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SaveMom Pitch


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At OliveWear, we provide personalised and predictive maternal care using AI, iOT and wearable technology. Currently, we have developed a complete solution that can provide high quality maternal care for mothers.

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SaveMom Pitch

  1. 1. “Healthy Mom, Healthy baby”
  2. 2. • Developing countries spends $4 Billion every year in Maternal & child care • No monitoring tool to ensure quality of maternal care • The ratio of gynaecologist to pregnant women is 1:10,000 Around the world, 800 women and 21000 children die everyday due to preventable complications Problem
  3. 3. Our Solution “Home care kit + Continuous Monitoring + AI Assistance” Wearable + iOT devices SaveMom app Doctor portal + Vitals collected digitally Personalized healthcare AI to identify High risk mothers Web portal for real Time monitoring AI Doctor Assistant
  4. 4. AI Doctor on Cloud Trained with more than 100,000 data set with help of 45 doctors • Trained with 100,000 data set • 45 doctors to validate the system • Tensor flow based Deep neutral network model. • It uses reinforcement learning for continuous feedback from doctors. • Identify the high risk mothers from the ANC checkup. Name: Manimala BP: 84/155 BG: 5.5 mmol/L pulse: 76 weight: 52kg spO2: 98% Good BAD Patient Checkup Send Patient Good Book Need checkup Doctor Application
  5. 5. Business model • To Setup E-Clinic in PHC(Primary Healthcare centre) • Medical device setup for digital check-up. • Web portal Software deployment & Training for Doctors. • Mobile application deployment & Training for Health worker FIXED $1000 e-PHC • Onboard pregnant women into the platform • 1000 days care for mother & child • 16 Antenatal check-up during pregnancy. • Digitalization of all the health record of Mother & child. • vaccination tracking & alert for the new born baby. • Baby growth monitoring. $99 per-Women Subscription Data Model Assistant AI
  6. 6. Market Opportunity 25 Million babies Per year in India $2.2 Billion $130 Million SOM $18 Billion TAM SAM (Total Addressable Market) (Share of Market) (Serviceable Addressable Market)
  7. 7. Competition Analysis • Generic app for all patients • Not specifically for pregnant women • Smart devices • Fetal heart rate, weighing and wearable • Too expensive • No curated content Details of competition: • Devices complicated to use • Lot of initial training • Not complete solution • More expensive Our Innovation AlloTricoder AlloWear • All in one portal device to measure six vital information. • Vital collected digitally and send to AI for anlaysis. • Unique fashion inspired wearable device with 6 month battery life • Tracks sleeping, steps and reminder for medicine
  8. 8. Senthil Kumar Product Innovation Ex Qualcomm & Samsung Dhinesh pandian Business Development Serial Entrepreneur Satish Thiyagarajan PhD, Human development and Sociology Arundhati Char PhD, Public Health and Epidemiology 23yr Experience Ram Prabhakar K PhD, Research AI & ML Indian Institute of Science (IISc) 55 years of overall experience Dr. Mythily Pandian MBBS, DNB(OBG), DRM (Germany) Sripriya Sridhar 30+ years of Experience Ex-CISCO program head IoT Board of Advisor Management Team
  9. 9. Financial projection 0 500000 1000000 1500000 2000000 2500000 3000000 01/01/17 01/01/18 01/01/19 01/01/20 01/01/21 Top line 5 year projection 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 12,000 35,000 70,000 800,000 2,600,000 USD($)
  10. 10. Phase I Deployment Completed • 1428 pregnant women delivered a baby in 40 villages • Completed deployment in 13 villages in Tamilnadu partnering with JCI • Completed deployment in 27 villages in Kerala partnering with Amrita Serve. • $70,000 Revenue generated on the phase I deployment. In 18 months… 1,428 382 22,856 SUCCESSFUL DELIVERY AT HOSPITAL HIGH RISK MOTHERS IDENTIFIED HOME BASED ANTENATAL CHEKUP DONE
  11. 11. Phase II & Phase III & Phase IV Deployment – 2020- 2021-2022 AMRITA SERVE (INDIA’S LARGEST NGO) 108 DIGITAL EMPOWRMENT FOUDNATION (Smart digital village project) URESEPCT FOUNDATION (Maharashtra Gov pilot) 162 20,000 2M women across India 88 villages 500 villages 28 villages
  12. 12. Awards & Recognition “Winners of Elevate 100 by Karnataka Government” “Mbillionth award winner for most impactful innovation in South East Asia” “Grant Award winner of Millennium Alliance 2017 under Health category” “Top 10 start-up selected for Google Launchpad class I “Top 10 start-up selected for CodeForNextBillion by Facebook “Top 10 startup award in Global Entrepreneurship summit 2017 “Featured in CNBC TV18 Young turks program” “Featured in India Innovate program in DD” “Featured in Innovate Tamilnadu program” “Featured in Yourstory start-up program”
  13. 13. Funding Status • $300K will be spend on deployment of devices & training health worker for 200 villages partnering with Digital empowerment foundation. • $150K will be spend on manufacturing of 1000 Medical KIT. • $200K will be spend no customization of the product to fit in urban market partnering with hospitals. • $125K will be spend to pilot program in other global market. • $100K will be spend on Operational expenses • $25K will be spend on Patent filling expenses • $100K will be spend on marketing expenses Seed Stage $20K Winner Award Grant from Government of Karnataka $S35K AIRMAKER Accelerator Seed investment $15K Winner Nidhi prayas Award Grant from Government of India $15K Indo-Israel grant award from Government of India Funding ASK $1M 20% Equity dilution for $5M post money valuation
  14. 14. Roadmap Rural pilot start Started pilot in Madurai 2017 2019 2021 20202018 Child Care Partner with URespect in Maharashtra General healthcare Partner with major hospitals. Maternal care Partnered with Amrita serve in Kerala. Old Care Partner with Digital Empowerment foundation
  15. 15. ThankYou! ++91-8095207092