The Fastest Way To Find Out What The Press Is Saying About Your App


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The Fastest Way To Find Out What The Press Is Saying About Your App

  1. 1. App Store Optimization Tools The Fastest Way To Find Out What The Press Is Saying About Your App
  2. 2. App Store Optimization Tools The Problem Since you are busy running a business, sometimes it can be tough to keep up with what the press is saying about your app or your business in general. ! While Google Alerts and keeping key news websites in your reader can help you stay on top of things, some mentions can slip through the cracks. ! This presents two distinct problems for any company. ! If the press mention is bad (like the one to the right), then you need to be able to respond to it and mitigate the damages. ! Should the press mention be good, you want to be able to brag about it on social media or on your blog. Copyright © 2014 Sensor Tower So how can you keep tabs on what people are saying about your app? ! In this short presentation, we will show you two easy-to-use tools that you can add to your arsenal of listening devices, so you don’t get caught off guard.
  3. 3. App Store Optimization Tools The Solution We have done a lot of work on searching for any time an app is mentioned on media websites or blogs. ! When we find something relevant, we add that information to our Sensor Tower dashboard. ! The best part is that we are able to differentiate between iOS and Android related mentions, so you don’t have to sift through a ton of unrelated items. ! This can also be an easy way for you to track how well your press releases are working. If you are sending out releases and they are not getting picked up by the media, then you can consider taking a different approach. Copyright © 2014 Sensor Tower In the example graph above, we show the historical ranking of the Adobe Reader app in the Business Category for iPhone apps. ! On the graph, we indicate the presence of press mentions on a specific date with a blue dialog bubble. ! When you put your mouse over it, you will be able to see the exact number of mentions and when you click on it, all of the mentions for that date will appear at the bottom of the graph.
  4. 4. App Store Optimization Tools Track User Reviews Although this isn’t a way to monitor press mentions, we also want to add that you should also be keeping tabs on your user app reviews. ! Doing this can not only tip you off to media mentions, but also to major problems with your app. ! To the right, are some current issues with the Facebook app. ! If there are enough bad reviews, this can also lead to bad press, so this is one way to prevent bad publicity before it starts. ! This information is also provided in the Sensor Tower dashboard and the Review Analysis Tool also allows you to search reviews by keywords. Copyright © 2014 Sensor Tower
  5. 5. App Store Optimization Tools Conclusion So those are some ways that you can monitor what the press is saying about your app. ! Knowing when your app is getting bad press allows you to respond to it and staying on top of good press gives you the opportunity to brag about it. ! Although our method for tracking press mentions is very good, no tool in the world can catch 100% of the mentions of your app, so you should have a few carefully selected tools at your disposal. ! Our Press Mentions and Review Analysis tools are two ways that you can make sure that your bases are covered when you do get a big mention… Copyright © 2014 Sensor Tower
  6. 6. App Store Optimization Tools About Sensor Tower Sensor Tower provides businesses with powerful keyword research and tracking tools to help their apps get more downloads by ranking for important keywords. ! For a free trial, visit Copyright © 2014 Sensor Tower
  7. 7. App Store Optimization Tools For more ways to increase the downloads of your business app, visit the Sensor Tower Blog. Copyright © 2014 Sensor Tower