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DIY Online Domination


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DIY Online Domination

  1. 1. DIY - ONLINE DOMINATIONLachlanMacPherson | Twitter: @sennza
  2. 2. YOU HAVE THE TOOLS, NOW WHAT?Ø  Get found on GoogleØ  SEO – Top 5 things to do now!Ø  Life beyond GoogleØ  Don’t chase your customers, let them find you!Ø  Inbound Marketing. What is it?First stop, SEO Quick Guide
  3. 3. SEO & WORDPRESS“If you do everything on WordPressyou’re pretty much automaticallycovered as far as SEO”- Matt Cutts, Head of the Webspam Team @ Google
  4. 4. ADVANTAGES OF A WORDPRESS SITEØ  Search Engine Friendly URLSØ  RSS FeedsØ  Content Rich, Search Engine Friendly HTMLØ  Visitor ParticipationØ  Scheduling of postsØ  Ease of maintenanceØ  Extensibility (“there’s a plugin for that”)One click plugin, theme and core updates!
  5. 5. 1. CHANGE YOUR PERMALINKSUnder Settings->Permalinks
  6. 6. 2. WORDPRESS SEO BY YOASTØ  Title and Meta DescriptionsØ  Take control of robots!Ø  Canonical URLsØ  BreadcrumbsØ  XML SitemapsØ  Twitter & Facebook Open Graph DataThe Best SEO plugin for WordPress!
  7. 7. 3. TITLE AND META DESCRIPTIONSDead simple checklist for each page!
  8. 8. 4. BREADCRUMBSHome > Blog > SEO
  9. 9. 5. XML SITEMAPSWebmaster Tools
  10. 10. 6. SOCIAL - TWITTER & FACEBOOKAdditional data for people linking to you on social networks!
  11. 11. DIVERSIFYØ  Search – People find youØ  Referral – Found you though (online) word of mouthØ  Direct – Repeat business, or know who you are.Don’t rely on Google to be there for you
  12. 12. WHAT IS INBOUND MARKETING?Ø  The opposite of Outbound Marketing (Push Marketing)Ø  Advertising, TV, Radio, Newspaper, Online PPCØ Outbound relies on shoving your messages in other peoples faces.Ø …Again, and again, and again.Ø With Inbound, customers *stumble* across you.Ø  Customers see you as an authority in your marketØ They look to you for advice and thought leadership.This all sounds great… BUT HOW??? - Keep up to date with the latest inbound marketing news
  14. 14. GIVE YOUR RECIPES AWAYØ They don’t closely guard there secret recipesØ They give them awayØ Give people as much information to help them as you canØ  Don’t be afraid of your competitionØ If you don’t they eventually willAdditional data for people linking to you on social networks!
  15. 15. CONTENT IS THE FUTURE Coca Cola is doing this, how long until you competitors are?
  16. 16. THAT’S FINE FOR COCA COLA...Ø Do you have a smart phone?Ø It has a camera and a microphoneØ  Interview smart people – smallbusinessbigmarketing.comØ  Record your thoughts on the way to work – tontodigital.comØ Interview your customers! – 30 second clip how they use/love your productØ Don’t have happy customers?Ø 5 things our customers hated about our product and what we did to fix it!Ø Scared of your face and voice? You phone also takes picturesØ  Do you have a laptop with the webcam?Ø <- This is small business GOLD!If Coca Cola is doing this, how long until you competitors are?
  17. 17. BUT MY INDUSTRY IS BORING…Ø Boring Content: Ø Ø  Dollar Shave ClubØ BlendtecØ Open Business Forum – American ExpressØ  Think about related industriesØ  ForumsØ Is it shareable? – It you received it in an email, would you forward it to a friend?Additional data for people linking to you on social networks!
  18. 18. GET OFFLINEØ It doesn’t have to be onlineØ – small get togetherØ – bigger eventsØ  Stop thinking about $’s start thinking how you can help othersAdditional data for people linking to you on social networks!
  19. 19. RECAP!Ø  Niche – Go for the quick wins!Ø  Leverage free and cheap softwareØ  Automate the pain points in your businessØ  Action the 6 SEO quick wins. Do it now!Ø  Create sharable contentØ Your business is not boring