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Azureday 2020 - The Edge talks - long road into the Cloud​

  1. The Edge talks - long road into the Cloud Rafał Warzycha | Technology Evangelist @ ABB
  2. — About me
  3. — Rafał Warzycha Technology Evangelist @ ABB Podcast creator – Blogger, community sheppard from Łódź m @rwarzycha
  4. — Data security Data ownership Data processing Agenda 1 2 3
  5. — Edge talks
  6. Source
  7. — Data security
  8. Source
  9. — 83 % — Field devices are inadequately updated for known security flaws Source
  10. — Root cause THREATPOST The install base of connected devices is expected to reach more than 31 billion devices by 2020, according to Business Insider Intelligence. Many of them will likely be left with default passwords, or will be installed and never updated or patched, researchers said.
  11. — Data ownership
  12. — Who really owns the data ? • device manufacturer • end-user • 3rd party • …
  13. — Multitenancy Tenant A Tenant B Tenant C TSI
  14. — Data processing
  15. — Expectations
  16. — Reality
  17. — — Q&A
  18. — — Thank you!
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Editor's Notes

  1. Hello everyone,    I am happy to be here with you. Today I will be sharing with you some thoughts and experiences related to the Edge Computing.
  2. A few words about me - my name is Rafał Warzycha, I'm Technology Evangelist @ ABB. You may recognize my voice from the podcast called just4fun. I am also involved in multiple knowledge-sharing initiatives in Lodz. My day to day work as a Client Success Team member is to travel all over the world and help my clients to build their IoT solutions based on Microsoft Azure.   Today I would like to share with you some real-life stories that I have brought back from my travels to give you some idea about how Edge computing is being developed by developers all over the world.
  3. We will focus on three areas -   Data security Data ownership Data processing   Those 3 are most commonly associated with edge computing and can give you some insights into what kind of issues developers and architects are experiencing.  
  4. Let's start with data security. This topic is very sticky since security is an art. On its own. I the case of edge computing we typically put devices in the field to collect and process data. To "do sth in the field" means to expose it to the harm - both literally and figuratively. You may recognize the slogan, that the letter "S" in the "IoT" acronym stands for Security.   Since 2011 when we started to observe a rapid growth on IoT all over the world, low security was the common denominator of. I remember multiple conference talks, where it was exposed to great details. Security got improved since then but will still struggle with some threads.   Today's issues are mostly related to botnet activities. Unfortunately, we can still observe IoT devices that are mass-produced, with poorly implemented security and no option for firmware updates when vulnerability will be discovered. Since there is no if, where.  
  5. The attack, which occurred between March and April [2019] at one of the firm's clients in the "entertainment industry," targeted an online streaming application, Imperva says in a blog. At one point, the botnet produced more than 292,000 requests per minute, the researchers say.
  6. “Many IoT devices are treated as fire-and-forget: Once initially set up, IoT devices are not monitored or checked for abnormal behavior, meaning an infected device could be operating for a significant period of time before issues are ever detected,” according to IBM X-Force. Storytime EL
  7. Story time
  8. Story time
  9. Story time
  10. Storytime
  11. Questinons?
  12. Thank you for joining me in this talk. I hope it was informative and interesting. I'm available during the event, please feel free to ask me anything related to IoT.   Additionally, soon on the Theater track, my friend Pawel Fiderek is starting his talk, say hi from me.