Inbound Marketing


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Introduction to inbound marketing and how it has changed the way we execute marketing strategies and utilise marketing channels

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Inbound Marketing

  1. 1. Traditional Marketing Is Getting More Ineffective...TV-Spots are easy to skip and Telemarketing is at best a desper- Printed Ads tend to end up in theignore with tools like the remote ate attempt to engage you when bottom of a rubbish bin unless youcontrol and digiboxes. Surely, you are planning to switch e.g. a are a florist wrapping those tab-you’ve used a commerical break to mobile operator. Telesales people loids around your precious roses.get a sandwitch? tend to call when you are other- wise occupied BUY!!!!!!!! ES TL E !!! G S Y! AN HI Since you’ve been our cust... BU CH W !!! TO AST 1! & in L Hello? Hello? Are you there? OFFER!!!! S 3 LL !!! FF !!! BE Y! O BU es € Skippin Fe n 10 Y de BU Hid g ..3...2...1 Ads In No Y BU FF O ..... 0% -5 FREE!!! Outbound marketing is like shouting AT your audience
  2. 2. Inbound marketing is marketing with your audience Twiits Our Mission Case Studies Blog Inbound Marketing Is Attracting Your Audience to You by Providing Interesting Content that...Educates Enlightens Entertains EncouragesHelp your potential custom- Offer ideas, tips, suggestion Create superior experi- Build trust and provide yourers with their challenges and and new viewpoints. ences, surprise and exceed potential customer a solidneeds by pointing out ways expectations. reason to commit to yourto solve them. offerings.
  3. 3. So, how can marketers create such content? Inbound marketing starts with understanding the customer’s 1) Needs and problems Awarenes 2) Buying cycles and processes Evaluation 3) Buying related risks 4) Final decision makers Purchase
  4. 4. Seach Engine Optimisation Awareness In today’s environment buying starts online, more specifically from search engines. Cus- tomers use Google and other search engines to find solutions that best satisfy their unique needs and solve their problems. However, they do not browse through several results pages but investigate the top results. Therefore, it is important for companies to appear on the first page of search results. Our Mission Case Studies Blog Getting on top of search results starts with identifying the key words the potential cus- tomer uses to find different solutions. These keywords are rarely product, brand or com- pany names but short descriptions of prob- lems they are facing in their everyday lives.and how does it translate to online environment?
  5. 5. er Pap ite Wh Blogging and Content Production There are several tools available your company can har- ness to produce content that educates, enlightens, enter- tains and most importantly encourages your target group to buy your products and services. Valuable content comes in many forms. Examples include: 1) White Papers 2) E-Books 3) Videos 4) Blog Posts 5) Inforgraphics (like the one you are reading right now!) Offering valuable content in inbound marketing entitles a value exchange. This means for example that your com- pany offers a downloadable white paper on your website and in order to read it the potential customer has to offer detailed information about themselves. This information can be used later on for more target marketing activities.Evaluation
  6. 6. 12 | Inbound Marketing Inbound MarketingSocial MediaLet’s face it, social media ishere to stay. People from allwalks of life spend more andmore time on social networkslike Facebook, Twitter andLinkedIn. Social media evolves @rapidly and continues to revo-lutionise how people encage @their social circles.Many companies have already @created accounts on severalsocial channels but rarely takefull advantage of their poten-tial. Presense in social media @requires activeness, planningand most importantly creativ-ity. After all, it is a touch pointto existing and potential cus-tomers and differentiationfrom competition is essential.
  7. 7. OK, so Enlighten recognisable contacts, now what? Educate I’ve got Entertain EncourageGenerating Leads on Your Company Website The key for generating new sales leads with content marketing is offering valuable content in Download the Essential Guide exchange for some personal and FOR FREE! company details.Name Mary McCarefulboyer After your lead downloads yourCompany content, you have detailed Gimmicks Ltd. information about them. ThisEmail information can be later used for er more targeted marketing. Pap iteBiggest Challenge is my business is: Wh Our company’s biggest challenge is As the lead becomes warmer and warmer, you get more knowledg- able about their interest and Submit and Get Your Copy challenges.
  8. 8. Educate Enlighten Entertain EncourageGenerating Leads on Other Online Channels Blog Blog Post This blog is about.... Twiits Read More Each venue of your company’s Implement calls-to-action and links Every channels is an opportunity to online footprint should provide to your website, blog posts and get new customers. Therefore it is incentives for visitors to become landing pages on your company’s important to visualise the path the recognisable contacts. social media channels and blog. potential customer travels on your Most importantly share and en- online touch points towards be- courage others to share your con- coming a customer. tent via social media.
  9. 9. Educate Enlighten Entertain EncourageNurturing LeadsAfter a website visitor turns into arecognisable contact, you need tohave tactics in place to warm them Case Studyup. Case StudyVery few are ready to buy aftertheir first visit to your website.They need more information toevaluate your offerings. You needto offer them content that is highlyrelated to their interests.Once your leads are “hot” enough,they are ready to be passed on tosales.Thanks to the information gath-ered as the contact has tranformedfrom an anonymous visitor into arecognisable sales-ready lead,sales people are now more knowl-edgable about what makes theparticular contact “tick”.
  10. 10. Each marketing activity should yield a positive ROI Online Marketing Performance Website Traffic Traffic Traffic Volume SourcesThe right indicators allow you Jan Feb Mar Apr Mayto monitor how your marketingactitivies perform over time. It allcomes down to how many con-tacts the activities produce toyour company and how many ofthem are converted to sales.
  11. 11. Your content should convert traffic to sales-ready leads Online Marketing Performance Content Performance Source Visitors Conversion Submissions Direct traffic 37 21,1% 8 LinkedIn 27 48,1% 13 Facebook 11 27,3% 3 Email Marketing 11 81,8% 9 Keeping an eye on your mar- TOTAL 86 38,4% 33 keting performance helps you to understand e.g. what type of content converts the most leads and what does not do so at all.
  12. 12. Analytics should help you to make more effective decisions Online Marketing Performance Marketing Campaign Performance 53 52 25 12 Sent Delivered Opened Clicked Recipient Sent Delivered Opened Clicked lead@organisation.fiActing upon the gathered datahelps you to improve your market-ing campaings. This way your mar-keting efforts remain relevant toyour target audience and keep per-forming well.
  13. 13. Inbound Marketing Scoreboard Inhouse Agency You need to have Good Agencies have- Clear view on voice of the customer - Expertise on how to find target segments- A strategic inbound marketing plan - Create a strong value proposition- Skillful writers - Inbound marketing expertise- SEO know-how - Skillful writers- Web Designers - SEO know-how- Social Media Planners - Web Designers and Developers- TIME - Social Media Planners You need software and tools for They also provide tools for- Managing content - Managing website content easily- Managing contacts - Creating a database of contacts- Email marketing - Effective email marketing tools- Blogging - Blogging platform- Website coding - Marketing Automation- Analytics - Analytics toolsInhouse Outsourcing