Up and Running in 5 mins with WordPress


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Up and Running in 5 mins with WordPress

  1. 1. Introduction to WordPress: Part 1 – Up and running in 5 minutes with WordPress By Bronson Quick sennza | (07) 3040-1545 | http://www.sennza.com.au/ | Twitter: @sennza
  2. 2. Our Sponsors Video User Manuals http://www.videousermanuals.com/ - Giving away a free yearly subscription worth $300 for their fantastic WordPress video user manual plugin. - Sponsoring your first drink at the bar afterwards!  rethink | redesign | results Slide 2 of 12 Thanks to the people who made this happen sennza http://www.sennza.com.au/ - Giving away a copy of Beginning WordPress 3 by Stephanie Leary - Donating their time and resources to educate and grow the WordPress community
  3. 3. What we’ll cover A brief intro into the following: • What is WordPress? • Why choose WordPress? • Requirements • The famous 5 minute install • Posts and Pages • Custom headers with Twenty Ten • Links • Q & A rethink | redesign | results Slide 3 of 12 The basics of a WordPress installation
  4. 4. What is WordPress? WordPress is web software that utilises PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS to make the most used content management software in the world! WordPress 3 has been downloaded over 23, 685, 477 times since it’s released on June 17, 2010. http://wordpress.org/download/counter/ rethink | redesign | results Slide 4 of 12 • Websites • Blogs • Social networks • eCommerce • Marketplaces • Photo blogs • The list is endless! It’s not just a blog! http://www.sennza.com.au/wordpress-is-not- just-for-blogs-dammit/ The best CMS out there! What can it do?
  5. 5. Why choose WordPress? There are so many users, designers and developers who are happy to help out in many different ways. e.g. Contributing code to the core, making plugins, helping out in forums, podcasts, Meetups and WordCamps! rethink | redesign | results Slide 5 of 12 1) The community! It’s so easy to use from the backend that you can get the hang of the basics without needing a manual! 2) Ease of use Change the look of your site without every having to re-enter content. 3) Themes Just like iPhones have the saying “there’s an app for that”, WordPress users are often heard saying “there’s a plugin for that” and if there isn’t one, chances are someone is working on one right now! 4) There’s a plugin for that
  6. 6. Requirements rethink | redesign | results Slide 6 of 12 Ingredients for a WordPress pie! Server Requirements: • PHP 5.2+ • mySQL 5.0.15+ • the mod_rewrite Apache module • FTP Client - http://filezilla-project.org/
  7. 7. The famous 5 minute install rethink | redesign | results Slide 7 of 12 The steps 1. Download WordPress. 2. Unzip. 3. Upload via FTP to your server. 4. Create a database in phpmyadmin or your hosting control panel. e.g. cPanel, Plesk, etc. 5. Go to yourdomain.com and fill in the blanks!
  8. 8. Post and Pages rethink | redesign | results Slide 8 of 12 If you have WordPress setup and have a blog page then you can add and edits posts in this section. Posts If you need to edit another page on your site then head to the Pages tab! Pages It really is that easy to manage! Hence the 23 million downloads!
  9. 9. Custom Headers with Twenty Ten rethink | redesign | results Slide 9 of 12 Just one of the Twenty Ten theme goodness that comes with WordPress 1. Custom headers 2. Menus 3. Custom backgrounds 4. Dropdown menus 5. Editor styles 6. One and two column templates 7. A print stylesheet 8. Lots of widgets
  10. 10. WordPress Links rethink | redesign | results Slide 10 of 12 Clickity, click! WordPress.org http://wordpress.org/ WooThemes http://www.woothemes.com/ ThemeForest http://themeforest.net/ Elegant Themes http://www.elegantthemes.com/ WordPress Showcase http://wordpress.org/showcase/tag/cms/ 100 Free Themes – Smashing Magazines http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2010/08/19/100-free-high-quality- wordpress-themes-for-2010/
  11. 11. Thanks & Questions rethink | redesign | results Slide 11 of 12 Hope you learnt something Ask me some questions! Please feel free to use the Message Board on Meetup.com for this group to start a discussion and everyone here can contribute , educate and help each other.
  12. 12. http://www.sennza.com.au/ Twitter: @sennza rethink | redesign | results