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Gasoline direct Injection


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Recent trend of GDi

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Gasoline direct Injection

  1. 1. Elumalai Polytechnic College Topic: Gasoline Direct Injection ANANDA BABU P SEENU VASAN MDepartment of Automobile Engineering
  2. 2. GDIEngineTechnologyGasoline Direct Injection
  3. 3. Contents Introduction Timeline of Fuel supply system Main Component of Gdi Electronic Fuel Injector Multipoint Fuel Injector Gasoline Direct Injector Working and Burning Mode Achievements Conculsion
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION At a time of even greater demand on automotive manufactures to further improve, ◦ fuel efficiency , ◦ Performance and ◦ emission standards Gasoline direct injection (GDI) engine technology to improve Engine efficiency without making a major shift away from conventional IC technology But, for larger vehicles, port fuel injection was still not a 100 % success. This was due to its large engine size, and improper combustions. So, the birth of the Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) took place
  5. 5. Timeline of Fuel Supply System Carburetor Port Injection Direct Injection (MPFI) (GDI)
  6. 6. MAIN COMPONENTS OF GASOLINEINJECTION 1. Engine Control Unit 4. Fuel Injector 2. Sensors 3. High pressure Fuel PumpEngine Control Unit (ECU)  ECU is a HEART of The Engine . Ecu is computer that controls all of the electronic Components on the engine. Working of Ecu •Control of fuel mixture •Control of ignition timing •Control of idle speed •Control of variable valve timing •Electronic valve control
  7. 7. Sensors  In order to provide the correct amount of fuel for every operating condition, the ECU has to monitor a huge number of input sensors. •Acceleration pedal sensor •Airflow sensor •Hi pressure pump sensor •CrankAngle sensor •GDI
  8. 8. InjectorA fuel injector is nothing but an electronically controlled valve.When the injector is energized, an electromagnet moves a plunger thatopens the valve, allowing the pressurized fuel to squirt out through a tinynozzle.It is controlled by the ECU.
  9. 9. ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION1. Multipoint Fuel Injection 2.Gasonline Direct Injector
  10. 10. MULTI POINT FUEL INJECTION SYSTEM Have a separate fuel injector for each cylinder . Have better cylinder to cylinder distribution. Eliminate the need to preheat the intake manifold
  11. 11. Gasoline Direct Injection•GDI is a process where a mixture of fueland air is sent into the engine through ahighly pressurized.•The injector is connected along with theintake valve, exhaust valve and the sparkplug•The injector, injects the mixtureaccording to the speed of the engine. Theintake valve is used for only air.•More air means more combustion.•Compression ratio is high as 12.5:1 at itspeak value,
  12. 12. Working GDI Air flow SensorAcceleration ECU SP Pedal HI Pressure Fuel GDI pump IC Engine
  13. 13. GDI Burning mode1. Ultra-lean burn mode: At lowerspeeds, the mixture is injected at the end ofthe compression stroke for lowest heatlosses. This is when the compression ratioin the cylinders is maximum2. Stochiometric mode: This is theconventional method of injection during theintake stroke for optimum combustion andminimum waste gases during moderate citydriving conditions.3. Full Power mode: Fuel is injected in theintake stroke at a higher .This is done athigh speeds or high load conditions likeclimbing a hill.
  14. 14. Requirement of GDI Engine The Upright Straight Intake Port. The Curved-top Piston. The High Pressure Fuel Pump. The High Pressure Swirl Injector.
  15. 15. ACHIEVEMENTS• Vehicle Acceleration Engine Performance GDI MPFI 0 5 10 15
  16. 16. Vehicle Fuel Consumption  Fuel Consumption During Idling
  17. 17. Emission Control
  18. 18. CONCLUSIONProvides improved torque 5-10%Up to 5% more powerReduction of CO2 production by nearly20 percent.Fulfills future emissions requirements.97% NOx reduction is achieved.Improve the brake specific fuelconsumption.Reduced fuel consumption 15-20%
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