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Introduction to my 2 week yoga at your work desk email course.
If you are interested to register for this course, please visit,

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Workdesk yoga

  1. 1. Day 0 - Introduction WorkDesk Yoga Stayfit thro Yoga @Work Email Course 17 Feb 2013, Bangalore http://harnessingyourpotential.wordpress.comGratefully acknowledge all the copyright owners of the images used in this presentation via Google Images
  2. 2. What You Will Learn & Should Expect• Learn simple techniques to improve flexibility, muscle strength• Proven techniques, by several practitioners (works for me too!)• Techniques that are based on & adapted from yoga• Techniques that can be implemented at your work desk. SIMPLE, PROVEN, YOGA @ YOUR DESK!
  3. 3. What Not To Expect• Don’t expect results that are advertised by yoga studios!• You may not ‘lose’ weight or inches drastically• The course is NOT a replacement for a yoga class!
  4. 4. Do’s & Don’t’s • ‘Almost’ anybody can do these exercises • If you have any medical condition, don’t do any of these exercises without consulting your doctor • Give at least 2 hours gap after your meals • Take off your shoes, socks & belt • Listen to your body. It is the best judge of what is working for you & what is not! – If something works, continue doing it – If something does not work, lose it. • Use common senseDisclaimer: You are following these tips at your own risk. There is a chance of injury in some cases. You are soley responsible for any such injuries.
  5. 5. Course Overview (1/2)Day1 Anatomical Name of the technique Benefits Focus1 Spine Sitting straight Keep your spine supple; eases back pain2 Mind & Body Deep breathing Calms your mind; brings focus; sharpens decision making; boosts energy levels3 Mind & Body Alternate nostril breathing Brings mental balance; boosts energy levels; brings smile on face4 Mind & Body 3 universal techniques of Tap the power of your sub-conscious meditation & unconscious mind; Beat stress; Keep smiling under difficulties5 Neck & Hand-presses; finger Strengthens neck muscles; helps cure Shoulders stretches; wrist stretches; RSI /Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; aids in jalandharabandha reducing spondolysis6 Arms, Chest Garudasana; Gomukhasana Helps cure RSI /Carpal Tunnel Syndrome;
  6. 6. Course Overview (2/2)Day Anatomical Name of the technique Benefits Focus7 Spine, Waist Twists (standing + seating), Keep your spine supple; eases back Side-bends; Hip circles pain8 Spine, Waist, Tadasana; Padangushtasana; Corrects posture; flexes spine & thigh thighs Trikonasana; Virabhadrasana muscles; reduces waist size;9 Neck & Spine Cat-stretch; Cow-stretch Helps reduce neck pain; flexes spine;10 Head, Spine, Desk stretches; leg stretches; Cures headaches; builds strength; Legs sitting Pawanamuktasana; calms mind sitting Prasarithapadasana11 Eyes Eye exercises Releases tension in eye muscles
  7. 7. Course Format• Not more than 4 emails a day for 2 weeks• Each email will describe just one tip!• Standard email format will be followed: – Tip Name: – Method (How to?): • describes the mechanics at physical level – What to observe (Focus?): • describes what you need to focus on at a mental level – Brief theoretical explanation (wherever applicable):
  8. 8. Why It Will Work For You?• I have experimented & gained successful results• I combine these techniques ALONG WITH BREATHING – THIS IS THE KEY VALUE I BRING IN TO YOU!
  9. 9. How Do You Know If It Is Working?You decide•If you feel good, continue•Else, stop!
  10. 10. How Am I Qualified To Teach?• Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama practitioner for >20 years, >15 years, >3 years respectively• Dramatically improved my health after suffering from spondolysis, lower back & upper back pain – thanks to Yoga!• Researching on yoga techniques, adaptations, benefits intensively since the last 3 years
  11. 11. TestimonialFirst of all, Thank you so much for taking the Suryanamaskar class with so much of dedication andgiving personal attention to each and everyone to ensure that we all got it right.I have actually learnt “Suryanamskar” now. I have tried learning this from various other sourcesbefore, but I have never quite understood the co-ordination of the yoga postures and the breath. Thistime when I have learnt it from you, I have completely understood it so well. There is a lot ofdifference I have felt since I have started doing the Suryanamaskara, I feel more lighter and energeticand don’t feel lazy and stressed out even after a hard day’s work.I have not yet missed doing the “Suryanamaskara” everyday since we started the class and I am sure Iwill be always doing it.Thanks for your selfless contribution in helping us with this learning.Last but not the least – Thank you so much for sending us the TIPs of the Day. It is really very helpfulin remembering the basics and the do’s and don’t’s …A PARTICIPANT FROM MY 2 WEEK SURYANAMASKAR WORKSHOP
  12. 12. Why Am I Doing This?• Want to help at least a few to improve their mental & physical health by popularizing yoga for workplaces like IT sector – By combining my marketing + writing skills, passion for yoga and a deep innate urge to contribute to your well-being “HAPPY, HEALTHY, HELPFUL YOGA”™
  13. 13. For 1-1 Support: Rajesh Sengamedu Rajesh dot sengamedu at gmail dot com Please use this as your subject title, so it is easy for me to sort out emails: SUB: HELP – YOGA @WORKDESK