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Auction administration tools


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Auction administration tools

  1. 1. Sensible Development Auction Technology Administrator Tools
  2. 2. Overview Absentee bidding – overview of bidding on the site Auction – managing lots, bids and events on the site Classified – managing ads placed on the site Flat Pages – managing the site’s flat pages General – categories and tags Site Object – editing the site object Watchlists– managing users’ watchlistsCSV Export – exporting auction data for reporting purposes User – managing users registered to the site Email – managing emails sent to users of the site Invoices – managing invoices and credit notes PayPal – setting up and managing PayPal payment File Upload – uploading miscellaneous files to the site API – application programming interface
  3. 3. Absentee BidTableThe absentee bid table gives you anoverall view of how the auction isgoing and allows you to keep track ofbidding. It gives a list of all lotscurrently up for auction along with: the current highest bid the highest bidder the maximum bid the user is willing to bid the amount of bids placed so far the increment the reserve price
  4. 4. LotmanagementThis is where all lots on your site(whether current, ended or yet tobe published) can be viewed andmanaged. The table lists lots inaddition to: Status End date Overtime period Auction to which lot belongs Whether or not the lot is a preview Whether or not the lot has been paid for Whether or not the winner has been notified
  5. 5. To add a lot to the system click on the Add new lot button at the bottom of the page. It is possible to edit: Name URL Status Start and end date Number and sort order Description Auction Category and tags Images Opening bid IncrementReserve price and Buy Now priceVideosOvertime periodPostage
  6. 6. Display order Set lot as preview Set lot as sealed bidding only or Buy Now only Feature lotTo edit a lot select its entry in the table. Theediting page allows you to modify all of the fieldsabove, as well as mark lot as paid for, suspendbidding and add final sale price (after a previewauction).
  7. 7. Bid management On this page all bids placed on your auction site can be seen on a table. The table also includes information on: Bidder Amount of money bid Lot for which bid was made Date of bid IP address of bidder Whether or not bid is an autobid To edit a bid click on the bid’s entry in thetable. On the editing page it is possible to edit all of the fields that were displayed on the table. It is alsopossible to delete the bid if necessary.
  8. 8. Autobid tableThis table lists all autobids placed, along withinformation on: Bidder Maximum amount of autobid Lot for which autobid was madeTo edit an autobid click on the bid’s entry in the table.The editing page allows you to: Change the bidder to whom the bid belongs Change the amount of the bid Change the lot for which the bid was made Delete the bid
  9. 9. Sealed Bid tableThis table displays all sealed bids made.It also gives information on: Bidder Amount of money bid Lot for which bid was made Date of bid IP address of bidder
  10. 10. Buy Now BidTableThis table displays all “Buy Now” bidsmade, along with information on: Bidder Amount of money bid Lot for which bid was made Date of bid IP address of bidderTo edit or delete a bid click on the bid’s entry in the table. You will find yourself on a page where you can edit allthe information about the bid that is included in the table. Click the red “Delete” text at the bottom of the page inorder to delete the bid.
  11. 11. Lot image managementThis page shows all lot images on the site. Simplyclick on an image in order to edit, replace or deleteit. To add a new lot image click on the “Add New LotImage” button at the bottom of the page. This will take you to a page where you can upload a picture file and assign it to one of the lots on the website.
  12. 12. Auction managementThis table displays all auctions that have taken place onthe site. It also includes information on: Date on which auctioned ended Status (i.e. published or unpublished)To edit an auction simply click on its name. You will findyourself on a page where you can edit various aspects ofthe auction including: Name of auction Start and end date Description Image URL Whether auction is featured
  13. 13. AuctionImageTo edit the auction images alone go to theAuctionImage section of the admin system and clickon the auction images you wish to edit. You shouldfind yourself on a page which allows you to uploadimages and assign them to an auction.
  14. 14. AuctionUser ManagementSome auction sites require that users apply toreceive permission to bid on auctions. If this isthe case all these applications can be managedin AuctionUserStatus. On the page you will see a list of users who have applied for bidding permission. If youselect a name in the list you will see the details of the application. You can approve or reject the user’sapplication via the “Status” box.
  15. 15. Flat PageHere you can edit the various pages to be found on the sitemenu – i.e. How to bid, About us, Contact us, etc. Therewill be a list of the various flat pages on the site. Click on apage’s title in order to edit it. On the editing page you canedit: The body text of the page The title of the page The page’s URL The sort order Choose that only logged on users can see the page Choose whether or not page can be seen on menuYou can delete the page by clicking the red “Delete” text at thebottom of the editing page. To add a new flat page click theAdd New FlatPage button at bottom of the main FlatPage list.
  16. 16. Site ObjectHere you can edit the homepage text, and anumber of other things. Click on the SiteObjectv1 link to edit the site object. On the editingpage it is possible to edit: The homepage text and title The site logo The site masthead The site colours Add Google Analytics Upload site terms and conditions Enable/disable autoembedding Add additional lot details Enable/disable site registration Add sponsor Hide/show final prices
  17. 17. Categories and tagging The auctioneer has the ability to categorize and tag all the lots in the system. The categories determine the section in which the lots will appear on the website, whereas the tags provide the users will a means to cross reference items through the use of related keywords. The Categories page features a table in which all lot categories on the site are listed. To edit a category select the category’s title. The Tag page displays a list of all tags it is possible to use on the site. Select a tag in orderto edit it. To add a new tag select the “Add New Tag” button at the bottom of the page.
  18. 18. Watch List ManagementThis section of the site allows you keep track of the lots usershave added to their personal watchlist.Clicking on the items in the list will allow you to see thedetails of the watchlist item: User who added item to their watchlist Date item was added to the watchlist Time item was added to the watchlistTo add an item to a user’s watchlist click on the “Add NewWatchListItem” button at the bottom of the page.
  19. 19. CSV ExportData about lots, bids, emails, invoices andeverything else on the site can be exportedfor reporting purposes. To do this simplyclick on the text saying “cvs export” whichis located near the top left of most adminpages. This will immediately export thedata on the page onto an Excel document.
  20. 20. User managementThe “User” page features a table of allthe users registered to the site along withtheir: Admin status Email address Company name Date account was registeredTo edit a user’s details click on their entryin the table. On the editing page it ispossible to: Edit username Edit password Alter admin status Alter account’s active status Edit user’s first or last name
  21. 21. Edit company name Edit contact details Ban user Choose to receive information on user’s bidding activitiesTo add a new user click on the “Add new user” buttonat the bottom of the page. The Add User pagecontains all the fields listed above.The User page can also be used to resend activationemails if necessary. You can do this by ticking the
  22. 22. boxes to left of the users to whom you intend to send the email. Then click the “Go” button next to the box on the top left of the screen titled “Resend Activation Email”. UserSession allows you to see a list of all registered users currently logged in to the site.Selecting an entry in the list takes you to a page where you can see at what time the user logged in and at whattime their session will expire.
  23. 23. Wanted Ads Management All ads placed on the site are listed in a table in addition to information on whether or not the ad has been published and its display order. To edit an ad click on its entry in the table. It is possible to edit: Title Published status Body textDisplay orderStart and end dateAdvertiser’s web addressImage
  24. 24. Site Email ManagementAll email templates for emails automatically sentout by the site when users register, place a bid,reset their password, etc. are listed in a tablealong with their enabled status. Select an email’sentry in order to find out its details, edit or delete.It is possible to edit: The event that triggers the email Change the subject of the email Change the text of the email Change the “set” of email to which itbelongs
  25. 25. To edit all emails simultaneously select “SiteEmailSet” on the admin menu. Here you will see a list of all “sets” of emails on the site. Generally, there will be only one set. Select the relevant set to edit or delete all the emails in the set in bulk.CustomEmail provides you with the means to create newemail templates if required.
  26. 26. Invoice managementOur admin system has several tools for managinginvoices sent out by the site.Once auctions have finished the next part of thesales process is to requestpayment from the winningbidders. The invoice module provides theadministrator with the ability to create invoices (andcredit notes) in thefollowing way: For an entire auction Across individual or groups of lots For individual bids, underbids or groups of bids Miscellaneous line items such as delivery can be added Credit Notes can also be created from existing invoices Include multiple lots per invoice for each buyer• VAT can be varied according to invoice Individual invoices for each lotwhether UK, EU or Tax exempt.
  27. 27. Company Info CompanyInfo allows you to edit the details of your company or organisation that are included on invoices. You can edit: Name Bank details Contact details Registration number VAT number VAT rate Invoice footer To add a new company or organisation’s detailsto be included on invoices select the “Add New CompanyInfo”.
  28. 28. CompanyLogoCompanyLogo allows you to edit the company ororganisation logo featured on invoices. To edit alogo select its entry in the list. This will take you tothe editing page where it is possible to: Replace the image Change image size Define whether or not this will be the default logoTo add a new logo select “Add New CompanyLogo” at the bottom of the page.
  29. 29. CreditNotes CreditNote allows you to manage credit notes sent to users of the site. The page displays a table listing all credit notes in addition to: Customer to whom credit note was sent Auction to which lot won belonged Name of company or organisation of customer Date of credit note Total price of lot or lots wonSelect a credit note’s entry in the table in order to edit it. The editing page allows you to edit all of the fieldsabove, as well as: the customer’s contact details the company or organisation’s details the lot detailsYou can create a new credit note by selecting the “Add New CreditNote” button at the bottom of the page.
  30. 30. InvoiceInvoice provides you with the means to manage and editinvoices. A table lists all invoices that have been createdfor winners of lots on the site, in addition to: Auction to which lot won belonged Name of customer Name of customer’s company or organisation Date of invoice Total price of lot or lotsAll these fields can be edited by clicking on the invoice’sentry. You can also edit: Customer’s contact details Company or organisation’s details and logo included on invoice Content of invoice Lot details
  31. 31. Payment Management If you intend on taking payment for lots via PayPal then PayPalConfiguration is the page to go to in order to set up your account. Select thebutton entitled “Add New PayPalConfiguration”.PayPalPayments allows you to monitor paymentsmade. You can find out the details of a payment byselecting its entry in the list. In addition, the “Add NewPayPalPayment” button at the bottom of the pageallows you to add a new payment entry manually.
  32. 32. Uploading filesShould you wish to upload PDF documents,videos or any other type of file onto yourauction site you can do so by going to“FileUpload”.Here you can upload a file to the site byselecting the “Add New FileUpload” buttonat the bottom of the page.Once you’ve uploaded your file right click“View on site” and copy the link address. To add the file to a page on the site, simply add a hyperlink to thecopied address.
  33. 33. API Authoriser KeyOur auction system allows you to let othersoftware components to communicate withyour site via our application programminginterface.An API key is a code generated by websites that gives users permission to access the site’sAPI. API keysare used to track how the API is being used. This is so as to prevent abuse of the terms of service. The “AuthoriserKey” page lets you manage users who have access to the API and restrict their access if necessary.
  34. 34. Thank you! +44 (0)1273 621110