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Min2 23 10

  1. 1. HALTOM CITY PUBLIC LIBRARY 4809 Haltom Road Haltom City, TX 76117 MINUTES OF MEETING HALTOM CITY PUBLIC LIBRARY BOARD February 23, 2010 6:00 p.m., Library Board Room The Haltom City Public Library Board held its February regular meeting on Tuesday, February 23, 2010 in the Haltom City Public Library Board Room, 4809 Haltom Road, Haltom City, with the following members present: Rexanne Grove Bette Bronstad Ann Bastable Loretta DuBois Patsy Sullivan Bonnie Richards Absent: Jeri Moore Gaye Lynn Kuhn Also Present: Tom Muir, City Manager Lesly M. Smith, Library Services Director Rina F. Aragon, Administrative Secretary, Library CALL TO ORDER: Library Board Chair Rexanne Grove called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF VISITORS: No visitors. ITEMS OF ORDER: 1. Approval of Minutes Loretta DuBois made a motion that the Library Board approve the minutes of their January regular meeting held on January 26, 2010 with corrections. Bette Bronstad seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously. Ann Bastable made a motion that the Library Board discuss item 3, Haltom City Public Library Arts Committee, ahead of item 2 of the agenda items. Bonnie Richards seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.
  2. 2. Page 2 Library Board Agenda February 23. 2010 3. Haltom City Public Library Arts Committee Patsy Sullivan, Committee Chairman, referred to two articles concerning arts. One article was titled “Community ID: Public Art in Neighborhoods”, an initiative of Fort Worth Public Art, which provides an annual opportunity for community groups to nominate sites for public art projects. The other article is about the Fort Worth Public Art program managed by the Arts Council of Fort Worth and Tarrant County. Patsy Sullivan asked whether Haltom City is under the umbrella for program arts and if the arts around the city fall under this program. Tom Muir believes that we are not but he will try to look into this matter. We belong to the ArtsNet of Tarrant County. They promote arts and award grants. Patsy Sullivan talked to David Weigand of SculptureWorks and praised him for being so generous. David Weigand recently brought 2 art pieces to the library. They are relocating art pieces from Weston Gardens and will bring more items to the library in the future. Patsy Sullivan found out the name of the lady in charge of art works in North Richland Hills. She will call her to find out about art liabilities. Patsy Sullivan said that finally, the Community Calendar section of Fort Worth Star- Telegram, has listed the “Evening of Romance”. Lesly Smith said she sent the ad weeks ago but it came out only in last Sunday’s paper. 2. Director’s Reports/Monthly Reports for January 2010 (a) Statistical reports and (b) Budget reports The Library Board reviewed the statistical reports, including the graph showing the trend in statistics. The Library Board members were given copies of the monthly budget reports for January 2010. In reply to Bette Bronstad’s question about the graph on borrowers, Lesly Smith pointed out that the green line represents the number of added cards while the black line represents the total number of borrowers. There is a steep line going down in the graph, which maybe the period when inactive borrowers cards were purged (by Fort Worth). The reference graph showed that the total assistance is the sum of reference questions (taken by librarians) and technology assistance (help with the computer/internet). (c) Update on building issues The electronic sign was down from 3 p.m. Monday, 2/22, to 3 p.m. Tuesday, 2/23. Paul Berwick, City IT personnel, is working on a resolution to this problem . On the bathroom issues, the faulty, loose faucets in the ladies’ public restroom have been replaced but the toilet bowls in the 2 staff restrooms still flush slowly due to low water pressure. The building lights are manually switched on and off. As to the roof leak, we do
  3. 3. Page 3 Library Board Agenda February 23. 2010 not feel that the problem has been resolved. The roof has experienced no leakage during recent rains and snow though. Other Library Director’s report: - Arbor Day celebration will be held on March 13th in the library. A tree will be planted in honor of the first library director, Beth Hall. Bonnie Richards said that the Friends group will pay for the tree and plaque for Beth Hall. Bonnie Richards also reported that she will ask Garden Club members’ approval at its next meeting to donate 30-gallon memorial trees for the memory walk for deceased members of Haltom City Garden Club. Thirty-gallon trees will be planted around the south side of the library building. The Beautification Board will come up with some sort of markers to be placed on the trees. - Due to inclement weather, the Valentine’s Day party was cancelled. - The Library is participating in a second grant application also sponsored by NTRLS. This is the Information Literacy Project. This grant will host workshops on searching correctly and efficiently, how to use the Internet and databases to obtain reliable and credible information. This is different from homebound services grant that has been discussed in the previous meeting. Both grants will be awarded in August - The library will contract with Cindy Macon, MLS, former part-time city employee, and wife of Saginaw Police Chief, to prepare specific guidelines for emergency/ disaster preparedness for the library. The guidelines will cover what to do when we have tornado, flood, storm, fire, etc. The Loan Star grant will pay for this contractual job. Cindy Macon will work with the library staff and coordinate with Perry Bynum of the Haltom City Fire Dept. - Lesly Smith will look into Bette Bronstad’s suggestion of CPR training in the library. 4. Educational Program Committee Committee Chairman Ann Bastable reported that the following displays/events were discussed in January, per directions from Advisory Board in November (no December meeting): February Haltom City Public Library 50th birthday 2/28/2011 Committee Proposal: The committee will research on background information like articles, pictures, and history of the library. March 2010 Large Case Display: “Pigs in Children’s Literature and Pig Collection” Ann Bastable will handle.
  4. 4. Page 4 Library Board Agenda February 23. 2010 2011 “Haltom City Women of Substance” Chair’s Proposal: reception and display; form planning committee now (find partner organizations and sponsor to assist) April 2010 National Library Week is April 11-17, 2010 Committee Proposal: observe National Library Workers’ Day on Tuesday of that week, possibly add events and Mayor’s proclamation in 2011; involve the library and the city and to get patrons’ participation, ask what they want in the form of a survey/ questionnaire. May 2011 Asian-Pacific Committee Proposal: observe this month with an event/display, with theme to be determined July 2011: National Recreation and Parks Month Committee Proposal: observe the month in partnership with Haltom City Parks & Recreation with possible “green” theme August 2010 : - “Women Inventors” case display Committee Proposal: celebrate “Women Inventors” with an educational display and provide a Bibliography that includes both men and women inventors. Ann Bastable will handle. (to be determined if large or small case to be used) September 2010: Banned Books Week, 9/25/-10/2/10: Committee Proposal: small case display, brochures available for handout. Ann Bastable will handle November 2010: American Indian Heritage Month – Committee Proposal: Case display; Bonnie Richards will coordinate; need theme 2011: Aviation History Month - pursue idea, using CR Smith Museum as a resource December 2011: Festivals of Light celebrations around the world Committee Proposal: pursue idea to celebrate holidays of many cultures and religions. In December 2010 another photo session with Santa, sponsored by Friends. Ann Bastable asked the Board to consider surveying library patrons to determine their interests regarding programming. She reported that Watauga Public Library has a
  5. 5. Page 5 Library Board Agenda February 23. 2010 good example of a patron survey on their website. (Other area libraries do not offer this option to patrons: Keller, Burleson, Fort Worth, Dallas, North Richland Hills, Arlington, Irving websites were checked.) Ann Bastable asked the Board if they wanted to eliminate or add any other ideas from this list. None were offered. Advisory Board action/recommendations: Rexanne Grove will look through her files and try to locate a survey done in the past. Program committee was asked to meet again and report back to the Board at its March meeting with specific ideas on how to implement these programs. NEW BUSINESS: 5. Photographs of Distinguished Citizens The Library will gather informative data on the pictures of distinguished citizens that are displayed in the library. Loretta DuBois thought that only pictures associated with the library should be displayed. This item will be included in next meeting’s agenda. 6. Long-Range Plan Bette Bronstad made a motion to table agenda item 6, Long-Range Plan, next meeting. Bonnie Richards seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously. 7. Policy on Excused or Unexcused Absence. No clarification or definition could be obtained as to the meaning of excused or unexcused absences. Rexanne Grove suggested that Library Board members should not be required to excuse or unexcuse a board member absence because: 1) this was added to our agenda in the recent past by a previous City Manager, this was not required previously, and never did not understand why it was added, 2) we were given no criteria to make the decision, and 3) we do not appoint or remove board members which is the job of City Council members. Therefore, the Library board members voting on something over which they have no control does not make any sense and should be dropped. 8. Excused Absences of Library Board Members Bonnie Richards made a motion to excuse Gaye Lynn Kuhn from being absent at tonight’s meeting because her daughter is sick and she cannot get a babysitter. Patsy Sullivan seconded the motion. Bette Bronstad made a motion to excuse Jeri Moore for being absent because she has to work late. Patsy Sullivan seconded the motion. Both motions carried unanimously.
  6. 6. Page 6 Library Board Agenda February 23. 2010 `ANNOUNCEMENTS/CORRESPONDENCE: Bonnie Richards announced that the Friends of HCPL will hold its annual book sale on April 23 and 24 to be held in the library. The Friends will push to increase membership and get help in setting up the book sale. Local author Laurie Moore will be reading from her book at the next authors’ reading scheduled for Wednesday, March 24th. NEXT MEETING DATE March 23, 2010 ADJOURNMENT The Chairman adjourned the meeting at 8:00 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Bonnie Richards Secretary, Haltom City Public Library