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Comparison of CamStudio, Jing, and Wink

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Screen castingsoftware

  1. 1. Screen casting software CAM Studio Jing Wink
  2. 2. Cam Studio
  3. 3. Jing
  4. 4. Wink
  5. 5. Features Feature Cam Studio Jing Wink Flash out put No No Yes AVI out put Yes Standalone executable out put No No Yes HTML output No Sort of Yes PDF Output No No Yes Voice capture Yes Yes Yes Overlay elements No Yes Yes Integrated Online storage No Yes No Post Edit Capabilities No Yes Yes
  6. 6. Pros Cam Studio Jing Wink Cost Free Free Free Simple interface Yes Yes No Easy to share No Yes No Quick install Yes Yes Yes
  7. 7. Cons Cam Studio Jing Wink Online only No Yes No AVI Output only Yes No No Complex interface No No Yes Pro Version Nag No Yes No
  8. 8. Recommendations: Jing is great for quick and simple captures of something happening on the screen. If you need to capture the result however it isn't a good choice. Cam Studio is quick and easy for capturing video and audio but that's about it. Editing or authoring has to happen else. For its purpose its work well but you'll quick need other tools like AVI Mux. Wink offers a host of output options and post editing capabilities. For more in depth work or alternate output formats its a clear winner. Its interface however is little complex and takes some getting used it. All in all it matter what your trying to do. If I had to choose just one I'd go with Wink as it offers more options and flexibility. When I've had to create help movies I've found Wink to gives me all of features I needed. The output starts when linked to and can easily be understood by even novice users.