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Sales and Marketing Tips: How to Terrify Your Customers Into Taking Action!

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Sales and Marketing Tips: How to Terrify Your Customers Into Taking Action!

  1. 1. Sales and Marketing Tips: How to Terrify Your CustomersInto Taking Action!THE "SCARE" TACTICWith this sales and marketing tips, its possible to scare your potential customers into acting.This is particularly relevant if your subject matter concerns health, money, or love. Get realreally, who wishes to be sick, poor, and alone? Hmm. . .I dont see any hands raised.EXACTLY!Fear can be your greatest salesman utilising this sales and marketing tips. Truly. Considerthis. When the 9/11 disaster rocked the nation, just how many jerks do you think made cashfrom this? A LOT. Its terrible, but true. They scared the jeepers out of people and sold thembomb shelters in the instance of a toxic gas epidemic. I think its tasteless myself, but likepeople say, someone must shovel the shit.And shovel it they did.Not only them, what about the rest of the heartless jerks out there that made cash by sellingt-shirts, bumper stickers, and all sorts of that other useless stuff? Yeah, maybe they gavepart of their profits to the folk affected, but I can almost bet it was an incredibly tiny portion oftheir net take.Am I stating that you take such a disastrous event and work it in your favor? GOOD LORDNO! Thats totally unethical. What Im saying is perhaps you can use the fear element to getpeople to do something using these kinds of sales and marketing tips.Say, as an example, youre attempting to make some bucks by selling an ebook about howto protect your pc from malicious viruses. Wouldnt you need it more, if youve been selling itto yourself, if you knew what kind of disaster could occur to your computer in the event youignored such useful information? Lets say you ran your business from your PC and it wentkaput on you? Wouldnt you want to save yourself lots of money just by spending twenty?Thats the idea behind this sales and marketing tip. Use your prospects fears, ethicallyobviously, and you can generate more sales.For more information, on high converting sales and marketing tips, please click here:viral marketing tips