowly as human evolution.
  5. 5. Creation• The First life started creating things, as the child does when it grows.• Started with small things then it started creating higher level things.
  6. 6. Creation of life• The first life reached the level of creating the life and life forms.• Like in this material world we had electronics, then computer and today we have the robot,• It is kind of life form.• The same way the first and only natural lifeStarted created the life and life forms.
  7. 7. Creation of life• As the time progress it started creating higher Level advanced life forms, infinite in number the advanced life system had been created.
  8. 8. Creation of Space• The first life attained the level of creating space.• Space in the means universes, galaxies, stars• And planets.
  9. 9. Creation of Space• The first life, the creator the God reached the level of creating the universe in plank time.• At present he can create infinite number of universes in plank time, which is smallest time observable in the scientific community.
  10. 10. Creation of Life and Space• The creator reached the level of creating infinite universes in a smallest observable time.• He also attained the level of creating infinite number of advanced life forms in a smallest time unit.
  11. 11. The Accident• Some accident, life threatening event occurred To the creator.• The creator already written the rescue program ,if something dangerous thing happened to save him, take care of him.• If something dangerous thing happened it will Automatically work or operate.
  12. 12. At the time of Accident and Rescue operation• When some dangerous thing was approaching the creator, the rescue program operated according to the instruction written before.• The rescue program, created this universe, created the stars, galaxies and planets, it brought the life here and safely kept in the Earth.• Now the creator is here for last 30 years on the Earth.
  13. 13. Rescue Operation• The creator kept at France for two and half years.• The rescue program, and rescuers from all over the world were there for rescue operation.• Presently the creator is in India.• From India also rescue operation is going on.
  14. 14. Global Network• Now the created is at India.• He has been connected through telepathy all around the globe.• There is a network of rescuers from around the world connected.
  15. 15. Information and Mission• Now the rescue program and peoples around the world giving him the infor,mation to him,• The informations are:• Who he is?• What happened to him?• Why and how he is here?• What is happening to him?
  16. 16. Information and Mission• How the world work.?• How exactly things are in this world.?• What he has to do?
  17. 17. The Answers are here• He is the creator.• The first and only one life.• He is the only natural life.• He is the creator of all things exist.• He is the God of all things.• He is here by some accident.
  18. 18. What he has to do?• He need to communicate with the virtual community like , people who is having telepathy capability, like paranormal abilities, to enter in to the virtual community.• He need one virtual community being ,he can succeed in the mission.• He is in the search of virtual community, virtual peoples.
  19. 19. End