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Experiment with music through Spotify Apps. Browse through popular apps like Rolling Stone,, Pitchfork and more and engage with experiments beyond pressing the play button. Brought to you by

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Spotify Apps x20

  1. 1. Spotify Apps x20 20 Apps. 20 Experiments
  2. 2. SoundropListen to songs in social rooms featuring your friends orstrangers. Create or join a room with a theme (90’s songsor Ozzy Osbourne) and inhabitants of that room picksongs they want played + everyone votes on what theywant to collectively hear next
  3. 3. sensesic experiment old music friends1. You remember that buddy you used to talk music with – the two of you had a friendship that bloomed from music > your tastes were similar and you respected one another for that reason > but now you don’t really talk to one another? Time to rekindle and use Soundrop to do so1. Create a private listening room with Soundrop app on Spotify – call it anything you want1. Locate that friend via Facebook or another means and say hello again and invite them to join a private room telling them you always respected their taste and want to exchange new favorite songs1. Observe whether or not you and that old friend still have the same musical taste. If you do = great. If you don’t = kindly shut down the room
  4. 4. FuseTakes one theme and builds a playlist for that theme. Forexample (on President’s Day they built a playlist thatcontained only songs about Presidents). Rainy Days Playlisthad all songs with “Rain” somewhere in the title
  5. 5. sensesic experiment Music Day ___ (insert Year)1. Pick a day coming up on your calendar in which you will have some time to observe and create a small playlist. We are going to turn a typical day > into a day you will always remember musically. We recommend picking a typical day because this experiment will make that day mean something to you.1. On the day you selected > wake up and immediately observe the themes in your day – build a 15+ song playlist throughout your day based on the themes you encounter. So if you wake up trip on something in your room > search for a song you feel describes that tripping incident. By the end of the day you will have a complete playlist describing your typical day1. Building this playlist may actually show you how atypical each day is if you pay more attention and you will always have this list to refer to in the future > pass it on to your kids etc.
  6. 6. Top 10Create Top 10 playlists and share + compare those listswith friends. These 10 playlists are stored within the Top 10app and users can compare their top 10 to lists to others(strangers that use the app as well
  7. 7. sensesic experiment Top 10 peer critics1. Think of an artist/band that you are passionate about and make sure some of your friends are ALSO passionate about them2. Use Top 10 and create a Top 10 list of songs from that artist/band you have in mind > but don’t actually pick your top 10 – pick the worst 10 for this experiment and proclaim them as your top 10– you can always go back and change it1. The Top 10 app allows you to share your list on social networks. Post the Top 10 to your Facebook or other networks and Tag the friends that are also passionate about that artist/band. Odds are they will not agree with your Top 10 (worst 10)2. Now wait…and count the # of times your friends argue with you. If you get more than 10 disgruntled comments – you win!
  8. 8. Rolling StoneProvides a collection of RS exclusive lists from artists – forexample (Tom Petty’s favorite Elvis songs). Also contains themag’s top songs and album reviews with the ability to playeach right from their interface (Rolling Stone recommends)
  9. 9. sensesic experiment Tom Petty’s Bad Taste1. As mentioned in the previous slide the RS app has a lot of playlists that were built by mainstream artists like Tom Petty. You can read the title of these playlists within their app landing page. Pick one of the titles so for example “Tom Petty’s top 50 Elvis songs” DO NOT LOOK AT THE LIST – just the title1. Using the “playlist” function in Spotify > create your own “Top 50 Elvis songs” and you don’t have to do a full 50 if that seems like too much – just do your top 10 or 201. Compare your Elvis taste to that of Tom Petty and see if you and Tom agree OR agree to disagree. Wouldn’t it be cool to see Tom’s top 20 almost match with yours – “Tom’s Cool,” you’d say1. You can use ANY of the Rolling Stone playlists for this experiment – Petty is just an example
  10. 10. Hot or NotPowered by Warner Music Group – Hotor Not is what you think it is > you areplayed a random song and you votewhether or not the song is HOT or NOT.Your votes accumulate points for you
  11. 11. sensesic experiment hot streak1. Use Hot or Not and select “ALL” as the stream option along the top navigation of the app. You will be played random songs (some you will know and some you will not know)1. Listen to each song and vote on whether you think it is HOT or NOT – but don’t necessarily judge it based on your OWN opinion – for this experiment we are looking to get on a hot streak1. Your goal is to vote 10 times in a row and have your vote agree with the overall voter population all 10 times. The 10 HAS to be in a row – if you get 10 agreeable choices in 11 trys you are good… but not on a “hot streak”
  12. 12. We are HuntedProvides a portfolio that has an aestheticallypleasing layout of top 100 tracks from up andcoming artists and mainstream artists. Updatedtwice daily, they are hunting down new music foryou to experience – each song can be played fromtheir interface
  13. 13. sensesic experiment hunting the Nostradamus underdog1. Monitor the “up and coming” top 100 chart from 70-100 and pick 2 songs. One that you love and want to see succeed > and one that you anticipate will be loved by the general listeners over time that you don’t care for1. Keep an eye on the two songs for the preceding two weeks and cheer on the underdog song that you LOVE > hoping that its top 100 rank is better than that of your other choice1. Check in each day to see how your prediction if fairing. If your song ranks higher at the end of two weeks > you win!
  14. 14. tunewikiThe ultimate karaoke agent for Spotify. Watch lyricsstream across the screen as you play songs within theengine. You don’t even have to scroll as the lyrics scrollautomatically based on the timing of the song beingplayed.
  15. 15. sensesic experiment help a tunewiki out1. The app has a plethora of songs covered that align the lyrics with the timing they are sung – this way the scrolling is accurate and doesn’t confuse any users – however > there are songs that need to be timed appropriately and tunewiki has the tools for you to time the song yourself if it isn’t timed properly1. Search for some songs that you love but are not sure they will be mainstream enough to already have a perfectly timed tunewiki scrolling experience. Listen to the song within the app and engineer the timing of the lyrics for all tunewiki users to use1. Their directions are simple and the tool is easy to use > you just press the space bar when you hear the words being sung1. Now you will forever know that you engineered the timing of the lyrics for a song you love
  16. 16. PitchforkThree tabs In this app are all fueled by the popularmusic site.-Best New Albums (any album with a high review)-Album Reviews (all PF album reviews)-Playlists (best songs of 2000, best songs of 2011, etc.)
  17. 17. sensesic experiment best/worst albums1. Pitchfork rates albums 1-10. If you interact with their app and select “album reviews” along the top navigation you will see the latest albums with their review rating in BOLD.1. Find an album that received a low rating – in the eyes of Pitchfork – anything in the 5 or lower range is not very respectable2. Listen to the songs on the ablum and pick out the best song that you feel HELPED the final rating and the worst song that you feel HURT the final rating1. Now create a playlist “the best and the worst of (x) band” – you now have 1 playlist for your “best/worst” album collection. Do this with future releases to share with friends your best/worst choices
  18. 18. MoodagentAggregates playlists for particular moodtypes – happy, angry, sensual, tenderand more. Pick a mood and they providea playlist that adheres to that mood. Youcan also pop a playlist into their interfaceand it will judge the overall mood of thatplaylist
  19. 19. sensesic experiment how do you feel lately?1. Within Spotify you can create playlists. I create a variety of playlists but one I continuously visit is the list that I have recently “starred” > I star tracks when I like them and that star list is what I listen to the most for obvious reasons > it contains my favorite songs at the present time. In this experiment we will determine how you have been feeling lately according to your most popular listens.1. Open the Moodagent app and you’ll notice near the bottom they have an area where you can drag and drop any playlist and Moodagent will determine the mood of that playlist for you.1. You can’t drag your “starred” songs > but you can put the top 10-20 songs you have starred and put them in a playlist OR you can just use an existing playlist that contains random tunes you often listen to.1. Drag and drop your playlist into the designated area and get a feel for how you are feeling lately according to Moodagent’s music analysis2. If you are new to Spotify > use the service for 1-2 months and then try this
  20. 20. FiltrFocuses on the music discovery of others.The Filtr app’s primary feature is how itcan curate playlists based on yourfriend’s Facebook Band Likes. It will alsocreate playlists based on your ownSpotify listening habits
  21. 21. sensesic experiment is he/she really going out with him?1. Even if you are in a relationship, you either HAD or still have a crush on someone that you sometimes peek at on Facebook. I’m sure in less than 4 seconds you know who that someone is1. Within the Filtr homepage, there is a box that asks you to “create a playlist based on all 3” and has randomly selected 3 of your Facebook friends > you need to create a playlist based solely on that person you crush – so find them and select them1. Filtr will build a playlist based on their tastes – listen through some of it1. 1st > determine if you still like them after listening to their musical taste. 2nd keep that information pocketed for a conversation piece next time you “happen” to run into them
  22. 22. Radiofy.seThe app supplies playlists ofpopular songs from Swedishradio stations
  23. 23. sensesic experiment Swedish groove1. Are you not curious to hear what’s happening on Swedish Radio? How their taste is compared to your country? This app allows you to investigate. Access the app by visiting – use translate by Google if needed1. Listen to the playlists within the app and compare + contrast them to the top billboard playlists from your country or your personal taste. This is more for the curious mind1. If you are from Sweden you can still participate > get the app within Spotify and judge the accuracy of their representation of your country’s musical taste
  24. 24. Billboard Top ChartsBillboard is the Nielsen Media of music rankings > Rankingsongs across genres by popularity based on a variety ofinputs from radio rotation to album sales and more. TheSpotify app is a collection of those rankings in playlistformat
  25. 25. sensesic experiment a billboard full of sentences1. You’ll notice the landing page for the Billboard app on Spotify features their overall rankings and also breaks down the rankings for specific genres. My current landing page features 5 lists – Hot 100, Billboard 200, R&B-Hip-Hop, Country and Rock lists.1. Right now, the Billboard chart is full of song titles that are about relationships and/or partying. Your goal is to form a complete sentence using one song title from each of the 5 lists. And form that sentence to represent relationships and partying – that part shouldn’t be difficult1. Yes…you can use commas and obviously the sentence may not be the best sentence you ever heard > but give it a shot.1. If you can’t seem to build a sentence right now > give it a few weeks and try it again
  26. 26. DigsterProvides playlists, a LOT of playlists. Playlists based on yourlifestyle settings – “going out’ “relaxing” etc. > playlistsbased only on the producer > playlists based on festivallineups > playlists based on countries > the list goes on
  27. 27. sensesic experiment kanye sampled again?1. Open Digster and select “Behind the Music” along the top navigation. You may have to scroll through a bit but one of the icons is for “Music Kanye West has sampled”> Click that option1. The creator of the playlist built it using Kanye Songs with samples and their respective original version where each sample was pulled from. It is interesting to hear the originals of Kanye’s sampling collection > use this list order as your example1. Think of an artist that samples quite a bit – hip-hop artists and electronica often sample so your job should be easy if you choose a hip-hop artist. Find 5 of their songs that you feel contain samples1. Find the 5 original versions of the samples used within the Spotify engine. Create your own “Behind the Music” playlist that plays 5 songs with samples accompanied by their originals back to back
  28. 28. SongkickThe complete live music calendarthat gives you a list of all theconcerts coming to your area fromthe bands you listen to on Spotifyand follow on Songster
  29. 29. sensesic experiment songkickart1. If you have used Spotify for a few months or more and visit the Songkick app, it will have a list of upcoming concerts for you based on the music you listened to. If you just started using Spotify use it for a week or so and come back to the Spotify app. You are going to create an art piece using the Songkick app.1. If you live in a bigger city with a variety of music venues this may be more interesting > but no matter where you live you can create this piece – you can even create one based on a city you wish you lived in or one your favorite artists frequent.1. Take the list of concerts that Spotify has supplied based on your favorite bands and build a map of the venues within Google Maps. You can do this by searching the venues within Google Maps and visualizing their respective plot points. Full-screen that map and take a screenshot.1. Using a photo editor you are going to add in the artists names and dates next to the venues they will be playing at. Eventually print off the map you made and try to attend all the shows > you will have your own map of the concerts you went to in the summer of 2012.
  30. 30. The Legacy OfExplore the complete catalogs ofsome of the world’s most iconic andcelebrated musicians. Features bios,discographys, and playlists ofinfluencers and followers from eachlegendary artist
  31. 31. sensesic experiment followers the leader1. As stated in the summary slide, The Legacy Of features playlists of artists they feel the iconic artist influenced called “followers”> meaning they followed their style, songs, and/or personalities. For example, The Legacy Of may state that Michael Jackson influenced Justin Timberlake and therefore Timberlake’s music would be in the “followers” playlist1. The app changes artists each week but pick one of the 4 featured on the home page of the app. Right now there is Boy Dylan, Hall & Oats, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Miles Davis. Don’t click on any of the artists – only look at the 4. Pick 1 of those artists and write a list of 10 artist you believe were influenced the most by the one you picked2. After writing your 10 – navigate to the “followers” section within the artist your chose1. If 5 of the 10 artists you selected were featured in the ”followers” list provided by The Legacy Of, you can consider yourself an expert > if 4 – you still rock > if 3 – you’re respected > if 2 or less, try another artist > if 0 maybe don’t try another artist
  32. 32. ClassifyEngage with Classical music. Classify contains anexpansive collection of classical playlists organized byinstrument preferences, composers, mood, timeperiod and more. A much needed app for someonewho wants to listen to classical music but doesn’tknow where to start
  33. 33. sensesic experiment down the aisle1. One of the occasions classical music surfaces most is the wedding celebration. So let’s have some fun with this1. Whether you are married or not, this experiment will give you a means to browse through classical compositions using Classify.1. Envision your existing or future wife/husband walking down the aisle. Listen through Classify’s playlist and pick the song you think would fit that person’s entrance – yes this is somewhat cheesy – so if you are not interested in our first suggestion read #41. Staying with the wedding theme > what classical composition would you want playing for the “end” of the wedding night?
  34. 34. Def JamA complete chronicle of Def Jam tunes from thebeginning to present-day. Artist spotlights, City-Themed Playlists, sub-label collection (Rocafella)and more. It’s complete coverage of the label’shistory and future.
  35. 35. sensesic experiment Rihanna’s on 2 the next 11. It’s no secret that Rihanna is the spotlight artist for Def Jam. Her star power is sure to keep the label alive and well for years to come if they retain her. She has pumped out hit after hit and now you are going to choose her next one.1. Visit the Def Jam app and scroll the landing page until you discover the box dedicated to RIHANNA1. Def Jam is letting you act as her decision-maker and allowing you to choose any song from any of her 6 albums > all found within the app that you feel could be her next #1 hit1. Once you choose the song – STAR it within your Spotify account and share it with friends as your “unknown” Rihanna song that you feel would have made it to the top of the charts. See if they agree
  36. 36. TweetvineCreates playlists of the most-tweeted songsnow, of the day and of the week.
  37. 37. sensesic experiment humor me Tweetvine1. This experiment is about self-entertainment. Twitter took off for some demographics because it became the hall of fame and landfill for “one-liners” > artists and their songs are constantly poked fun of on Twitter among all the rants and raves1. Visit Tweetvine app and pick any of the timeframes along the top navigation “now” “last week” “today” etc.1. Take the top 5 songs from that list. Twitter search each of them, one at a time and browse the results until you laugh > you’ve just entertained yourself with the help of Tweetvine
  38. 38. The Complete CollectionSee the original artwork contained in thebooklets from the albums by iconic artists andflip through the digitized pages
  39. 39. sensesic experiment consistently Gaga1. Even if you are NOT a Gaga fan, you can use your artistic mind to connect the dots with this experiment > Using The Complete Collection on Spotify, locate the Lady Gaga collection. It contains artwork + booklets from all her albums – we will focus on the 3 main releases – Fame > The Fame Monster > Born This Way. Browse the 32. Notice that each of the 3 concludes with a full shot picture of Gaga. Each of them represents at least 1 track on the album.3. Observe the pictures and listen to the songs on each album > match each concluding picture to the song that best fits its look+feel
  40. 40. last.fmConnect your profile to Spotify andhave seamless integration between the two.Recommended songs from based onyour Spotify listening experience > get moreinformation on the artists you listen to >scrobble…scrobble
  41. 41. sensesic experiment feist fame1. One of the primary benefits of using the Spotify app is the ability to gather more information about the artist you listen to > links their artists profiles to the engine. In this experiment you are going to discover an interesting fact about Feist1. You may already know but if you don’t > open Spotify and listen to any Feist song. I choose Mushaboom (one her most famous). Find the app while listening and “add” it to your sidebar using the ADD icon in the upper right corner.2. Within click on “now playing” along the top navigation3. How did Feist get her first big break? Which band did her band open for?