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Online Auction Software Admin Tools


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This provides an outline of the admin tools for our online auction software.

It shows you what tools you have at your disposal. You can manage user, bidding and the lots for sale in the auction. This includes banning bidders; setting reserves and opening bids; uploading lot pictures and embedding video; setting the closing time for the auction; adding lot descriptions.

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Online Auction Software Admin Tools

  1. 1. Sensible Development Auction Technology Administrator Tools
  2. 2. Overview The admin tools provide the means to manage all aspects of an online auction. The admin menu on the right shows the basic admin options available. The admin has a generic filter and search interface. Absentee Bid So named because it monitors remote bidding in traditional off line auctions, this provides you with an instant overview of all bidding in the system. Auction This allows the auctioneer to manage the lots, bids and events run on the site. User This provides the means to manage users when they register on the site. Users can baned or easily looked up and locate their contact details. Content This provides the tools to add general text content to the site. General This allows the admin to categorize lots with in the system for easy navigation by the user. Tags can also be added, providing a means for users to cross- reference lot items using related keywords. Paypal Payments can be captured by Paypal as standard, but other payment gateways such as Protx or Worldpay can be used with the system.
  3. 3. Absentee Bid Table The absentee bid table enables the auctioneer to see instantly how bidding is going in the auction. They are able to see how lots are performing against reserve, the number of bids and who the current highest bidder is. This allows them to make informed decisions about the progress of the auction.
  4. 4. Bid Management Bid management provides the means with which to manage bids of all types. All bids are time-stamped and all bidding can be traced by IP Address and removed if required. Bids are searchable and they can also be filtered by auction, lot, user or any custom reporting format required. Bid information can also be exported for reporting.
  5. 5. Bidding table explanation Lot search Export output to CSV IP Address format data Filter by User Pagination Filter by Lots Filter by Auction Preconfigured reporting
  6. 6. Bidding detail page Bidderʼs Amount Bid Was this bid placed by an Track the bidder user name autobid? location Is the bid active? Lot name Bid timestamp
  7. 7. Lot Management Lot manage provides the ability to manage the stock held within the system. Items can be easily located using the search tool or by making use of the built in filters. Additionally custom reporting can be built in to provide business specific stock control. Lots can be added and kept in draft format until ready to go live. Changes can be made in real time to change reserves, or start/end dates, along with increment settings. Multiple images can also be added. Lot Filtering Lot Search Data export Lots
  8. 8. Lot Management Lot Management enables the administrator to manage the information held about the lot. They can also set when the lot finishes, set the reserve & opening bid amounts, as well as the increment between bids. The auction administrator can also provide in depth descriptions on the lot for sale, along with specifying whether over time bidding will be switched on. When the auction has finished the auctioneer can easily tell which users have been notified and which lots have been paid for.
  9. 9. User
Management Users can be easily located and managed using the admin tools. Users can be found by searching for them. Users can also be exported and this data can be used for marketing purposes. If a user becomes a nuisance they can be prevented from bidding on the system by banning them. Lot Filtering Search for the user Lot Search Export users to third party software Data export Select the user Lots
  10. 10. User
Management The user will have to provide a complete set of details upon registration prior to bidding. All fields can be customized as the business requirements dictate. This means they can be changed or additions can be made. Is the user an admin user? Has the user confirmed their email address? Ban User Userʼs contact details
  11. 11. Category
Management The auctioneer has the ability to categorize and tag all the lots in the system. The categories determine the section the items will appear on the website, where as the tags provide the users will a means to cross reference items through the use of related keywords. Select and manage the categories the lots will appear in on the website Select and manage the tags
  12. 12. Thank you! Alan Newman, Managing Director +44 (0)1273 621110