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Kalakshetra chennai


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kalakshetra, thiruvanmiyur chennai

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Kalakshetra chennai

  1. 1. 1e>: r—v. - — Kalakshetra : Dance & Gandharvaveda Music A sacred yet modem space lor the arts. the Koothambalam, or Bharata Kalakshetra Auditorium. is the main theatre space in Kalakshetra. Rukmini Devi wrote that "dance was so closely interlinked with religion that today it is impossible to think of it divorced from this essential background". in every sense, the architecture of the Koothambalam - Bharata Kalakshetra auditorium - reflects this understanding. Today it is one of the most important and respected performance spaces in India. In keeping with the fact that Bharata Natyam and a great deal of classical music originated in the temple. Rukmini Devi sought to bring the devotional spirit of this tom of dance to the stage. Her search for a suitable architectural form ended when she saw the traditional koothambalam style of Kerala at the Kalamsndeiam Dance Centre. On that occasion she also met D. Appukuttan Nair, an architect who understood exactly what she wanted and had the knowledge and vision to make her dream a reality. "'~, I. ’ -4 . ; s, -_—. - A World Class Cultural Academy in Chennai, India For Bharatanatyam Together, they created a theatre that provides a setting for dance and music that few who see it will ever forget. Built of timber, with slatted walls and a tiled roof, the boundaries between the outdoor and indoors are muted. "There should be regular communi- cation between the world outside and the world inside, ‘ said Appukuttan Nair and he built accordingly. The breeze blows softly through the trees which surround the theatre, and as the natural light outside fades, the stage lights rise to images of great beauty. in the rainy season, the sublime music that soars to the high rafters is complemented by the sound of rain- drops on the leaves outside. The stage area is 45% of the audience seating area, reflecting the emphasis that the audito- rium's designers laid on the art and the artists. The dressing rooms are generously sized. Because the auditorium is used primarily lor dance performances, the level of the stage is just I8 inches higher than the lowest level of the seating area, enabling all audience to see the foot work clearly. Koothambalam: Architecture in it. ... .! Study by: M. SenthiI, Roll No: 1350010 ; C. KaIaivendhan, Roll No: 1350011
  2. 2. Kalakshetra : A World Class Cultural Academy in Chennai, India For Bharatanatyam Dance & Gandharvaveda Music Technical Specifications: Construction oi the Koothambelarmthe older auditorium et Kalakshetra. was completed around I984. Measuring 40'x40‘, the auditorium can seat 750. we , ... . r. ‘ i». am. .. SO can be accommodated '~-- "~ on the floor directly In '['; ‘__: “v", ,"_W_ _______‘ front of the stage. There WWW)/ l"QJV‘. k'l1lVI" are 428 chairs In the "*""“'-""““°'°“" octagonal well of the ""“'"""""""' theatre, I68 chairs on the peripheral veranda, end 104 in galleries in the balcony. yaw miun: now. ’ Why do dancc studios nccd a sprung dance floor‘? Dressing rooms are ' x ‘ , ' V I V Concrete floors and other solid surfaces can create bodily injury as they are not "Resilient". “Qua”, ,0, amt, ’ on me i ‘ p ‘ _‘ A ‘ e A spnmg dance floor absorbs energy while providing an even and consistent dampening affect. wound “ooh , p r ' _ _ L _ _ - _ A sprung floor is a floor that absorbs shocks giving It a softer feel. Such floors are considered the ' ' ’ ‘ A - " best available for dance and indoor sports and physical cducation. They enhance performance and grutiy rcducc injuncs. Modem spnmg floors arc supported by foam backing or rubber feet, while the traditional floors are cushioned mcchanically. Koothambalam: Architecture in it. ... .! A ' Study by: M. Senthil, Roll No: 1350010 ; C. Ka| alvendhan, Roll No: 135001l